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  1. I'd love to see Affinity release a full PDF editor in a similar vein to Acrobat Pro. Particularly with a focus on building forms as nothing other than Acrobat seems to support that.
  2. Confirm it's fixed in the beta. Works fine.
  3. Thanks @Jon P, Can you point me to the beta of which you speak and I'll test it? I'm using 1.7.1 from the VPP Mac App Store for day-to-day work.
  4. I have a very similar issue. I open a new document, drop in an svg, click the Edit Text Wrap button and the fans spin up and have to force quit. Possibly stuck in an infinite loop somewhere. CPU maxes out to 100%. I've attached a spin dump to see what's going on. Spindump.txt
  5. Matt Healey

    GREP Styles

    Absolutely a +1 for me. GREP/Regex Styles is an absolute must. I create lots of nested list documents (bullets and numbering) with multiple styles per line, with various delimiters using brackets and stars. With InDesign I can paste in the text (with the numbers of tabs defining the nesting level) and my document is completely formatted. I have already bought several copies (VPP Store) of Publisher to play with, just to support you guys as a viable alternative to Adobe. I'd love to be able to start using it to completely replace InDesign and that the only feature that's stopping me.
  6. Might be an idea to add your vote to this thread that's already got a few people on it. -