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  1. I want to scale all of my slices to 1.5x and 2x. Is there a way to do this without selecting every single slice one by one and selecting the new scale? I have over 200 slices.
  2. abject39

    Flip bug

    Even when lock children is enabled flipping the object flips the children.
  3. The auto distribute can occasionally reorder the objects. This seems to happen typically if there is over 20 objects and they are on the same spot. So for example if you create a rectangle and duplicate it 30x, and distribute it vertically by 5 pixels, the order of the newly distributed objects do not much the ascending order they are in in the layers tree. In other words the 30th/last object in the layer tree ends up being the second object in the vertical distrubution instead of the last object. It seems to do this at random.
  4. In affinity designer, if you auto distribute an object that has an object inside with the children locked, it moves the children anyway.
  5. I've added to that post.
  6. This is probably the closest work around. Better but not optimum. I'll post what I'm doing a little later today.
  7. I don't plan on adjusting the angles again. I just find it weird that all shape parameters stop syncing instead of the parameter that's actually different.
  8. There's no way to sync the other shape attributes after you've unsync and edit any shape attributes. Basically I need to create several donuts that each have different arcs but I also need to be able to edit them all at once and there's no way to do that. There's not even a way to select them all and edit their shape because as soon as you select a two or more shapes you lose the option to edit their shape attributes. This is clearly yet another limitation. I'm an independent software developer. I'm going to continue up use designer for this project but there's just seems to be no way at all to continue to use this for serious GUI work. And that really sucks because it has strengths but the weaknesses are very crippling.
  9. How do I rename the snapshots in my project (affinity designer for Windows 10)?
  10. So basically another affinity designer limitation? Ugh. This is killing me. Every week there's something new. Is there no real illustrator competition?
  11. If I create a symbol out of a donut and turn off the syncing to adjust the degree of the ring to open it up to a pie shape, then turn the syncing back on, any hole size adjustments I do won't sync anymore. Please tell me this is just a bug and not another limitation? Referring you Affinity Designer on Windows.