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  1. In Publisher is there any way to automatically caption images by file name. E.g. you import and image and then a text box with the file name appears under the image. Thanks!
  2. In the end, I was getting close to a deadline, so I just remade the problem document and that seems to have fixed the PersonaBackstore.dat. However, I still find Publisher to be slugish, which it wasn't previously. Here is the performance tab:
  3. In the end, I was getting close to a deadline, so I re-made the document from scratch and it works now. I guess maybe something had gone wrong? I do importing another Publisher documents into other publisher documents a lot, so if I run into problems in the future, I will reach out.
  4. I make series of Books in Publisher. Each book has its own publisher document. Because the books share certain pages, I create these in a separate document that I call "shared doc". I then import this "shared doc" publisher files into the individual Publisher documents. That way, if I need to make a change to one of the shared pages, I can just make the changes once, rather than having to update each individual publisher document separately. I have been doing this since, 1.8.3 came out and it's worked perfectly. But today it's going screwy. For example, here is a square box in my "shared doc" Because I am viewing in Preview Mode, you can see a big X in the box. However, when I go to output the finished document as a PDF, the big X appears in the finished PDF. Even if I turn off preview mode, the X still appears. This has never happened before. How can I fix this?
  5. I did a reinstall. It was fine for an hour, but now it's back to this again. I've read about PersonaBackstore.dat. It's for storing things that there isn't room in RAM for. But all my various documents are mostly text. Also, I have 16GB of RAM and 10GB is shown as free, so I am not sure why Affinity is using PersonaBackstore.dat.
  6. Since this afternoon, Publisher on my Mac has become super slow. Files that opened in seconds in the morning now take over 8 minutes to open. I have made no changes to the file. Even scrolling through pages or clicking on menus is super laggy, sometimes take as much as 10 seconds for things to appear. Worse still, a file called PersonaBackstore.dat has appeared in /private/var/folders/ft/vkmjt26n273b2rf21tg10_180000gn/T/Affinity Publisher/ It is currently 61.39 GB and growing. What should I do? Should I uninstall and reinstall publisher? Set up: Publisher: 1.8.3 Mac OS: 10.14.6
  7. Unfortunately, I can't provide a sample as it has work that I am not allowed to share. However, I tried making a 'redacted sample' that has only one line of text. When I did this, the Find and Replace worked properly, so I am guessing there must be something in the file that is creating the problem. I noticed that Affinity has an option called "reapply text styles" which can be used to clear overrides. So I set a keyboard shortcut to that command and then used Keyboard Maestro to go through all the text and clear the overrides. I guess this a screwy bug! If I find a way to reproduce it, I will post it in the bugs sections. Thanks to everyone who helped.
  8. My text doesn't have any local formatting. It's just Helvetica 18pt (no italics or bold). Is this something Affinity has changed? In the past, I could use Find and Replace to apply styles and I wouldn't get any overrides.
  9. The text was imported, but it has no style applied to it. The header style I am applying is a base style.
  10. Original text: Helvetica 18pt (no italics or bold). I am applying a style called Heading. After doing Find and Replace, Heading gets applied. But then values like leading, space after are added as overrides instead of using the values in Heading.
  11. I am using Find and Replace to apply Paragraph text styles. When I do this, the applied text styles have extra overriden attributes added to them. Because my document has hundreds of pages, I don’t want to click on each one and cancel the overrides. How can I apply the text styles via Find and Replace without having these overriden attributes added to them?
  12. Yes, it's the latest upgrade. Before 1.8.3, if your document color space was set to greyscale, then the output PDF would also be greyscale. Now if you document color space is set to greyscale, you will get a color PDF, unless you hunt for the option that is buried away in the PDF export menu. It also caused me to waste several hours, and at one point I was just going to recreate all my images in greyscale.
  13. Indesign had a user created script called Equalizer: http://www.indiscripts.com/post/2016/10/equalizer-pro-3-0-released It let you swap objects, as well as copy and paste X, Y, W and H values via keyboard shortcuts. It was one of the the greatest things to happen to DTP. +1 for having something like this built into APublisher.
  14. After experimenting more: It seems to only affect files that were built before 1.8.3. If the file was made in 1.8.3 then it seems to be fine.
  15. It would be nice if there was a way to view double page spreads in single page mode (e.g. so you just see one page of the spread at a time, rather than the whole page). It is possible to uncheck Facing pages in Document set up to achieve this, but that has a number of problems: 1. When unchecking the facing page option, Affinity Publisher will split all double page masters into single page master. It then won't recombine them when you revert to facing pages. So you have to reset up all double page spread masters. 2. For larger documents, Affinity Publisher can take a long time to convert a document into single pages (and then back to facing pages).
  16. I mean liked linked images. I only started getting the issue in 1.8.3 (Although it only seemed to be with files made in 1.8.2)
  17. As discussed in this thread If you create a document in publisher and then one of the linked assets are missing, opening the document will crash the program. It seems to happen more with documents that were created in earlier versions of publisher. Moving the document to a location which causes all the linked assets to be missing allows it to be opened without crashing.
  18. Here is my table of contents (TOC). It has the Toc 1: Entry table style. For some reason, the formatting of this style has been overridden. So I click on the 'T' icon to Reset formatting. As expected, pressing the T icon has reset the formatting. However, it has also caused the TOC to be cancelled. The TOC text still remains, but it will no longer update and you can not longer change ToC options (or press the ToC update button - look at the TOC panel: Everything is greyed out)
  19. As I understand it, before the default was to match the documents color space. So if you have a grayscale document, all your color images in Afpub would be grayscale and you would get a greyscale PDF. That to me seems the most natural. Having the export not match the live Afpub document seems confusing.
  20. Most people don’t create documents with colour images that they intend to export as B&W PDFs, so I think the feedback will be minimal. But for those that do this, having it not on by default is confusing, especially because the option is buried away in the PDF options. You'd expect an exported PDF to match the colours spaces one sees in the live Publisher document. Not having match up seems confusing, especially if it did match up in previous versions.
  21. So do this mean going forwards, the option won't be selected by default?
  22. Yup +1 for both Splitting and Spanning. It would be annoying if Span didn’t come with a splitting option! I often import documents that began life in Word. They can have 1000s of pages, so having to split or span columns by hand is just not practical at all.
  23. That fixed it, so it wasn't a bug: Sorry for the false alarm. The option has always been on by default in the past, so I am not sure what happened!
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