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    stmartin reacted to voronwe in Request: Keep "Black" (K100) in Text when converting to another profile   
    I made a document in CMKY and set the Text to pure Black (0/0/0/100) as ist is the normal behaviour in printing.
    When I convert the document to another profile, the Color looks like (73/67/63/84), which would leads to problems in printing the text, as it will probably lead to unsharpen text.
    I'm missing the setting that pure K should stay pure K in a conversion (especially for text), especially in the Export-settings for PDF, where you can select a different Profile.

    And, as an extra wish: When converting from RGB to CMYK, I would like to have the possibilty to change Text to  CMYK 0/0/0/100

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    stmartin got a reaction from Clayton King in Span Columns   
    Yes, please do this.
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    stmartin reacted to big smile in GREP Styles   
    +1 for GREP styles and Nested Styles
    The Find and Replace is a powerful workaround, but being able to use GREP and Nested Styles would make things less error-prone (especially as Find and Replace doesn't allow you to save searches and it can be fiddly to enter in all the details on a repeated basis). 
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    stmartin reacted to vopash in GREP Styles   
    I confirm this actually works and is really better than nothing.
    However, I think fully functional GREP styling is a must in Publisher, since it doesn't require to search&replace after each text edit.
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    stmartin reacted to chklauser in GREP Styles   
    We write a lot of "technical" documents and GREP styles feature quite heavily in our workflow. (e.g., start a paragraph with "CAUTION:" and have that automatically highlighted). For us, it is the one thing that InDesign has still going for it.
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    stmartin reacted to vopash in GREP Styles   
    GREP Styles is the feature that would totally allow me to replace sluggish InDesign with Publisher. Would love to see it in the nearest updates!
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    stmartin reacted to CreativaGrafica in GREP Styles   
    +1 for GREP in styles. Thanks
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    stmartin reacted to walt.farrell in GREP Styles   
    The request was not for regex-based Find/Replace, which already exists.
    It was for defining Text Styles based on regular expressions, which would (I believe) allow you to say "whenever I create text content that matches <some regular expressions> assign <some style name> to it automatically".
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    stmartin reacted to Matt Healey in GREP Styles   
    Absolutely a +1 for me.
    GREP/Regex Styles is an absolute must. I create lots of nested list documents (bullets and numbering) with multiple styles per line, with various delimiters using brackets and stars. With InDesign I can paste in the text (with the numbers of tabs defining the nesting level) and my document is completely formatted. I have already bought several copies (VPP Store) of Publisher to play with, just to support you guys as a viable alternative to Adobe. I'd love to be able to start using it to completely replace InDesign and that the only feature that's stopping me.
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    stmartin reacted to garrettm30 in GREP Styles   
    I agree. I wouldn't use it all the time, but it is helpful for a few occasions.
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    stmartin reacted to rcheetah in GREP Styles   
    This is definitely not one of the most important features, but as a GREP-engine is already implemented: may we hope for something like GREP-Styles?
    This is a feature I don’t use on a daily basis, but it is something I’m very very glad to have from time to time.
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    stmartin reacted to sp@sawyerpaul.com in GREP Styles   
    +1 for GREP styles. It quickly became my favourite InDesign feature and I pretty well use it with everything. 
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    stmartin got a reaction from ffca in 3 page spread   
    Exactly the same here.
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    stmartin got a reaction from Jens Krebs in Is it possible to package a project in Publisher?   
    That would be very useful.
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    stmartin got a reaction from thomaso in Panels vs menu bar   
    I doubt that would have helped me here.
    Why not just make the panels layout saveable?
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    stmartin got a reaction from Sonofwitz in Colour Separations   
    +1 for color separation preview.
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    stmartin reacted to S1efan in XML Import/Export   
    Are there any plans to integrate XML-Import like Indesign's XML-Import/Export to fill the predefined elements in my documents (tags) with content from an external source?
    Thx for your answer. :-)
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    stmartin got a reaction from ronnyb in UI inconsistency   
    You're right about the first and last example. The problem with the single link is that I did not recognise it as such. I thought it was a pill or a paper clip. That has nothing to do with the fact that more than two values can be linked here. 
    Also, I agree with the position of the single link, the problem is that I didn't recognize it as a button with a function.
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    stmartin got a reaction from Aammppaa in UI inconsistency   
    In the text panel alone there can be found two different icons for linking values. And in the transformation panel there is another variation to the icon. Also I did not recognise the icon next to the word gutter as a button. See screenshot attached.

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    stmartin reacted to wonderings in Working with Pantone colors - palette annoyance   
    A big +1. I really hate the way Affinity handles colours. Not sure why it has to be so difficult. They really need to take some cues from Adobe who have refined many things over the year. I am sure a bit part of it is I do not use the affinities a whole lot despite owning them all I stick with the industry standard and what I am used to Adobe CC. If I drop in a PDF with spot colours or pantones I would like to see those automatically added to a pallet. I am trying to do a bit more with Affinity just to better familiarize myself, but this is one thing I have never liked with Designer or Photo and now Publisher. Really needs a change to something simpler. 
    Should have a document pallet that has all colours used in the document, should have a separate pallet for the pantone library and others. The current setup seems overly complex for something that should be quick and simple and not something I should have to give much thought to. 
    That being said I would rather have preflight and separations view added first. I can muddle around with the colours and make something work. Not having preflight and separations are another reason I will not switch to Publisher for real work beyond testing and exploring. 
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    stmartin reacted to Hangman in Working with Pantone colors - palette annoyance   
    Hi ericGa,
    The colour palettes are one area where I personally feel a major overhaul is needed as the way they currently function is relatively unintuitive, cumbersome and restricted. I'm hoping now Publisher has been released and once the dust settles on the bug front that some focus is placed on refining areas which are currently not so strong across the apps, colour palettes being one of them. Don't get me wrong, I'm loving the suite of apps and use them daily for commercial work, I just feel now is a time for some further refinement so they can go from being amazing to even more amazing :-)
    With regards your issue I agree, the current behaviour makes little sense, you select a Pantone colour by clicking on it and for some reason, a new Document Palette is automatically created and the Pantone colour added as a Global Colour, why? If you click on a second Pantone colour that behaviour is not repeated!
    To add additional colours to this newly, if unrequested palette you can return to the Pantone swatches and then select another swatch, then select your document palette from the drop down and click one of the two icons to the right of the Palette name, the first adds the selected swatch using the Pantone Name, the second icon adds the colour as a Global Colour but it is crazy having to switch between the Pantone Swatch and your Document Palette constantly to add colours to your Document Palette one by one.

    Improvements I'd Like to See to Colour Palette Functionality in All Three Affinity Apps
    I would like to see the ability to Shift and/or Cmd/Ctrl-click multiple swatches from any of the colour palettes, right click and select 'Add to Palette' with the option to select which palette you'd like to add the swatches too and once added for those colours to retain their correct name, e.g. Pantone Colour Name. Global colours added to a palette should retain their default name if for example a Pantone or named colour, rather than being called Global Colour 1 etc., which is meaningless and simply results in you then having to laboriously rename the global colours by their actual name, again, why? When importing an AD, AP, APub, PDF, EPS or SVG file into any of the three apps, for a default document colour palette to be created that includes the colours used in the imported file, so if you for example import a PDF or EPS file that has been generated in InDesign or any other software, a new document colour palette should automatically be created that includes the imported colours and lists them correctly by name/Pantone Name. I'm pretty sure Illustrator and InDesign do this but it's a long time since I used either. These would be my ideals for starters, I think there are many other improvements that can and will hopefully be made to the colour palettes over time...
    Anyone else have suggestions they'd like to see?
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    stmartin reacted to thadeusz in Working with Pantone colors - palette annoyance   
    Not really a bug, but more of an annoyance: If you know your Pantone color already, how would you find the right number in the palette? There is no way to put in a number, colors are in a chaotic order. Not perfect. Of course I could select just any color and name it as I wish. Please have a second look at the palette. It would be also quite handy that a color takes it's name from the selected Pantone color. At the moment I have to name it manually.
    More of a major problem is that I have no way to find out, how colors really overprint. There is no separation previews, where I can see if an element has the right color separation  and is overprinted as I wish. I don't know how you work, but this is needed for everyday print production. Only in CMYK/RGB work I could imagine to not needing it nowadays. But with spot colors?
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    stmartin reacted to ericGa in Working with Pantone colors - palette annoyance   
    When I add a global color I get this palette witch is quite useless for choosing a pantone color...
    The name of the patches appear only on mouse over (after one second)

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    stmartin reacted to ChristianK in Awkward german translation of "section"   
    Hi, this is not really a bug. But I strongly suggest to change the translation of "section" in the German version to "Abschnitt" (it is "Sektion" now). Though "Sektion" is used in German, it means "department" rather than "section of a document". Cf. Duden re "Sektion". Furthermore "Sektion" also stands for the cutting up of a dead body for medical research (like a medical examiner does). Both meanings are probably not what you want to convey here.
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