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  1. Ah!, ok!, thanks!, now understand the workflow concept
  2. When I edit a .afphoto in master page linked in publisher and back to Publisher, only appears the first page created... And need to close de the app to recover file, but doesn't save the modification I attached capture: Left image: The original file Right image: When edit persona photo and back...
  3. Developers!!!, we need this action tool or similar, is very necessary for good workflow on AD!!.
  4. Guillermo Forte

    Affinity Publisher (1.7) Launch Announcement

    I hope that adobe doesn't come with money to Serif to buy it ... Like Macromedia
  5. Guillermo Forte

    AP Crash on iPad

  6. Guillermo Forte

    AP Crash on iPad

    You can download the file here. https://we.tl/t-OfHeZ6hu7C ¡Thanks for everything!
  7. Guillermo Forte

    AP Crash on iPad

    Hi, Chris, yes i will upload by Wetransfer and share, thanks!!!
  8. Guillermo Forte

    Mac App Store vs Affinity direct?

    I cancel today my pre-order, I prefer purchase by AppStore... it's only 6€ expensive.
  9. Guillermo Forte

    Affinity Designer for MacOS - 1.7.1

    Es raro lo que te pasa, yo he comprobado que en la última versión vaya bien, yo tengo la 1.7.1 de Mac..
  10. Guillermo Forte

    AP Crash on iPad

    Hi tested the apps in fully performance versus Adobe PS.. File size: 559mb 2.000x500mm 600pp RGB (plotter bus) I tested to open this file by iCloud and the app crash immediately... In the desktop app open and work without problem (more slow than adobe PS but I have work...)
  11. With the pre-order, Could I will download the app in the AppStore with a code o something? Thanks PD: Sorry by my English.
  12. Pre-order done! Yaaaas!, thanks Affinity!