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  1. If you find one, please please let us know! Twitter poll version here: https://www.robgee.co.uk/ ask them by commenting on posts on facebook? https://www.facebook.com/affinitybyserif
  2. Ok - Understood - I agree with Samuli's comments - Default Folder is a clunky workaround that doesn't really do the job and it needs to screen record to render it's GUI correctly?!? Serif just need to prioritise a mod to the Save and export Code, push it to all 3 apps and we will all be smiling in our current working folders :0)
  3. I think most people who use this forum know how to create folder and structure their files to their liking. ( I don't think you even need to be creative to do that. ) Most GUI editors (of text, image or audio etc) out there will by default give the option to save any derivative or exported file in the same folder as the source file currently open. Even MS office does it on a mac! Its basic usability. Don't make the user do stuff if they don't need to... ..and if the user does want to save elsewhere, then there are all your fine time-saving suggestions above 🙂 The point of this
  4. Oh for a "Same as source" button - What about a new open source branch?
  5. Thanks @dominik - Those select options are great 🙂 Did the trick nicely
  6. Excellent - Installing latest Beta version now🙂 Will let you know 🙂 And Thanks!
  7. I notice that I can't expand the stroke (create a shape from the outline) of different groups of objects, even when all selected. I have over 100 groups of items and need them all to be grouped again after the Expand function has completed. doing it manually would take an age. Any ideas folks?
  8. I have asked them about it on their Facebook Group - Commenting on their posts is the only way to do it: https://www.facebook.com/affinitybyserif and on their twitter: https://twitter.com/affinitybyserif If we keep asking about it then they might move it up their to-do list?
  9. Ouch indeed - I hadn't realised this simple request had been over four years in the asking.
  10. It looks like it might do the job - I will look at the trial properly 🙂 Though at £33 / $35 - that's more than half the price of Designer!
  11. Thanks for that, but am I right in my thinking that if I "export" or "save as" a file that was loaded from a source file in folder XYZ, DefaultFolderX would not automatically default to save it in folder XYZ. This solution is no faster than my current work around of always keeping a finder window open in the current working folder and dragging a folder from Finder cmd+Tab into the affinity save dialogue to select the what-should-be-default-anyway destination folder. If any new file of any format is loaded from XYZ folder, then XYZ has be the current default folder for all saves and Export
  12. Well with version 1.8.6 I was hoping to finally see a save / save as default or dialogue to be in line with the behaviour of the default OS savr as Dialoge used by MOST OTHER APPS ON THE PLANET. No such luck.. Affinity is useful, I like it, but everytime I finish my session (by saving/exporting obvs) it ends with a "I can believe I have to navigate the same folder EVERY F* * * * * * * TIME" *Sigh*
  13. Speculation time... Is the file management code all their own? I know nothing of their software development setup. Wood
  14. Ah thank you! I did search beforehand for other threads, but apparently not well enough! - Thanks J_L
  15. Hello all - Recently moved form ID to A Pub and am enjoying things 🙂 Having a question about ruler scales - With Measurements set to mm, my rulers are showing divisions of 4 and not 5/10? (The orange dot shows the cursor position to avoid any confusion about ruler lines.) Im on v1.8.4 on Mac.
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