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For perspective:

Illustrator's "isolation mode" did not appear until CS3 (2007). If it's such a 'deal breaking, bedrock essential basic' feature (just like everyone's pet feature request is), how did anyone use Adobe Illustrator for the two prior decades?

I paid $50 for Affinity Designer. You know how much money I spent on Adobe Illustrator prior to 2007?

My use of Illustrator's Isolation Mode is only occasional. And I certainly don't judge any program that doesn't have something like it "unusable."


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My point is what I said, Luis: A bit of perspective.

I'm not attacking your feature request. I am saying that its "essential" claims are grossly over-stated. Practically everyone with a wished-for feature claims that theirs is "so basic to drawing programs that Affinity Designer is rendered useless without it." Yet I dare say most never even heard of "Isolation Mode" until Adobe called it that in 2007.

You've received replies from Serif on this. There's no need to "pile on" about it.


Isn't this the forum where we ask for features...

If that were all it is, it would just be an email direct to Serif. It's not just where we ask for features; It's where users of varying experience also discuss the merits of those features.


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@JET_Affinity Sorry, still not following your point.

I created this thread because the isolation mode is something that is undoubtedly useful for me, and apparently to many other users as well.

Your goal is to enlighten us to the fact that feature is not essential, because Adobe only introduced it 12 years ago, and as such we should not request/discuss it?

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