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  1. Thanks firstdefence (we posted at the same time lol)
  2. nevermind... I just ungrouped all the groups and then was able to select all the squares + white background square and then... SUBTRACT!
  3. I made a GROUP of these squares which I would like to subtract from the white square/background (to create a mask)... but I can't. It seems the only way is to subtract each separate square individually. Is subtracting a group something that isn't possible in AD? Here's a screenshot: It doesn't seem to matter if it's just a group or (like what I'm doing here) a group filled with other groups.
  4. For certain situations, like a big project I'm working on now, this would be SO useful! (to be able to SORT my assets alphabetically) Here's a screenshot: ...unless I'm missing a way to do this. I've tried dragging them in a different order, but that didn't work. I saw nothing in the drop down about sorting.
  5. So something like this wouldn't work?: (The .ai files)
  6. lol I LITERALLY just downloaded a gold pic off freepik used it as a mask Thanks!
  7. So ... I could buy these and use the PNG versions of these correct? I wonder if I could find something like these for cheaper. (Metallic foil)
  8. Thanks for sharing! Works very nicely.
  9. I'm in need of gold/metallic brushes for AD. I found this: Would this work in AD? I've been able to install abr's that were made for Adobe suites just fine... but I'm not sure if these would work? I mean if they are pngs... I don't see why they wouldn't. Even if it means I just have to place it in my work as a layer and maybe use masking. If this wont work, can anyone point me to where I can get (free or for purchase) Gold/metallic brushes? (I guess what I'm looking for is "brushes"... I just need the metallic look for products I'm designing.) Thanks!
  10. Installed a few of these. Works nicely. Thank you! Attached screenshot of my experimentation:
  11. I turned my computer of and worked on the file the next day with less problems. Today, I'm working on a new file and it only froze once for like 2 seconds. I guess the solution is either restarting the program... OR restarting the computer.
  12. Well... I ended up using the node tool to make the body shape into the single shape (and delete the collar and breast area shapes) ... not sure if that was the best way to go about it but it looks okay now.
  13. Yes they are two separate shapes that I am trying to butt up next to each other (using snap to)... it snaps to each other, but there's still a gap. I want to merge the two to create a single shape.
  14. I need to do this so I can make a pixel layer to add some texture without the various shapes showing lines/edges. I';ve succewssfully done this with the rest of the image as you can see in the attached photo. But those were all single shapes. I made this alien's body in 4 different shapes but I want them completely merged. I thought I could group them and add new pixel layer... but no matter where I place the pixel layer... it's just not right. How do I merge these 4 shapes into 1 shape? Not just group them. I feel like it's an obvious answer....