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  1. In Affinity you can open a multi page PDF and manipulate the contents of the PDF. But is there anyway to place a Multi page PDF and then use the master pages to fiddle with the positioning of the placed pages (so they are all affected in one go)? For example: If I wanted to move all the pages 5mm to the right, I could create a picture frame on a master page, and then place my multiple page PDF so every page is automatically placed on the picture frame of a master page. Similar to how Affinity automatically adds extra pages when you place text via a master page text frame. After researching this, I think the answer is no. But I thought I would post anyway, just in case anyone has a clever work around!
  2. I found a work around to this: 1. Place the instance of the symbol in a group. 2. Now you can turn on/off the group visibility without breaking the syncing of the symbol.
  3. Thanks! If I untoggle the sync will they still function as symbols. E.g. If I update one symbol's design, then these design changes will occur on all symbols. From playing around it doesn't look like it. But I wonder if I might be doing something wrong?
  4. The layer panel in Affinity Designer allows you to toggle the visibility of layers by clicking the check box that is placed on each layer. I am currently duplicating some symbols. I find that if I uncheck the layer box on the layer of symbol to turn off its visibility, then all duplicated symbols disappear, even those duplicate symbols that are on separate layers (their layer check boxes will automatically uncheck). Is there anyway to stop this, so I can turn off the layer visibility of one symbol without the other duplicate symbols layers automatically turning off? Thanks!
  5. Thanks that's awesome. All the online guides I found only talked about the system one. Thanks again!
  6. Affinity on MacOs lets you create system wide palettes. These are handled via the Apple Color Picker that is built in to MacOs. Where are these palettes saved so I can copy and transfer them to a different computer? Thanks!
  7. @Pauls @Dan C Just so you know, this is still an issue in 1.10.5. I'm guessing there's no news, but just reporting it in case it helps
  8. Everything is the same. To be fair, it's not as bad as it was back in 2019. But it still happens way more than it should. And I still have "clean up" sessions where I have to go back and manually merge the styles.
  9. I waste a lot of time on deleting unwanted styes, and I am not even pasting from Word. I just paste between Affinity Designer documents! I can understand Word confusing Affinity, but why does it get confused with it's own Affinity style sheets? Surely it should know that if text is being pasted and it has the same style as the target document, then it must be the same style!
  10. Yup. Same problem with new documents (although as with old documents, it will work sometimes). Here's a work around for anyone who has this problem: Cut the linked document to the clipboard then paste it back. And then it seems to render correctly. But if you save the document and exit, then there's a 50-50 chance that it will become blank again when you re-open.
  11. Thanks for your help. These two bugs have completely destroyed my work flow, so fingers cross things work out with the fixes. Thanks again!
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