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Default location for Save As (and Export)

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First: Affinit Designer is really great - thanks to the Affinity team! (Former-time Corel user, then Inkscape, now switched to Affinity due to CMYK and better color management)


My request:

I often use Save-As to generate numbered versions of files (as backups, and so that when I discuss them with a client, we can refer to which version we are talking about). In the Save As dialog, it appears that AD defaults to the folder where I last saved anything. This is very tricky when working on files that lie in different folders. To me, the current behaviour is somehow unexpected, and I often accidentially store files in the wrong project's folder.


The same happens when exporting, to PDF for instance.


I can imagine that people might want to always export all PDFs to a certain folder no matter where the curent file is, so maybe we should also consider this use-case.


My suggestion is:

1.) Save As: Default to the folder where the current file lies.

2.) Export (pdf etc, but also for palettes): Default to the folder where I last exported the respective file type when the current document was open.


(Maybe its not a good idea to store file paths in documents (like the export paths necessary for 2.). For me, it would be ok if this only works for the last, say, 30 files I worked on, so it could be stored somewhere in the application options storage, not in the document files.)


Would this cover all use-cases?




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+1 from me aswell! I felt there was something fishy with the saving location, but I wanted to make sure it is the case before I make a report about it! 

What you suggest, is indeed the intuitive-expected behavior so you totally nailed it!

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Like p10n said, it was really great, if Affinity go to:

  1. the folder, where the file is saved by clicking on SAVE AS
  2. the last export folder, by export with STRG+ALT+SHIFT+S

And additionaly the possibility to set different save path for the slices and store it in the affinity files.

At this moment, i must navigate through my complete folder structur, when

  • save a file (save or save as)
  • export file
  • export slice

and because the behavior with this 'save as' problem i save many files in the wrong location. After that i begin to search the project files, because the path is not shown under recent files and i can't get the path with the 'save as' option.


In the Affinity Photo i missed the option to export multiple layers with the document size. When i creat slices from the layers, they will have the layer size. And if i export the background slice, i must export it for every layer individually. Or i must resize every slice to fit the document size.


This is a really bad behavior and cost much time. It is a really good software but this is much better at Adobe Photoshop


Some other Things:

Is it possible to copy effects from one layer to another?

Is there an option for layer composition (in german 'Ebenenkomposition' in Photoshop)? 







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Yes, more options for the directories (defaults, as common defaults) are needed. 


- Save Affinity file to same location as the opened file by default, unless otherwise pointed elsewhere.

- Export file to same location as the opened file, unless pointed elsewhere.

- Remember different Export and Save As -directories per file opened (file from C: doesn't get offered being saved where file from D: got opened)



It would be nice to be able just unpack package full of image files, open to Affinity Photo and save file and get it saved to "Affinity" directory after pointing in first save time. Then get export as well saved to "Export" directory after pointing the first time there.


It would speed up the processing multiple files in same directory (detect the directory path is it same as "Session" or is it as "Project".



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Yes, this also sounds very reasonable.

I very often need to use the "expose in Finder" menu just to get my working folder so that I can drag it into the file-save dialog. (BTW, most Mac apps show the current folder when you right-click on the icon in the title bar - this would also be a useful thing that Affinity apps are currently lacking).

I think we all agree that the current behavior is only useful in a minority of usecases, and it is at least unusual compared to most other apps. Pity, because I really love the Affinity apps for most other respects.

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I just purchased Affinity Photo as a replacement for Photoshop. 


This issue is the first one I ran into, and it's VERY frustrating when dealing with deep/intricate folder structures.


Does the development team monitor these forums at all?

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+1000 also...

I often work on several projects in parallel, or complex projects (in terms of file organization).

So, several Affinity documents to export, each in a different folder...

It would be nice to distinguish (as paristo said) :

  • Save As = Open Affinity Document Folder
  • Export Slices = an export folder, specific to the current document - and memorized from one time to the next
  • Option: to be able to choose that some slices are in specific folders (ex: pdf in one file, png in another, HighDef in one, LowDef in another ...

This is probably the most frustrating feature of Affinity (maybe the only one ...)

I hope...

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This issue has been ignored for a long time. It is ridiculous. This was brought up years ago!

Make it an option. It takes several hours--if that, and if not, I would be very concerned with your software design practices--for a developer.

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