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  1. Yeah, of course. Sorry, I'm not native speaker, and my English is not perfect. Thank you.
  2. tl;dr: Every macOS app “knows” to move cursor by word w/ Alt modifier. Publisher (Actually, any Affinity app) requires Cmd modifier, which is inconsistent. Actually, this problem applies to every of Affinity apps, but I won't spawn multiple topics. :) Long version of the problem: Whenever I edit texts in text areas in Publisher, I get stuck with inconsistent modifiers. Publisher requires me to NOT use system hotkeys which work literally everywhere. Even worse, sometimes system modifiers work, and sometimes they do not. E. g., in every app except Affinity apps including Publisher: Arrows ←→ move cursor by a symbol, Delete removes a symbol, Alt+arrows move cursor by a word, Alt+Delete removes a word, Cmd+arrows move cursor to the line beginning or end, Cmd+Delete removes anything up to line's beginning or end. This pattern is simple, elegant, memorizable and works everywhere. In Publisher and any other Affinity app: Alt+arrows alter a symbol's kerning, Alt+Delete deletes a word, Cmd+arrows move cursor by word, Cmd+Delete deletes a line. This inconsistency matters a lot to me, because I work with text in many different apps, and I can't adapt to Publisher's hotkeys at all. I believe it's the single most annoying issue for me. I understand that you won't change the default behavior because it copies (flawed) Adobe's hotkeys. However, since many hotkeys in Publisher are now customizable, I ask for an option to assign my own hotkeys for kerning and support system-wide text navigation modifiers.