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  1. The initial post in this thread has been edited and updated due to further investigation. Publisher still freezes/crashes. Would appreciate all kinds of help!
  2. Now I notice another thing, tied to the same issues, I think. When I select the two picture frames (one on top of the table in the image, and one beneath it) and the table itself and group them with Ctrl+G, the problem also occurs when I then press the Text wrap option to make the text in the background flow around it. Affinity freezes at that time, and can only be exited through force quit.
  3. Sorry for being unclear. Within the same document. The process goes as follows; Creating picture frame rectangle Places image Copies picture frame Pastes picture frame Freeeze/crash Worth mentioning is the .png file has a transparent alpha channel. Could that be the culprit?
  4. EDIT: I have continued to investigate the exact moment of freeze/crash and come to the conclusion this has to do with the Text Wrap tool, and the copy/paste I initially reported. I'll edit the initial text in here to reflect this. Hi, I'm a new but overall very happy user that has run into a problem or bug. I have a document in a regular 6 x 9" format of 85 pages, containing text flowing through text frames, using text styles and two master pages. The document is about 4,5 mb large, so it isn't that big of a thing. When I have a grouped object (a table with two aligned picture frames containing a .png) placed on top of the text frame, and open Text Wrap and select Jump or Square or Tight and then press Close, it freezes and crashes. The only way to get out is to force quit the application. Initial title was. "Copy/Pasting image frames freezes/crashes Publisher" When I copy and paste graphic elements (medium res .png images in frames) to be used as table header decorations, Publisher freezes and crashes, either by itself, or by forcing it to. This happens multiple times after one another. I have tried to restart the Mac, closer other applications and so on. It is a MacBook Pro, 2018 model, 16 GB RAM and fully updated etc. Hope to get some help! Cheers! /Chris
  5. Hi Jon, Thanks for the update! Look forward to getting to know your software a bit more! Have a great day! /C
  6. Hello, My first bug report here, so I'll start with a "thank you" for a great software so far! After 20 years with Adobe I'm really happy to see something new like this on the market! As the title suggests, I made Publisher crash during textframe editing in a master page. Here's what I did: I created a workdoc to test out some functions and created an A master spread with text frames. Doubleclicked on the starting page in the Pages panel to be able to start working with my layout. From my Google Doc with 80 k characters, I pasted them into the empty textframe, then expanded to 39 pages with autoflow. Then I created a number of typographic styles. In the Master Pages panel, I copied the A master pages to a B set and resized the textframe. So far no problems! Then I attempted to create an anterior textframe by "flowing backwards", i.e. expanding the linked textframe backwards with the blue arrow (see picture with ugly red circle). Publisher then crashes. The issue is reproducible and happens every time I do it. Thanks, /Chris
  7. Agree, this would be an absolute game changer. Could consider dropping Adobe for good :)