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Hi lovely people. 
and to the serif team, thank you so much for developing this software. 

My name is Adib, a graphic designer and currently reside Penang, Malaysia. Growing up, working and life, I have always been using Adobe software, and I am so accustomed to the illustrator and photoshop, and having Inkscape as my alternative as I really like using something else that is not mainstream. I have been following the development of Affinity software ever since it started, but never thought of jumping right on it straight away. However, I am here now, have been learning and using affinity designer and photo for work for this past few weeks, and hoping that I could get better on it. Nice meeting you all. 

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Hello, I'm Sven, and I have a passion for capturing the charm and grace of our feline friends through my lens. As a dedicated cat photographer, I find joy in immortalizing those precious moments that showcase the unique personalities and beauty of cats.

In my daily work, I rely on Affinity Photo to bring out the best in my photos.

Find me on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kutschers_photography/



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Hello community, my name is Roman and I am using Affinity since version 1 and today I paid for v 2 some time ago.

I must admit that the information about the sale of Affinity to Canva is not positive.
Why is that?

A few years ago I caught Canva and Getty Images trading photos from my portfolio without my permission.
Both companies were offering my portfolio of photos online for sale, selling them and also offering them for free and giving them away completely free.
They kept the profits from the unauthorised sales and are probably still engaged in this activity today.

Over a period of about 2 years, Canva and Getty Images sold approximately 600 photographs from my portfolio without my consent or knowledge.


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As a FIN i find this a bit uncomfortable as we are as nation sorta "keeping it to ourselves" up here in the North xD

I'm reluctant (early) retiree due to severe TBI and i wanted to keep up the skills i had acquired at my daily job. Found Affinity's software as i was searching affordable options for you-know-which-company cut-throat-priced subscription software. Got my v. 1 license in the pandemic sale and have been extremely surprised of sheer quality and snappy function of the Designer. I've found features that are missing compared to industry leading software, of course, but also ways to work around those.

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On 6/10/2014 at 4:05 PM, MattP said:

Hi, I'm Matt Priestley and I'm one of the Affinity developers. I'll try to help out on any topic, but particularly anything relating to tools, views and document drawing as they're the bits I'm mostly responsible for writing.


Feel free to join me and introduce yourself, too! :)

Hi Matt, glad to hear from you. I'm  glad with the great work you and your team are doing with Affinity.
I would like your assistance on this area with Affinity Photo.. I will try my best and explain my concern on how I think more can be done to improve a certain aspect when using Macro. ..
For.. example.. After making a pen selection and converting it to curves...I now have the ability to make selection out it...but the sad part is that when using macro, it doesn't record the action of "Make Selection" out of the path..I have attached an image that shows the little warning box that pops at the upper right corner,

Kindly help on that and see how future improvements can include that capability of (Macro recording the action of make seletion from a path) to speed up editing process.

Select Path recording.jpg

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Hi everyone!

I am Roberto, from Italy.

I say about myself that I am a humanist devoted to information technology (which is the sector in which I work).

I work as a programmer, but for my closest clients, I like to create the little graphics for their own.

For this reason, a few months ago I switched to Photoshop and Photo 2. I'm very happy with it! (except for the font size 😓)

What else can you say about me?

Cyclically I have interests that I cultivate. This is the period of Persia. I always find pieces of myself in it: everything, every person stays with me.

I like the word. I'm an erotomaniac of the word. Written, read, spoken, listened to.

As a boy I played volleyball. Many of my friends come from that world.

Springsteenian (crazy, but not sick). My favorite song is about seeds that didn't bear fruit.

I have an Instagram account that I care a lot about.

Sorry if my pic is missing. But I can't find where to add it 😅

Nice to meet you all!


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I live on Vancouver Island; I have been creating monthly newsletters — 4 pages, legal size — for printing black & white hardcopies and PDFs for web distribution. I bought Adobe InDesign CS and it runs on an old iMac, but I want to get away from Adobe’s subscription vision and find an alternative for my MacBook Pro running macOS 14. I don’t know if Affinity Designer or Publisher can do what I need (or if I would need both of them).

I’m guessing that Designer is similar to Adobe Illustrator and Publisher is similar to Adobe InDesign?

I bought Affinity Publisher when it was recommended by TidBITS (dot com), and I am planning to look at Affinity’s online tutorials 🙂

Edited by Ron Gillmore
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Hi everyone, my name is Udo Baumfalk. I am definitely no photo hero, but I try do generate photos that I or others would like to post in our homes, to look at more than once or to show in a presentation. For that purpose I use also some digital support: GIMP, Photoshop CS6, Affinity Photo 2, special HDR software. In rare instances I also do some photo "refurbishment" for money and give introductory courses in digtal image manipulation.
So, I am looking forward for new insights into AP, explore new options or get new ideas for improving my photos!

My experiences with Affinity Photo so far are quite promising in standard situations. On the other hand I have severe problems in focus stacking - which, to be honest, was the main reason for me to buy AP. Approximately 60% of my stacks are done by AP in a way, that I can't use the result - not even, after some adjustments. When I do the same stacks in PS 6, it takes > twice the time compared to AP, but it gives an acceptable result. Furthermore, the correction options in PS are (at least for me) more user friendly. If possible, I am willing to share my experiences in that area in order to make AP as strong as PS!

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14 hours ago, Ron Gillmore said:

I’m guessing that Designer is similar to Adobe Illustrator and Publisher is similar to Adobe InDesign?

Yes. With the added bonus that you can open Designer files in Publisher and vice versa. And Affinity Photo can open those two file types too and its files can be opened with Publisher and Designer.

Mac Pro (Late 2013) Mac OS 12.7.4 
Affinity Designer 2.4.1 | Affinity Photo 2.4.1 | Affinity Publisher 2.4.1 | Beta versions as they appear.

I have never mastered color management, period, so I cannot help with that.

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