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    [AD] Isolation Mode

    Hey MEB As mentioned many times in this thread over the years, this feature is essential. It's not a nice-to-have. Designer is basically unusable for some people without being able to work properly with groups. How many of those "million" feature requests make the software unusable for your paying customers? This should be the number one priority on your roadmap, and it's not even there.
  2. pier

    [AD] Isolation Mode

    @Mountainking that's not really isolation mode but hiding other layers. At this point I have lost all faith in Designer. Even if this feature has been asked by many users, for years, it's not even in the roadmap. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/842-affinity-designer-feature-roadmap/ Reading the roadmap thread it seems all progress in Designer is stalled. What a shame, it was a promising project.
  3. pier

    [AD] Isolation Mode

    Is this ever going to be implemented?
  4. pier

    [AD] Isolation Mode

    Yes, but the point of groups is precisely not having to deal with the layers pane which is a waste of time. Why spend a few seconds looking for a layer in a long list when you can just double click on the group that is right in front of you?
  5. pier

    [AD] Isolation Mode

    Hey Affinity, could we get a real answer on the status of this?
  6. pier

    [AD] Isolation Mode

    When is isolation mode going to be implemented? Selecting stuff on the layer panes is a waste of time.
  7. When is isolation mode going to be implemented? Selecting stuff on the layer panes is a waste of time.
  8. pier

    Group Isolation Mode

    When is isolation mode going to be implemented? Selecting stuff on the layer panes is a waste of time.
  9. pier

    [AD] Isolation Mode

    Working with layers is extremely tedious. Working with groups and isolation mode is 10x faster. You can edit a group in isolation mode with literally 1 double click. No need to use shortcuts, modifiers, or waste time in the layers panel. I'm still amazed isolation mode is not in the roadmap. I've been using vector software since Corel Draw 4 (back in the 90s) and isolation mode is by far one of the most useful features ever introduced in the vector workflow.
  10. A bit technical, but I'm curious. Are you using Cairo, Skia, Quartz?
  11. This is super handy. Copy an image from anywhere (website, other design software, Finder, etc) then create a new document and have the dimensions of this new document based on the image that resides in the clipboard. I use this all the time in Photoshop.
  12. pier

    [AD] Isolation Mode

    I agree with the others. This is as essential as being able to create a group. I simply can't use Designer without this.
  13. Simple but very handy feature! :)
  14. pier

    transform Selections

    Hey @MEB are selection transforms planned for the future or actively being developed? This is an essential feature and the workarounds suggested here seem overly complicated for what should be a very basic task. Even GIMP has selection transforms.
  15. I just discovered that to edit a text object inside a group you have to actually open such group (and nested groups). For me this makes AD unusable for making UI/Websites. The time and clicks wasted on opening groups and nested groups to edit a simple text is ridiculous. You should be able to press T for the text tool, and click on any text object to edit it. I don't want to sound harsh but I don't understand how you guys can be working on bigger fancy features without having the basics like this (or the eye dropper tool) covered.
  16. pier

    [AD] Isolation Mode

    +1 Has there been any progress in this?
  17. To duplicate an object you have to select it first and then drag with alt. This is fine when you need to select multiple objects, but when you only want to duplicate one object it's tedious. You should be able to just alt drag the object to duplicate it without needing to make a selection first.
  18. pier


    Any news on Metal support?
  19. Hey thanks again MEB! Why did you change this behaviour to cmd? Alt drag is used in pretty much any software these days to duplicate. It's going to be hard to adapt to cmd...
  20. +1 We need a proper eye dropper tool. The little eye dropper from the colour panel is quite rudimentary and limited.
  21. I'm new to Designer and I'm trying to figure out how to edit text efficiently. In illustrator when you are editing text you can press CMD + ENTER to exit text editing and directly switch back to the move tool. In Designer to go from text editing to the move tool you press ESC and then V which is tedious. Also when using the move tool and double clicking a text object you can edit such object, but when pressing ESC you do not go back to the move tool and the text tool remains active. Is there a shortcut similar to Illustrator to quickly go back to the move tool from text editing? If not, is this a feature that is being worked on?
  22. It would be awesome if there was momentum after dragging the stage with the hand tool.
  23. Thanks, it's one of those little things that make your life a lot easier if you are working with lots of text.
  24. Hey I've been trying Designer and while it is very promising I think it lacks some fundamental features before it can be used in battle. I know some of these are coming in the future, but others are not. Being able to use the space outside of the artboard This is a huge deal. No artist or designer ever works in a confined space. We need to try things, compare, or maybe save some little thing for later. Multiple artboards This might not be a big deal for an illustrator, but it is for a designer (paper, UX, etc). Rarely projects span 1 single layout, and having all layouts on the same document is a big productivity boost because it allows to move and copy elements between pages. Of course this also comes handy when exporting multipage PDFs or printing, but it's not the main reason IMO. Rotate workspace Photoshop does this, but Illustrator does not. It's an essential feature for people that learned to draw on paper (like myself). Manga studio, Sketchbook, or Procreate which are the most used illustration apps also do this. Shaper builder tool While this is not an essential tool it has changed my vector workflow for the best since Adobe introduced it 2 or 3 years ago. It would be great to have something similar in Designer. This is it. Eraser vector brush Again, this is not essential, but it's a nice feature to shape objects with the tablet using pressure sensitivity. And that's it. With Affinity Photo and Designer I can see myself moving away from Adobe for all my individual projects, and maybe some of my collaborative projects. Good job guys