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  1. @Catshill I am using a Mac and so don’t have access to Foxit. But I tried using Acrobat Pro (10.1) to re-save it, selecting the option to unembded fonts. The only font available to unembded was Droidsans pro (the other font in the document was helvetica, but there wasn't the option to I open the files (not place) and uncheck both boxes, but same issue.
  2. When I open PDfs in Affinity Publisher, they don’t open correctly. Example: If you look carefully, the letters at the bottom and near the top cross the lines on the grid (The grid lines are part of the PDF). Here is how the PDF looks before it is opened in Affinity Publisher: In the original, none of the letters cross the grid lines. How can I fix this, so they open properly? Thanks!
  3. In Affinity Publisher, is there any way to important a multi-page PDF into an existing document? If not, then I notice you can open a PDF in Publisher and it will act as a Publisher document. However, there doesn't seem to be a way to access Master Pages. Is possible to access Master Pages and Apply different Master pages to each page of the PDF document. Thanks!
  4. I have hundreds of PDFs which have hundreds of pages, so that isn't practical. InDesign can place multipage PDFs. Does Affinity have something similar?
  5. InDesign has a script called "adjust Layout". it allows you to batch move content on every page of a document (e.g. you can move everything up by 10mm). Is there anything similar in Affinity?