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  1. Given that the 1.7 beta seems to take forever when will Sherif release an Affinity Photo update for 1.6 Windows containing RAW file support for new cameras?
  2. iBaloo42

    Problem with macro

    The macros environment seems to have been implemented to satisfy a marketing checkmark ("yes, we have it"). Unfortunately, by the struggle of the Affinity development team to avoid breaking everything while writing new code (they have a serious quality problem), I would keep my hopes very low when it comes to expecting for new meaningful features...
  3. I don't think that this feature is open for end users, by reading this post. And, no, the Xcode JSON jargon should not leak at all in the GUI. It is OK to describe in the help/documentation that the builders can be extended by end-users by using Xcode JSON, and it should provide proper instruction of how, where these JSON files are stored, etc., but only, and only if the JSON-based extension is open for use by an end-user. Otherwise, the builder should have had just these three options, Apple, OSX, iOS and the help should have explained the expected outcome if any of these three options are selected. This is a rushed hack.
  4. Thank you Walt. On #2: keeping the aspect ratio, when I'm about to export, makes common sense to be the default behavior. On #3: I knew what the help is saying about the "Xcode JSON". However, it is a very un-helpful description; the help is saying to me that "just ignore this, don't worry about this strange thing, it is just a provisionally created for our GUI developers", which is also very unprofessional when it comes to software development as it leaks developer lingo ("Xcode JSON", really????) to end-users. This feature is still just a geeky hack unless becomes better described and open for end-users to define their own "Xcode JSON" based builder extensions.
  5. I might be considered as being mean spirited, but it seems to me that the whole Export persona in Affinity Photo is half baked. 1. Why there is no support in the Slice tool for predefined format factors? You already have nice support for predefined and custom modes in the cropping tool. 2. Is there any help of how the "Size scaling" can be used besides using a multiplier for size? For example, I would like to instruct to fit the slice to a predefined size (1920x1080, 640x480, etc.). Moreover, I would add this option to export with fitting to predefined size in the "Export Presets". 3. What is that Builder thing in the Slice Export Options? The way is implemented now, looks like a hack to some requirements that you might have had.
  6. This issue has been ignored for a long time. It is ridiculous. This was brought up years ago! Make it an option. It takes several hours--if that, and if not, I would be very concerned with your software design practices--for a developer.
  7. This issue has been ignored for a long time. It is ridiculous. This was brought up years ago towards Affinity Photo! Make it an option. It takes several hours--if that, and if not, I would be very concerned with your software design practices--for a developer.
  8. I've uninstalled all the Wacom and Huion drivers with Wise Program Uninstaller and removed any file and registry residuals. I have also searched and removed any registry keys related to these drivers. I have rebooted the system and installed the Wacom driver. I have rebooted again. The Wacom pen is not working in Photo 1.6, but it is working properly in 1.7 (beta) So, on my system (Lenovo Yoga 920 with Windows 10), Affinity Photo 1.6 is not working with drawing tablets, but it seems that everything is going to be OK on the upcoming 1.7 release. You can consider this issue as closed, from my standpoint.
  9. So, I did more tests. Wacom PTH660 and Intuos Draw CTL 490 behave the same on Photo 1.6 and the 1.7 (beta), the pen's right click is not captured for the alt+rc+lc combination. These Wacom tablets are failing on this test (both tablets are using the same Wacom driver, Wacom's latest). The Tablet HUION Inspiroy Q11K V2 is fully rejected by 1.6; however, it works excellent in 1.7 (beta), being able to resize the brush, being very precise with the GUI sliders used in the adjustment layers, including very precise control of manipulating the curve points in the Curves Adjustment Layer. There is a bug in 1.7 though, the option that should toggle off the pen pressure support (Force pressure to control size) is not working.
  10. I meant that regardless of the combination I'm using, there are only six and I tested them all, I don't get it to resize the brush.
  11. The order of actions does not matter, I still cannot get it to do what I can do with the mouse.
  12. Actually, there are many more issues with using the pen in Affinity on Windows. You should see me trying to chase the points on the Curves adjustment filter. Or trying to get sliders on any adjustment tools to move the needle. The problems are not related to the Wacom tablet driver, but with the way Affinity is handling Windows Ink. I had the same problems with a Huion and a Monoprice tablet. For comparison, I have played around with the Krita and Medibang, where the pen support is smooth. Regards, Iulian
  13. Hi @GabrielM, I did that, both by using the ALT key from the keyboard, and from an ExpressKey assigned to the tablet. The action that Affinity is selecting is Color Picker. It behaves like the right-click button from the pen is being ignored by Affinity on the brush mode. To be more specific, I'm running on Windows 10 Pro. Regards, Iulian
  14. The brush size/hardness control is working on Affinity by using Alt+Mouse_RC+Mouse_LC. However, there is no way of doing the same thing using a tablet pen (tested with Wacom Intuos Pro). I should be able to do this very easy, similarly as demonstrated in this video with Photoshop. This issue is reproducible in the beta release 1.7 as well.
  15. It is not greyed out. I'm using the latest Affinity version on Windows 64bit.