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  1. @Pauls I just tested on Windows and it's the same problem. Just to clarify, it's only the linked content that doesn't appear. All other (non-linked) content appears fine. So the pages partially render. I wonder if maybe you are seeing the partial renders and assuming it is working? To help, I have made some slides that show how the pages render in Windows/Mac on Publisher 2.0.3 (where they appear incomplete) with a comparison of how they should look: Please could you open your copy of the file (which is named "Main file.afpub") and check it against the slides below to check that it is rendering correctly for you. Example 1: Document page 1 ISSUE: As you can see, the author box and copyright text (both of which comes from the linked file) does not render. Example 2: Document Page 4 ISSUE: As you can see, the text in the margin (which comes from the linked file) does not render. Example 3: Document page 8 ISSUE: The box at the bottom (which comes from the linked file) does not render. Example 4: Document page 9 ISSUE: The boxes and vertical text on the right hand side (all which come from the linked file) are not rendered. Many thanks in advance for any help you can offer.
  2. @Pauls I am using a MacBook Pro (Mid 2015) model running MacOS 12.6.2. I actually did a clean reinstall before testing. I've made a video that demonstrates the issue. The page only partly renders even when it is left on screen for several seconds (the correct rendering is displayed at the end). As you are not seeing the issue, please let me know if there are any next-steps I can take. I would love to get this issue sorted as it's destroyed my workflow. Thanks for taking the time to look at this, and thanks in advance for any further help you can provide.
  3. @Pauls This is still an issue in Affinity 2.0.3. Please advise if you need to supply any more material to help reproduce it. PS, Happy New Year!
  4. @Pauls Hi, I have done this. I have created a new file called "Main File". All linked Photos in the file have been replaced with a text box that says "Photos goes here". As a result, there are only two linked Publisher files, which should make it easier to reproduce. I have included the two linked Publisher files. I have also included a screen recording. (It has the file name "Screen Recording 2022-12-21 at 15.57.08.mov"). In this screen recording, I open up "Main File". Upon opening it, the linked Publisher file doesn't display properly. So I go through "Main File" using the "cut and undo work" around (This is where you cut the linked Publisher file and then undo the cut to make it render properly). When I get to page 9 of the "Main File" document (at 00:33 in the video) and do the cut and undo workaround, but Publisher crashes (it just disappears in the video and I get taken back to the Finder). I have also included the crash report that was generated after the crash. Please advise if you need any more info. I'd love to get this issue resolved and so am happy to provide any help as required. Many thanks!
  5. @Pauls Is this comment relating to this linked files thread.?If so, I can slim down the files, so they are just two files in total. Let me know and provide a drop box link, and I can submit it so there are just two files. I think actually did this, and although in the beta the condition is improved, there are some pages of the file that do not render 100% correctly. So it's just getting those last pages to render 100% correctly that is the issue. Let me know and I can assist to help with the issue. Thanks
  6. @PaulsThanks. re-linking files in beta is not possible, as clicking on resource manager causes the beta to crash as discussed here. However, I tried it in Affinity Publisher 2 (non-beta) and it seems to work. It's confusing that relinking would be the issue, as in the status it said "OK" and the file was in the correct path listed. However, although the file works, it still has the issue of linked Publisher files not rendering properly, as discussed in this thread. If you are able to review that thread, and let me know if you need any more input for me to help diagnose the issue, I would greatly appreciate it. Linked Publisher files used to work perfectly in prior versions of Publisher, but now my work flow has been heavily impacted as they don’t work as well as they used to! Thanks again, and best wishes for the holiday period.
  7. @PaulsI created a new MacOS account and it doesn't crash. On the old account, I cleaned Affinity's folders in the "Application Support" and "Group Containers" files and the old account started working without crashing. BUT: If I open a file that has a linked Publisher file (as per this issue) the linked file appears partially blank (e.g. not all the pages render). If I click on the linked file in any way, then the beta will freeze, and I have to force quit it. (This doesn't happen in the non-Beta version of Publisher 2, nor in the previous 1.10 release). I have uploaded the problem file, plus also the linked file it uses and the associated crash report.
  8. @LeeThorpeThank you kindly. I have added the crash reports that were produced under Affinity Publisher 2 Customer Beta (macOS). Please advise if there is any more information I can provide. It would be neat if the next release of Publisher 2 was more stable, as for most of my work I am having to stick with Publisher 1. Thanks again, and best wishes for the Xmas period.
  9. @Pauls Please advise if you need me to supply any more info or material. Thanks! 🙂
  10. @Pauls It seems hit and miss. Some pages will render fine. Others will not. I've made a video here. In the video, it's left on the same page for 20 seconds, but it doesn't render. At the end of the video, I include a clip of how the page should look. Prior to Affinity 1.10 this was never problem. You could have multiple Affinity Publisher documents imported into each other and they would all render perfectly.
  11. @LeeThrope This seems to still be an issue in (macOS). The files no longer bloat in size. But Publisher hangs and has to be force quit. If you can provide an updated drop box link, I can send the crash reports that are generated (The old Dropbox link you had has expired). Thanks!
  12. @Pauls @Dan C Just so you know, this is still an issue in Affinity Publisher 2 Customer Beta (macOS).
  13. Thanks, do you know if there any workarounds. I would like to be able to work with the file, so I can see if the beta has resolved any of my other issues?
  14. Hi I have uploaded the file to drop box, together with the crash report. The file does actually open, but if you go to resource manager, then Affinity Publisher 2 (Beta (macOS)) crashes.
  15. @Gabe This is still an issue in Affinity Publisher 2 Customer Beta (macOS). It also seems to happen with older files that were opened in Affinity Publisher 2 (non-beta) and saved as a Affinity Publisher 2 file., Do I need to raise a separate post in the beta forum? Also, is there a way, I can send a crash report to help with debugging. Thanks in advance for any help.
  16. I 100% respect this and will not challenge it any way. However, negative feedback does stand out more. So I hope when reviewing the feedback, Serif will take into account those customers that are happy with pricing. I'd hate for Serif to make changes to appease those that are unhappy, and in the process alienate those who were happy with how the pricing was handled.
  17. I think people are looking at pricing the wrong way. The 40% discount is super generous, more generous than a lot of upgrade pricing from other companies. They didn’t have a way to make it available to only V1 customers, so they made it available to everyone. So what's the problem? Everybody wins! And for those who recently purchased V1. Yes, that does sting. But it takes 5 seconds of searching to see that Serif always give their best prices in their November event. They have done this for the last 5 years. And 5 seconds of searching shows that there hasn't been any new beta for over a year, which is a good sign that a new version was coming. So if getting a good price was important, then it doesn't seem wise to buy until November, which is when V2 became available.
  18. About sharing crash reports on MacOs: If you go to system preferences to enable it, then do you have to select any options in Publisher? Just double-checking, to make sure I have done it right. As I get a lot of crashing, and I am not even using an M1 Mac! (My crashing also sometimes corrupts files!)
  19. I do sympathise with such customers. Because like I said have been caught out in the past, and it's not a pleasant experience. So I feel the pain. But at the same time, I don’t think Serif can be expected to address it, especially when the upgraded pricing is so good. They give a refund for purchases made in 30 days. A cut off has to be drawn somewhere. Could Serif have sign posted things better by saying development on V1 was over back in Jan? Sure. But that could have opened a can of worms with people either panicking the product is dead or feeling entitled to have a firm date for a new release. Plus, it's always a good idea for people to do research before buying. The last time a beta came out was a long time ago (I think November 2021). That was a pretty big sign that V1 wasn't going to be updated any more. Also, Serif always do their best prices during their November specials. This is consistent: It's been like that every year since 2018. So again, customers wanting the best prices should have waited for November. They also do price events at other times. The last one was May 2022. So customers who bought during then would have got 6 months of V1 use at a discounted price. So yeah, I do have an incredible amount of sympathy for people in this position. But I think it's just a case of "that's life" (especially because waiting for the yearly November event which happens like clockwork could have avoided the situation) I think the generous upgrade pricing makes up for it. If the upgrade pricing wasn't so generous, then the case would be stronger.
  20. Just saw the post by Ash on Affinity V2, updates, pricing and no subscription. And I think this topic is probably to best to comment on it. I think Serif have handled upgrade pricing perfectly. The universal license is an insanely good deal as are the other pricing options. I can't see why people are complaining. A lot of companies (e.g. SkyTV, insurance, etc) only give their best prices to new customers. Serif are treating both old and new the same. No one loses out. I do feel for people who recently purchased V1. Things like this have happened to me in the past with other companies, and I still feel the sting of it. But, it's life. It happens. It is not a problem Serif needs to fix, especially, as the upgrade pricing for V2 is more than reasonable. In my view, there really is no need to give bonus content as a thank you to V1 customers. And zero need to support the V1 software with updates when MacOS breaks it. Both of these are only taking away precious development time from V2. It's wholly unnecessary and I would have preferred they hadn't done this and just put all their efforts on V2. Are Serif perfect? No. I think they should have done a public beta for V2, as it's got too many bugs. I am sure these problems will be fixed. But it's annoying for launch software to be this buggy, especially as there is no way to downgrade a file from V2 to V1. But on pricing, I think they've been more than fair. Software development is not free. They have offered a cracking deal for the upgrade. They should not be expected to do anything more. I just felt I needed to share my views on this, as I'd hate for Serif to feel the need to please everyone, fail at it and then feel there is no choice but to switch to subscription. Like I said, I am sympathetic to people who feel differently about the upgrade pricing, but again, software development is not free. It needs to be paid for. Serif have been more than fair in this respect. They should be celebrated with their approach.
  21. @LeeThorpe Thanks! I had another occurance. A file went from 6.5MB to 356.5MB!! As before no changes were made. It was simply opened in Publisher 2 and that caused it to swell in size. The new file is virtually unusable as it causes the application to hang. I have uploaded it together with the crash reports. The original 6.5MB file is called "00fun-arithmetic-INSIDE-text--v1". The new V2 356.5MB file is called "00fun-arithmetic-INSIDE-text--v2". I hope it's okay to keep on uploading these. If you've got too many let me know and I will stop. Thank you also for taking the time to look at this. I appreciate it. Thanks again!
  22. @LeeThorpe I've got another instance of this. I opened a file that was only 3.3 MB. But then Publisher crashed. And the file went from 3.3MB to 81.3 MB! And again, this new bigger file seems to be corrupt, as although it will open it will keep on crashing publisher ever time I try to export it to PDF or make other edits. In the dropbox link, I've again uploaded the original file (It is titled "00fun-LongMath-INSIDE-text--V1") and the new corrupt version ("00fun-LongMath-INSIDE-text--V2), plus all the crash logs that occurred during the crash. If you need any other details, please ask. Thanks!
  23. @LeeThorpe It occurred again. Publisher crashed. And then the file that was open went from 11MB to over 50MB! The file also seems to be corrupt, as although it will open it will keep on crashing publisher ever time I try to export it to PDF or make other edits. To the dropbox link, I've uploaded the original file and the new corrupt version, plus all the crash logs that occurred during the crash (they are in Apple MacOS format, I am not sure if you need them in a different format). Please advise if you need anything else. Thanks!
  24. Hi @Pauls I have uploaded the file. If you open the "child file" you can see the "parent file" (that is placed into the "child file") doesn't display properly: Many of the placed pages are either blank or incomplete. I have included a PDF which shows how the "child file" should look. As noted, there isn't any consistency to when placed files are displayed as blank pages. So if it opens fine, maybe try it again later on and see if it is still the case.
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