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Colour Separations

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We print 4 colour on a 2 colour litho press and so need to be able to separate the plates. How can I do this in Publisher?

EDIT: Just seen another post regarding this. Apologies for duplicate post. Separations preview and the option to print only certain plates is a must for me to be able to use Publisher.

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Can you explain how you would go about doing that? We print directly to the rip and its much more efficient to separate at the time of sending the file instead of exporting as a PDF then having to separate from there. Also we are trying to get away from Adobe so having to have a copy of Acrobat just to separate the plates is quite excessive.

If you would be so kind as to explain how you separate from a PDF I will look into it. We have always printed directly from artwork to the RIP as we print in house. We have found PDFs just cause issues.

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I'd need to know more about the RIP and more about the workflow to offer any advice. 

A separated file is different to separate plates. 

The RIP calculates all the information and outputs plates based on this. 

What software are you printing from directly to a RIP? How are PDFs causing problems? I'm suprised a litho printers is not using a PdF centric workflow.


And HankScorpio is me - when I'm on mobile it posts with that name as it was my original signed up name here - but reverts back to my old name when on my phone.

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Hi Guys. We print directly from InDesign using our RIPs PPD file. From InDesign print dialogue we can choose which plates to send to the RIP. 

When we send a four colour document the rip receives/creates a plate for each colour. The plate is produced on our plate maker and manually put onto our litho printer and off you go.

Theres no need for us to create PDFs. The RIP has a hold queue and when we are ready to create the plates we then send them from the rip software to the plate maker (just like sending a file to print).

Screen Shot 2018-09-19 at 09.28.13.png

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+1 for colour separation preview here too.

And since there's a lot of code shared across Affinity apps, please make it available in Affinity Designer as well (maybe also even in Photo? Can you do duotone/indexed colour documents in Photo already? If so, separation preview might make some sense there as well)… While it's not as critical an omission, it can still be very useful in some projects and shouldn't add too much bloat.

Also, it might allow us to no longer depend on Acrobat Pro; in fact, if we could just reimport printing press .PDF rips in Publisher without doing any colour conversion shenanigans and just check them in there, that would be golden.

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I don't have much to add, just that I also need colour separation.

Currently I use indesign to visually check the separations AND to send the print job. I do not like at all the way acrobat pro handles sending the print job. It does not seem to properly remember settings and you have to be really careful every time. Indesign is great in that way. I place print ready pdfs in indesign and print from there, so far it is the best workflow for my need.

Even scribus has some ability to preview separations and print them.

Other than that I am very impressed with Affinity publisher.


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+1 for outputting color separations. Also note the trapping options in the image above. That particular Adobe print dialog box is critical for my shop work flow. Cannot 100% dump adobe without this kind of output control from Affinity.

EDIT: This is probably the #1 feature needed for my own work flow. I have been VERY impressed by the Affinity Suite and it can *almost* replace Adobe for me. Looking forward to the day I can say it 100% replaces Adobe in my shop!

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Add emphasis to my desire for this feature
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