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  1. I dont know what rip you are using. But if your goal is to get away from adobe then i really cant help as im not familiar with a non pdf workflow or non pdf centric workflows. I do know creating postscript etc is stripping the file of goodness like live transparencies and icc colour profiles
  2. You still can. Export to Pdf and make plates from that. Thats a pretty standard workflow. Colour seps for the programme is essential though. Id prefer to know that its all setup correctly before making pdf
  3. Had to think about this. Ok when you place multiple images on Affinity it gives you a Place panel (cant remember exact name). Be cool if this had a grid option there to select if you want to place in a grid. You could then decide if you want 1 2 3 etc rows and columns. And maybe even allow the shape to be anything from the shape tools. Or you could create a shape before or during the placing. For example, you want to place 10 images in a single row in a frame shaped as a heart. Select all 10 images, choose 1 row and it would auto create 10 frames in shape of heart with the image. Or you might select 10 images and decide on 2 rows and it makes 2 x 5 grid in the shape you want.
  4. Even in indesign thats a long way to do it. Indesign allows you to drag in or place multiple files. But you can simply drag and click to place and use the arrow keys to create a grid. Then release the mouse to drop all in placed grid. You also toggle the distance between in the grid using alt arrow keys when placing. In saying that - dragging and dropping images to a grid would be welcome addition.
  5. Paragraph Fills and Rules. Decorations describes something else, like ornate settings.
  6. How are you viewing this PNG that is output? The checkered background is only for a preview within applications such as Affinity. However, it's plausible in Windows/Mac preview that the background would be white. Are you trying to apply the image over another image/background?
  7. I completely agree! If there are going to be styles, the behaviour needs to be identical, whether it's text (character or paragraph) or tables, or any other - if you update the style it needs to update all objects/text/tables with that change.
  8. Hello! I'm a Adobe Community Professional on the Adobe forums for InDesign! However, I'm very intrigued by Affinity and the design programmes. I've signed up for Affinity Windows beta - and it's fantastic! A little about me! I'm a double black belt in two different styles of martial arts. I'm a professional graphic designer and prepress operator. A former screen printer which I worked at for 3 years, and prepress operator for one of Ireland's oldest printing companies, I also had a long stint as an in-house designer and finally making my way back to prepress. I've been in printing and prepress since 1997! And long may it continue. It's great to be on board!
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