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  1. The laptop is set on 300% and the desktop is set on 175%. Both are running Windows 10 Pro.
  2. I've written code professionally for more than 20 years. I know that it is not a big deal; but if it is, then your code and design might be a nightmare...
  3. I'm using Windows 10. However, neither system I've tested in (a laptop and a desktop) is attached to a second monitor. It is true though that as I'm using 4K displays both on the laptop and the desktop, I'm using Windows scaling (Windows' Scale and Layout settings). I've changed the Scale and Layout setting to 100% and the Color Picker magnifier shows the correct image snapshot.
  4. I have installed the latest Wacom driver and the problem seems to be fixed now. I know that you, Affinity, might think that you can move on now on this particular issue as you might conclude that it was Wacom's fault. However, please consider that Photo's relationship with Wacom driver is too brittle, as these kinds of issues are not reproducible with other pen-supported applications. Thank you.
  5. I didn't realize that this is not supported; the visual indicator for drag and drop does not use a "not possible" icon when trying to drop into these pannels. It is kind of strange, that this drag and drop is not supported as it is very easy to implement and considering that today's year is 2019. From a requirements standpoint, having missing this one is considered a strong dissatisfier (you might want to forward this to your product managers), as it is expected to be there, more like one would expect to have a washroom in a hotel room...
  6. I'm using Affinity Photo 1.7.1 and I'm trying to do drag and drop into the panels that are processing multiple files: Panorama, Stack, HDR Merge, Focus Merge, Batch Job. The drag and drop action fails to show the files in the destination panel.
  7. The affinity color picker shows the wrong color selection snapshot. See the image attached. I've reproduced this one on two different computers. Click to select a color works, but as soon as we drag the mouse or the pen, the faulty behavior is visible.
  8. So, is there anybody from Affinity that acknowledges this problem?
  9. @Gnobelix, I have tried already that, it does not have any impact.
  10. @Ron P. Thank you, Ron. Disabling the Windows Ink Workspace is not doing anything useful to resolve my problem. I tried the pen in MediBang PaintPro, which has a similar feature of resizing the brush, and it is working perfectly there; the color picker is working fine here too. I also tried Krita, and the color picker is working fine there as well. I tried the pen with color picker tools with many other graphical applications and they are doing just fine. In Affinity Photo, the color picker is working if I'm doing a simple click. If I let the color picker to enter in the zoom mode, I can see a snapshot that it is from a totally different image area. Affinity Photo is using Windows Ink as a virtual layer. The same for MediBang PaintPro. One is working correctly, and the other one is not. The pen used to work correctly a while ago in the Affinity 1.7 Beta; I've checked it out...
  11. Sorry for my answer... That was not very gracious of me. I appreciate that you tried to replicate the issue, but what is happening on one system might not happen on another one. That is why the classic developer's excuse, "it's not a defect, it is working on my machine" does not stand up in a respectable software development environment.
  12. Thank you Ron. It's great that you have sun above your house, but mine is still under dark clouds. AKA, your post is not very helpful.
  13. The brush size/hardness control is not working on Affinity 1.7 by using the Wacom pen (similar to using Alt+Mouse_RC+Mouse_LC). I already reinstalled the Wacom drivers after uninstalling and removing all the settings and registry keys. I have the following configuration: Affinity Photo - latest version Wacom drivers 6.3.34-3 - latest version Windows 10 64 bit on Lenovo Yoga 920 Moreover, Drag+Alt to pick a color is way off, both while using a pen or a mouse; the color picker magnifier shows snapshots from a different area of the image.
  14. Given that the 1.7 beta seems to take forever when will Sherif release an Affinity Photo update for 1.6 Windows containing RAW file support for new cameras?
  15. iBaloo42

    Problem with macro

    The macros environment seems to have been implemented to satisfy a marketing checkmark ("yes, we have it"). Unfortunately, by the struggle of the Affinity development team to avoid breaking everything while writing new code (they have a serious quality problem), I would keep my hopes very low when it comes to expecting for new meaningful features...