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  1. That’s another very slight issue whereby I think ‘image resize’ would be more in keeping with what Affinity Photo does and ‘Documents’ should be left for Designer and Publisher. Semantics really but I think it can also help a little with regards to clarity within the suite.
  2. Thats fine mate. Obviously i know you're all busy and so didn't follow them up. Im looking forward to seeing the improvements and actually finally using your products.
  3. We've been told numerous times it was 'by design' which is why there are so many threads on this and so many people confused and frustrated. I was reading a thread earlier today regarding the bug that was started back in 2015! I noted the issue when Affinity Photo was still in beta prior to the retail launch but because of the ill thought out interface it was difficult to tell if it was me not understanding Serifs thinking regarding resizing or it was in-fact a bug. Early on I was genuinely thinking it was a new way to resize a document but because I didn't understand it and our RIP keeps rejecting the files I've not been able to use Photo since i bought it when it first became available. Thats where my frustration lies. I am however absolutely delighted its now finally been flagged as a bug and is getting some attention. I think what Dave is trying to say is that we have been flagging both the bug and the interface problem for a very long time in numerous threads, some being very comprehensive on the subject and not had anyone from Serif respond. I personally private messaged MEB on June 6th to read the thread that was growing very quickly on the subject and received no response. I also private messaged Andy a similar message with no response.
  4. The bug has returned for me... sigh! There is good news however and that is that Mark Ingram has said he has implemented a fix and improvements which will be appearing in a Windows Beta soon. One would assume the same fixes would also make it to the Mac version but there is no official word on that. I would greatly appreciate if someone from Serif could confirm this will be the case. I have 3 of your apps that I don't/can't use because one of them is fundamentally broken. Think about that.
  5. Hi, Ive been using Affinity since the very beginning on and off and now that the full suite is pretty much ready for prime time is time for me to take these apps seriously and start to implement them into my workflow at work. Theres one thing that is stopping me though and its Document Resize in Photo. In Photoshop if I increase the resolution the size of the image shrinks because I'm basically cramming more pixels into 1 inch. That makes perfect sense to me. In Affinity Photo if i choose to increase the resolution the image size also increases which is the opposite of what i expect and therefore is not actually increasing the resolution its just making the image bigger which infact is lowering the resolution. Can someone please explain how Affinity resizes/resamples things as I'm completely stumped and I've been using Photoshop and explaining resolution, dpi etc to clients for years but this has me completely stumped. Basically if i have an image at 10x6cm at 150ppi how do i make it 5x3 @ 300ppi?
  6. Hi Mark, Can you confirm the possible version number of the Beta that will include the improvements/fix? I note its not apparent in the current version which was posted after your post above, but I'm assuming timings would mean was already to be pushed out before you included the improvements/fix?
  7. Thank you Mark. We do appreciate what you guys do. I certainly do. I so want to love and use your products hence why I keep banging on about it.
  8. Zero Zero says it all in his/her original post about the bad UI. "Open Document Resize to check". You shouldn't have to reopen a window you've just had open to check. You should see the potential results in the window while you are viewing it. I was going to post two videos to show how much easier and quicker it is to resize in photoshop than Affinity but now the bug has reappeared so the videos are attached for reference but note that Affinity's give broken results (it resamples when it shouldn't). My issue with the UI is that it does not immediately show the the pending results of the changes you input so you then have to reopen Document Resize to make sure you get the results you wanted. In this case I didn't, hence why many people have complained for years about this being completely unusable with the bug but also frustrating to use without the bug. Please fix the bug but also the UI. photoshop.mov affinity.mov
  9. Will these be added to the AppleTV app?
  10. To me it seems Affinity Photo is aimed squarely at Photographers who adjust images here and there and not graphic designers that process upwards of 50 images a day making sure they are fit for print environments. I worked for a web design agency and we were sent 25000 product images from the client. Each one needed resizing and the colour space correcting. Imagine doing that in Affinity Photo! You would go insane.
  11. Sorry to keep coming back to this but I keep attempting to use Document Resize and its just bonkers isn't it?! Even with the bug fixed the implementation is crazy, you can't use it with any confidence at all. Absolutely daft! Definitely just sticking with resizing in Preview. To the guys and gals at Affinity. Please acknowledge our requests to look at the Document Resize implementation you have created and refine it so it is actually useful. As it stands it really does not work as part of any meaningful workflow. Its great that you include all these new technologies to speed up the application but why then slow them down with an ill thought out user interface? I can legitimately open Preview app in MacOS resize an image and reimport it quicker than fiddling with Document Resize in Affinity Photo. On top of that the Resample tick box needs to be removed if it is not going to function based on the settings selected. Also please show the pixel dimensions alongside the print dimensions and make them live update. Live update throughout the Affinity Suite is a big thing that is missing and should have been included from the get go. Typing in a value in one box then having to click inside another box to get the value you've just entered in the first box to update really is very poor decision in my book. Thats yet another click thats completely not required but you insist on all these extra clicks all throughout the Affinity suite that are simply not required! Your apps are brilliant, its the UI and the experience using it that is very poor indeed. I'd be happy to write up a report on what I think could be improved on the side of the UI. Just message me and I'll be happy to oblige.
  12. The 3 apps are brilliant in essence and I really do appreciate what Affinity/Serif have done however there are just some completely, to put it frankly, stupid decisions on the UI and UX in parts. I feel they are trying to differentiate themselves for the sake of it and ignoring quality and efficiency (as well as this thread). FYI Im still using Preview to resize as even though it means opening up another app its still quicker to resize in preview than it is to keep opening document resize and changing units in Photo to see if its worked. Kind of flies in the face of StudioLink!
  13. Nope not heard anything. The bug I had has been fixed in the latest Beta, whether they actually fixed it or it corrected itself in the update I don't know as there is no mention of it in the fix list for the latest update. As to your question I believe Petar answers it best. They seem to be happy with the completely non logical UI for resizing which leads to confusion and frustration. As an aside to this, I mentioned about the needless extra steps regarding the colour picker tool and had a good chuckle to myself when the guy doing the Affinity Live Keynote even got caught out by it! Even the people making Affinity and know how it works still get caught out by the illogical and needless extra clicks for this and that. Too funny!
  14. I didn't think this was a bug at first so posted elsewhere. When i try and increase resolution with resample unchecked the image size is not decreasing therefore its technically resampling when it shouldn't. See original post here:
  15. Nazario

    Affinity Publisher (1.7) Launch Announcement

    Great Keynote guys. Well done!
  16. I feel your pain because our political parties in the UK are a total bunch of ....
  17. I resize about the same as you per day haha. I produce over one hundred printed publications and about 2000 adverts a year. Right now I have 165 current projects on the go. Just little old me. The smallest inefficiency in workflow adds up to massive amounts of time wasted with needless mouse clicks amid quirky interfaces. Below is my current load. Each one of those is a 36 page printed publication averaging about 10 adverts each. EVERY single image needs resizing and adjusting. I need efficient software. I'm on the fence with you.
  18. So I've just downloaded the Beta and it finally does seem to work (even though its not listed as being fixed?). Anyhoo... I can now see that the implementation of Document Resize is completely baffling to say the least (as I feared). You have to set the units to Pixels. If you use any other unit it simply resamples even when you untick resample. This is just stupid and confusing! Something that compounds the confusion is the UI whereby you are unable to see the what the changes you input will be, so you have to go through with the operation you might not actually want by clicking resize, then open document resize again and then choose another unit to see the changes. If it simply showed the pixel dimensions in the window along with the chosen units and it updated live without having to click resize and then reopen document resize, it would then be just about bearable to use. WAY too many clicks are involved in a needlessly complex implementation. The same as the colour picker tool and the tab order in the Transform palette. The UX seriously needs looking into in my opinion and the UI in parts.
  19. So they've broken it now then? lol
  20. It’s ‘by design’ mate lol. Its funny though because Andy’s response in the thread below goes completely against the information in the tutorial on resizing. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/88148-by-design-ap-17-resize-document-does-not-work-properly/
  21. Doesn't matter what unit i use it just does not work. My initial screenshots were using CM and Pixels.