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  1. @Phil_rose: my "move on" represents my own loss of hope in Serif to do anything that EXISTING customers are asking (they are doing only things that are bringing in new customers, as they don't have a "renewal" revenue stream). I moved on. I simply assumed that you've read through this thread and that you've got your own flavor of bad taste; I didn't mean to be patronizing, but I was genuinely trying to help you by pointing towards iMatch. I'll follow @JoJu, and unsubscribe from this thread.
  2. @Phil_rose Why this aggressive tone? Anyway, you don't have to answer.
  3. @Phil_rose Just move on. I see that you like Windows 10. Buy iMatch and forget about Serif's DAM, which will never happen, or if it will, it would cost money anyway.
  4. There is no technical difficulty associated with this issue. We should not waste our time to diagnose and propose a solution. Any junior software engineer would be able to fix this BUG in no time.
  5. @roadie Serif's behavior is tied to their business model "get them in, then lock the door"; we, the existing customers, are trapped lobsters . On Serif's business model, existing customers have practically no weight into their prioritization process; we are "locked in" already... A good enhancement request, from their standpoint, is a good lobster lure/bait. If an enhancement request is not helping adding (trapping) new customers then it has zero weight on their priority list. Just browse the various topics in this forum, and you'll find more common-sense features, which any other software product have, and which are totally ignored by Serif.
  6. I tested this one on my laptop with the beta version, and it is not reproducible anymore.
  7. Hi Chris, Is there any update on fixing this one? I bet that these days there are many people using 4K-capable displays on relatively small size screens for this resolution, thus, required to use Windows scaling settings above 100%...
  8. I totally agree. Until now, they moved to deliver new products, while pseudo-abandoning the ones that they released; for example, I don't see any new innovation in the Photo application, which is still missing some ridiculous simple features that are practically expected from any application (e.g., exporting folder should be by default the one where the affinity file resides, multi-file based projects should allow drag and drop from a file browser. Based on Sherif's business practices, they would deliver a DAM that is pretty good as a minimum sealable product, with a lot of missing features, then they would throw it on the back burner like they did until now with the existing products.
  9. Serif is a for-profit business; they have to generate revenue. Low pricing and free upgrades for products that are very good are attracting new buyers. However, followup releases delivered as free upgrades are marginally generating new revenue. So, for them in order to create new sources of revenue, it is paramount to create new products; creating new products requires substantial effort in this process, they are sacrificing resources towards already released products. Of course, with this business approach, many core/common-sense features or assumed promises for their already released products are being sacrificed. Topaz is also selling their products with perpetually free upgrades, but I never felt being shortchanged by them; Sherif should take some effort to understand why they are failing where Topaz is succeeding...
  10. @Patrick Connor, thank you for maintaining civility in this forum; people should not attack each other on a personal level. For the completeness of Serif forum’s reason for existence, I would also add that Serif’s forums are also vehicles for people to get some help from Serif’s staff and other forum members. I think that Sherif’s customers have currently two main options related to their DAM needs: 1. Wait (indefinitely) until Serif implements a DAM product/component. 2. Use an existing non-Serif solution that satisfies your needs. If you don’t need a good DAM right now, wait (indefinitely) until Serif delivers one (I think that they will eventually implement a serious DAM). However, expect to pay for it if/when Sherif will do a real DAM; doing a serious DAM, which is not a simple library like the one that Skylum did for their Luminar, will require serious efforts and costs for Sherif... If you need now a DAM, use XnView if your needs can be addressed with file/folder-based structures; otherwise, buy an existing mature and capable DAM product that satisfies your more complex needs. Based on my experience and after trying many of them, if you need a complex and mature DAM on Windows, I strongly recommend iMatch (I’ve used it for about two years).
  11. @tnargs: I disagree, my friend. Announced plans to potential customers are always interpreted by them as a promise of future value that they will obtain if they buy NOW the product, especially for free-upgrades products. I work in the software industry, and we are banning our customer-facing people, especially sales personnel, to use phrasing like the ones that MEB used. This kind of verbiage is so bad, that customers can take to court vendors that are using such verbal lures for large $$ deals.
  12. @tnargs: On the second posting of this very thread MEB, which is part of the staff, posted the message below.
  13. You could have thrown in the drag and drop support for Stack, Merge, and all the other multi-file operations. As I've mentioned before, this is so easy to implement and sooooooooooo annoying of not having it when I have to create a new project based on multiple files.
  14. @BLamb I dropped Photo Supreme; it is very modern looking and intuitively designed. However, it had serious problems with the feature of grouping files, and one of the most essential features in a DAM is the "versioning" (a form of grouping related files), which was lacking. I moved to iMatch, which is not that fancy from a usability standpoint, but it is the real deal when it comes to DAM; I would say that this is the only actual DAM application available on the market. iMatch does have an import operation from Lightroom, but I didn't try it. I'd suggest giving iMatch a try, and I would drop my hopes that Affinity would make a real DAM application any time soon. Maybe they will do something simple, call it "library" and package it for free with the Affinity products, as Luminar did. However, if Affinity would pursue doing a real DAM, it would be costly from a development standpoint, and if they will ever come to the point of completing and releasing a real DAM they would not give it away for free, as part of their main products, anyway.
  15. The laptop is set on 300% and the desktop is set on 175%. Both are running Windows 10 Pro.
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