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  1. TimoGElhard

    Font Missing

    Now i have deleted all fonts (not the windows default) and added the required fonts with a font-manager and i think it works. Maybe some of the installed fonts creates the problem, I dont know.
  2. TimoGElhard

    Font Missing

    The Steps from the microsoft forum i have done before but that does not help. Hello Thomaso, i dont know on which platform you are working. But on windows 10 my affinity do not have this button in the latest version. I only have five buttons there.
  3. Hi, i have a fresh windows 10 installation and some fonts ar missing in all affinity applications (photo, designer, publisher). For example "Open Sans" not shown in the applications. The font is installed on windows and can be selected in other programs like word or gimp. I have deleted the windows font cache and restart the pc but nothing changes. On my laptop the font is shown in affinity. I have copied the font files from my laptop and installed it on the pc, same issue. I have restarted affinity after every system change but nothing happens. Can i delete the affinity font cache somewhere. I have installed the latest versions from affinity products. I cannot find any option in the preferences. Regards, Timo
  4. Like p10n said, it was really great, if Affinity go to: the folder, where the file is saved by clicking on SAVE AS the last export folder, by export with STRG+ALT+SHIFT+S And additionaly the possibility to set different save path for the slices and store it in the affinity files. At this moment, i must navigate through my complete folder structur, when save a file (save or save as) export file export slice and because the behavior with this 'save as' problem i save many files in the wrong location. After that i begin to search the project files, because the path is not shown under recent files and i can't get the path with the 'save as' option. In the Affinity Photo i missed the option to export multiple layers with the document size. When i creat slices from the layers, they will have the layer size. And if i export the background slice, i must export it for every layer individually. Or i must resize every slice to fit the document size. This is a really bad behavior and cost much time. It is a really good software but this is much better at Adobe Photoshop Some other Things: Is it possible to copy effects from one layer to another? Is there an option for layer composition (in german 'Ebenenkomposition' in Photoshop)? Best, Timo

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