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  1. @GizmoStudios that is helpful, thanks very much! Fingers crossed they fix it soon, but in the meantime it's nice to be part of such a helpful and responsive community.
  2. This bug is so frustrating! Really hope to see some updates on this soon! Has anyone found a decent workaround in the meantime?
  3. Hi everyone, Having seen MrDoodlezz really cool letterhead mockup which you can find here, I thought I would have a go and have created an Ipad equivalent using the live filters as well! Please find the Affinity Photo file: Download here. Feel free to use for whatever you like! The image used and all embedded images are from www.unsplash.com. Hope it is useful for people! Cheers Tom
  4. Thanks MBd, that's really useful. Can you quickly explain what linked layers are? I haven't heard that term before and it sounds intriguing! Also how would AD's new symbol functionality work in respect to embedded documents? Thanks!
  5. Ah I've been looking for something similar to this for ages! This is really cool! The smart objects mockup function is the one piece of Photoshop that I use the most, really missed it when using Photo for the first time. I wonder if they can get Photo to recognise Photoshop smart objects as live perspective filter objects...? This would mean all those thousands of Photoshop mockups the available would be useable in Affinity Photo which would be amazing! How did you achieve this Dennis? Would be great to be great to have an understanding of how to make my own mockups rather than relying on random internet downloads all of the time.
  6. Love this! You've achieved a really nice natural look :)
  7. I keep hoping for a publishing solution that caters for collaborative editing of content by multiple authors on the fly... if Publisher has something like this built in then I will be a happy man, but if not then the ability to import from a google docs file and synchronise updates with it would be a brilliant work around. There is a solution out there for InDesign but it is completely outrageously priced for a plugin. Also I realise that InCopy exists but that requires all of the people you are working with to have a copy of it... which is never possible. Collaborative editing in Affinity Publisher would be a game changer!
  8. I've been using Affinity very heavily over the last few weeks, 6 or 7 hours a day, and I find that properly organising my layers makes future edits much easier. However I normally draw first then organise in the layers panel afterwards. At the moment when I do this I have to click new layer, double click the layer to rename it, select all the objects I want to put in the layer then click drag them in to the layer. It would be amazing if you could alt-click the 'new layer' button and for it to automatically place any selected items into the layer and then automatically bring up the 'rename layer' dialogue in the layers panel as well. What do you think?
  9. I've got three sets of two duplicated objects- each an image with some text below it. When I try to group the text below each of the avatars so that I can distribute them horizontally the text jumps out of the artboard and over to the right, it happens whenever I group any of the three sets. It's really weird, only a slight annoyance as I can just move them manually but is definitely not intended behaviour. I've attached the file so you can have a look- try to group the text below the icon with the icon to replicate the issue. AD_Bug_Report.afdesign
  10. Hi, Firstly can I just say that I love the tool, it feels so great to use! One feature that I would love to see implemented is an 'align to last selected' or 'align to first selected' option. So basically whenever you use the align buttons they would always snap to whichever object the user selected last, or first, depending on the user's preference. Inkscape has a great option menu which allows you to select which you would like to align to based on your preferences. In my opinion this is even more useful than the 'align to key object' system which Illustrator uses, as the key object system requires an extra click which slows things down. Anyway keep up the good work!
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