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  1. Even with the "Transform Objects Separately" option enabled, if you flip multiple objects it does not do them all separately. It does them all together as a single group. Is this a bug and is there a way to flip multiple objects separately?
  2. UPDATE: I've expanded the document and added more knobs and suddenly the issue has gone away. It makes me believe the issue may be related to the document size specifically. The original file was 72x6060. My new document is 196x7474 and the issue has disappeared. I've changed none of the original knobs at all.
  3. Ok, so I have confirmed this is most definitely a bug in Affinity Designer for Windows. Using export persona I was able to render the file in 2 slices. One slice with the upper set of the knobs and the other with the bottom set of the knobs. I then put them back together in a single file and exported them again and the shadows are correct now. The issue only comes into play when the knobs are rendered with all 101 of them at the same time. No idea what causes it though. Also the issue only occurs at 2x the original size. It does not matter if you increase the size during the export or if you i
  4. I need them all in one file. Wouldn't rendering them in parts and then putting them back together in one file degrade the quality of the final knobs?
  5. I think the bug could be related to the amount of knobs present or file dimensions but I'm not completely sure. I typically try to keep all of my projects lower than 1024x8000 px, which is not too big for the PNG file type. I use affinity designer to create GUI's for audio software. I've created frames of knobs in the past but not one exactly like this one before. This one is a little more detailed. I will try to increase the DPI to see if it fixes the final PNG export.
  6. This does not seem to be this issue. Even with 4 values the center anchor point of X and Y is an integer every time. Each knob is exactly 40x40 rotated 2.7 degrees from each other. Also the first and last knobs are essentially horizontally flipped from each other yet only one is affected. This seems to be a bug. Lastly, the shape is unaffected by the issue. It only affects the shadow. Here attached is the knobs stitched together so that you can see what I see in my final product. The issue seems to be with shadow opacity and intensity. Any idea how to get around this issue? Untitled Pro
  7. It is not misaligned. It aligned exactly the way I want it to be alighted, which is to the top of the object it is in.
  8. While I get what you're saying the issue isn't that the shadows are bigger or smaller. It's that they are completely different. They're lighter and seem to have less intensity.
  9. Thank god someone else was able to confirm this. I thought I was losing my mind. Is there any workaround for this? I really need these knobs and I particularly need it as a PNG because I need to import it into another program with a transparent background.
  10. I have a project in which I am creating knob frames. The shadow on every knob is identical, yet every time I render the project to a PNG that is 2x the original size the shadow of the 1st, 2nd, 67, 68, and 69th knob are all slightly lighter than the rest of the knobs. I have tried duplicating the knobs that appear fine and placing them in the same spot and rotating them to the proper rotation but it still comes out the same. I have tried different resampling algorithms but it still renders incorrectly. It's a bit hard to see after export. I've found that the best way to see the issue is to re-
  11. No it is just a cog with a circle (with a bitmap fill) under it. I am attempting to rotate the cog but the bitmap in the layer in it is rotating too even though I have selected to not move the children and it is doing it automatically every single time I duplicate the cog because Power Duplicate takes over instead of it just making a regular duplication. It is super annoying.
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