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  1. I've seen a lot of posts about this for Designer, but I only have AP. And there doesn't seem to be a draw tool in AP. Just want to enter text on a curve. Can someone offer suggestions? Thanks!
  2. Steel Rat

    Inverted Cog?

    I'm sensing come cognitive dissonance. But seriously folks. Thanks for the suggestions. I should have mentioned that i' using Affinity Photo, don't have designer. So I don't have the Compound option on the Layer menu. I think to Cog and donut combo will work, though. Just need to figure out how to combine them so they share styles and such.
  3. Steel Rat

    Inverted Cog?

    Thanks for the reply. Any idea how one would do that?
  4. Hello All, I've been playing around with the cog tool, and I'm trying to figure out a way to create a cog with the teeth on the inside. Anything obvious I might be missing?
  5. Steel Rat

    Crop default

    I second this! Very tedious having to constantly re-configure the tools you use all the time.
  6. I just purchased Affinity Photo as a replacement for Photoshop. This issue is the first one I ran into, and it's VERY frustrating when dealing with deep/intricate folder structures. Does the development team monitor these forums at all?