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  1. Is there any plans to add compatibility with .ai brushes? I have a lot of nice brushes in that format, t'would be a shame not being able to use them with such a nice software :(
  2. Hello everyone, As a user of Corel Draw, there’s a couple of little features/tricks that I’d like to see in Affinity (because I’m switching). The following are really more “tricks” than features (at least in the strict sense). I added gifs so you know exactly what I’m talking about. 1. When dragging an object, right-click to copy it. This one is a life saver. I use it all the time. I drag using the left-click, and when you see the + sign it's because I right-clicked. 2. Right-clicking a color sets it as stroke. And if you really need to right-click the color to access options or whatever, you just have to hold it for 2 seconds or something. 3. Contour tool If there’s such a tool in AD, I completely missed it. That tool isn’t very useful for circles and squares, but they are for every other shape. 4. You can adjust kerning and leading using the Node tool. This is much quicker than changing the value in the typography menu. 5. In every menu where you can increase or decrease the value with two little arrows, you can click and drag to change the value. I know you can almost do that in AD, but it requires two clicks or more. 6. When you want to align an object to another, you can select the node you want. This is very useful when you don't necessarily want to align something to the edge of another object. So if I’m mistaken is any of that, or if what I say is not available actually is available, please accept my apologies. I’d love to spend all day exploring that wonderful program but I have other things to do.. such as working to feed my family y’know. I am saying all of this because I think that there's not that many people using Corel Draw compared to those using Illustrator. I wanted to underline a couple things I think Corel Draw have done right.
  3. When purchasing Adobe CC, you get a lot of fonts for free. Same thing if you buy Corel Draw. Is it the case with Affinity Designer too? If so, what are the fonts? I'm on Windows 10. Olivier
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