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  1. I still come back here from time to time (for years now!) to see if it has been implemented. The main reason (of two, the other being sloppy snapping) i'm not using Affinity Designer (which i own, as well as Publisher) and sticking with Illustrator. How design app developers don't understand this workflow is beyond me. Isolation mode allows for precision, hierarchical use of symbols and groups, safety (preventing accidental nudges of background objects). Isolation can allow for more intentional snapping. Pure visual UX improvement (with the rest of the canvas faded). All the control without endlessly digging trough hundreds of similarly named objects in the layers panel. Double click, edit, exit. Go hierarchy higher or lower. Yet it's missing in Adobe XD (to a full extent), it's missing in Affinity apps, it's missing everywhere. For someone like me, who edits complex geometric designs with many symbols and groups, many w-i-p versions within the files, this is a dealbreaker. This shouldn't be an overly complicated thing to implement, and it's great value. I'll happily throw $30 towards an update if it's there. Even if i don't end up using the app for other reasons – of which are few, and there are plenty of reasons to prefer AD. St.
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