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    fde101 got a reaction from Chris26 in Suggestion/Query Preview Mode   
    I think you might be seeing a bug:
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    fde101 reacted to MEB in Column and bleed guides   
    Hi Serenak,
    Welcome to Affinity Forums
    Regarding the Bleed, the menu is View ▸ Show Bleed. Columns/gutters are defined going to menu View ▸ Grid Manager as fde101 pointed out.
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    fde101 reacted to Old Bruce in Would like an option to hide system fonts   
    I set up a few sets of fonts in the Mac's Font Book and I can select those fonts in the various Affinity applications. Have to go to the Character Studios though so that is a bit of a poor design.
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    fde101 reacted to AdamW in I need a clean preview   
    Thanks. I’m fairly certain this has been overlooked. I’ll log it.
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    fde101 got a reaction from walt.farrell in Storing Palette With Document   
    That is probably because it is actually an industry-standard term:
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    fde101 got a reaction from ronnyb in A few suggestions   
    The default is actually saved with the page preset.
    If you change it and save a custom preset then switching to that preset will recall the linking/embedding option.
    Given that the option is recalled with the preset, a global preference would not work.
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    fde101 got a reaction from ronnyb in Lack of consistency in menus across all three betas   
    Those would be document windows.
    Thus being panels, which are another type of window - again, this is defined in the Human Interface Guidelines under "Types of Windows":
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    fde101 got a reaction from ronnyb in Lack of consistency in menus across all three betas   
    Not always... 
    For these particular menu sections it might work out, but you really want to keep closely related items grouped together and in a logical order.
    "Apple Color Picker" and "Assistant Manager" are not particularly closely related (logically) to each other or to the other items in the list.  If they happened to fall alphabetically between "Grid and Axis Manager" and ""Guides Manager" I would not want to order them that way because the "Grid and Axis Manager" and the "Guides manager" are much more closely related to each other than to either of those other options.  In this instance it would work out, but not in all cases.
    Also, I'm not sure that "Apple Color Picker" belongs in the "View" menu at all... but looking at the other places it could be, it doesn't really fit anywhere else either.
    The "Studio" submenu should almost certainly be in the "Window" menu not the "View" menu.
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    fde101 reacted to Andy Somerfield in Hair Selection still problematic with new APhoto   
    We are aware of this and are working to improve it before 1.7 ships
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    fde101 reacted to MikeW in setting bleed   
    Well, if people really want to get pedantic, what Affinity applications call crop marks...aren't. They are trim marks.
    Deleted stupid stuff I wouldn't have written if I hadn't had way too much to drink beginning at noon...
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    fde101 reacted to Alfred in setting bleed   
    Me too! 
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    fde101 got a reaction from Alfred in setting bleed   
    ah, got it... I was thinking of where the point, not where the marks themselves are
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    fde101 reacted to Alfred in Font scale using Move Tool   
    Drag on the extra handle just outside the bottom right-hand corner of the selected text frame.
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    fde101 reacted to MEB in Affinity Photo Customer Beta (   
    Hi p_mac,
    That a Finder setting. Go to menu Finder ▸ Preferences and tick the checkbox Show all filename extensions to display the file extensions (.app in the cases of applications).
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    fde101 reacted to RNKLN in Affinity Photo Customer Beta (   
    Is this the place to let the developers know that you really don't like the new icons? 
    And yes, i do like the new functionality offered in 1.7. So thanks very much for that!
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    fde101 reacted to MikeW in Story editor - mandatory   
    QXP's story editor has been around forever... CopyDesk, which is a separate product has been around since QXP 3. CopyDesk is to QuarkXPress as InCopy is to InDesign. They allow, among other things, to edit layouts or parts of layouts for copy-fitting purposes and do not require QXP/ID to operate.
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    fde101 got a reaction from MattP in Affinity Photo Customer Beta (   
    That is current.  Make sure it is in /Applications and was not moved somewhere else as moving it out of /Applications will prevent the beta from finding it.
    Yes, because I am doing that.
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    fde101 reacted to MEB in Edit global color to spot/overprint after saving it to swatches   
    Hi Gigiga,
    Welcome to Affinity Forums
    Currently there's no way to set an existing colour as a spot colour. 
    Hi Kai2,
    Welcome to Affinity Forums
    Same thing here.
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    fde101 reacted to Michail in Preview Symbol   
    Without you, I wouldn't know it is a windshield with a wiper!?
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    fde101 got a reaction from jmwellborn in Arrows on strokes (lines)   
    You can customize it quite a bit using the options on the context toolbar.  Agreed it is not the most optimal solution in the world, and they should eventually get this working on paths, but if the arrows you need are relatively straight, it is still something.

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    fde101 got a reaction from R C-R in Affinity Photo Customer Beta (   
    Not quite true - if you print from the photo beta after sending the document over, you can choose an "n-up" document format and all of the pages can be printed from there, so all of the pages are actually sent to Photo; you just can't switch pages for editing once you are there.
    You wouldn't really need the whole Pages studio panel to fix this - just previous/next page buttons at a convenient place in the interface, maybe a "go to page" menu option, would probably be appropriate?  (ok, showing the current page number you are on would probably be a good idea too...)
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    fde101 reacted to mehmet215 in Affinity Publisher /Table/Cells   
    I want the cells in the table to be divided vertically or diagonally without changing their field. Each cell should be divided into 2 or 3 vs vertically or horizontally. This is of great importance for busy table work.
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    fde101 got a reaction from Lance617 in How add Hyperlink (url) on the text   
    Very important feature, yes, but if it squeaks into 1.8 in order to allow for more thorough debugging and hardening of 1.7 I think at least some of us could live with that...
    The reality of the way this is being developed is that what some people will consider "1.0" will be different from what others will.  The release version of 1.7 will be the first "real" version for a few, 1.8 will for others, etc.
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    fde101 got a reaction from Rich313 in Spot Colors   
    Use the search field toward the bottom of the swatches panel.
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    fde101 got a reaction from Marconl in Embeded link   
    This has come up a few times... hyperlinks are not supported yet.
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