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    Repositioning the grid

    Thanks to fde101 for the reminder that all I have to do to change grid 0,0 position is to drag the upper left corner of the ruler. I'll add that finding the "grid and snapping axis" window was also helpful. I'd gone to that window before, but had not selected "Show axis editing handles". With that selected, I was able to do more fine tuning for my grid. I'm glad to see "Lock Guides" has been added. I was going nuts trying to select an item to move it, and winding up moving a nearby guide line instead. Thanks!
  2. Dear Collective Wisdom, I'm on Affinity Designer beta v1.7.0.4. I installed AD beta v1.7 because one of the new features is a way to re-position the grid. I tried it (it worked! yay!), but now I can't remember how I did it (should've written myself a note). In the attached file, the "0,0" point is in the upper left corner of the art board. However, in this drawing I'd like to put the horizontal "0" point at the center. That'd help me see at a glance whether horizontal lines were winding up where they should. TIA for help refreshing my memory on this. basement next try.afdesign
  3. I had a similar problem. I'm using Affinity Designer customer beta on an iMac. When I selected a text background color by picking a swatch that appeared to be white, it showed up on my monitor as a cream color. After reading the above detailed suggestions (thanks!), most of my settings were the same as the above screen captures. However, I clicked on the menu item File and then selected Document Setup. The first item, Type, was set to Print and in the image above it showed as Web. So I changed mine to Web. That seemed to do the trick. There's another factor here also. I found that the layer I thought was on top, wasn't. That wouldn't affect the background color, but it did affect whether or not the white background color "blotted out" the portion of the element beneath it. Straightening that out helped in another instance.
  4. Thanks for the answers, will work on remembering this. How do I get rid of the pixel mask? Will start from scratch on 2nd floor drawing...
  5. I'm a new-ish Affinity Designer user, and I love it! But I need help sorting out some mysteries, as described below. I've attached my file, "house plat 1st floor". On my house plan, there's an odd section in the upper outline, in the heavier line above and to the right of the label "David's kitchen". What's going on? I tried a couple things to fix it, but was unsuccessful. In some places the heavier outline is straight, and in others it's more "freehand" looking. I'm gradually getting more control over drawing lines, but are there any tips on how to always have straight lines when you want them? And finally... Since the building is bilaterally symmetrical, I drew the rooms on the right side. Then I copied the right side, pasted, flipped the pasted image, and lined it up to match the right side. Voila! Rooms now appear on the left side also. But now I'm getting odd behavior because half of the artboard seems to have cloned itself, which I didn't expect. Is there any way to fix this? I was assuming the artboard was just the workspace, but maybe it's something else? That's enough for now. TIA for any advice. [Note: I worked on this file in the Affinity Designer 1.7 customer beta. I posted these questions here b/c I don't think they're beta-related, but feel free to move the post if I'm mistaken.] house plat 1st floor.afdesign
  6. Aha! Yes, I have purchased and am using Affinity Designer. Rummaged for my original product key, plugged it in, the beta is now up & running. Thanks so much for your help.
  7. Dear MEB, Thanks for the link, I was able to download & install the Designer Customer Beta ( for Mac. However, when I went to open it, I got the following message: "To participate in the beta you need to install Affinity Designer Beta from the Mac App Store, or have a valid product key." The Mac App Store has the regular release, but not the beta. Do I need a product key, and if so, where might I find one? TIA for your assistance.
  8. Hokusai, thank you for mentioning that the function is available in the latest Designer Beta. However, when I look at the website, I see the Publisher Beta but no mention of a Designer Beta. Do you know how I could access & download a Designer beta? TIA for any info.
  9. Thanks for the welcome! It's kind of late tonight to take a photo of the pdf print out, but it looks pretty much like I'd expect, i.e., like the image on the screen. And there's no need to take a picture of the Affinity print out, it's just a completely blank page. And the print preview from Affinity shows a blank page. Will try to follow up on this tomorrow. M.
  10. I'm kinda new to AP and AD (on a Mac), both enthusiastic and also currently frustrated. I'm working on a house layout diagram, in vector mode. I imported an aerial photo of the building, and then on a new layer used the Pen tool to draw the footprint of the house. So far so good. Was able to set the stroke color and thickness. Again, so far so good. Then tried to print... and the lines don't show up *at all* in print preview (or on the actual printed page, if I proceed). I read a suggestion to try exporting to PDF and then printing, and that worked, but that's going to be cumbersome if I have to do it every time. TIA for any help in solving this mystery. P.S. Ignore the wonky placement of the guidelines, etc. That all happened when I changed ruler units of measurement. I can fix that later, just want to know why my lines are going invisible. house layout.afdesign
  11. I also am eagerly awaiting this feature. Went looking for it today in Affinity Designer and was surprised it didn't seem to be there.