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  1. Same here... panning with the spacebar is also a must for a keyboard work flow. And I know what you mean about the iPad version... it took them a long time to even add some basic keyboard shortcuts.
  2. Could someone explain why this is still missing from the shortcuts options? Is it complicated to bind the Delete key on the keyboard to the delete an object function? Any explanation would be great, otherwise this is just absurd! The iPad OS becomes more and more powerful with each update and I like using my iPad at home with a keyboard and I can’t understand why some app developers are so stubborn to ignore this fact and why they keep pushing towards only to the touch controls.
  3. This one is driving me crazy! Here we are, like 3 month later and this shit still can't be disabled by default! How many people do their spelling check in the editing app?? Let me answer that for you: ZERO! Another thing that drives me nuts: being able to set the rounded corners radius of a rounded rectangle numerically. This is very important in UI design where there are no guessing games and everything has to be pixel perfect. I would like to continue my UI design work at home on my iPad but it is a really terrible workflow. It might me great for illustrators but not for UI designers. I
  4. +1000 This would be a huge help in my work flow as a UI designer and I'm sure I'm not the only one using multiple files open at the same time on a big display.
  5. Yes, yes and yes... Adobe has raised the bar with the Illustrator for the iPad. I'm really curios to see how Serif will respond. The iPad version of Designer has been pretty stale in the last year or so.
  6. I couldn't have said it better myself! I keep trying to only use AD as my main vector tool but there are still a lot of basic things like proper stroke width tool and others than makes me keep jumping to Illustrator again and again. It's like they keep adding these useless features and ignore basic functions of a productive vector tool. How can professionals do the switch when their workflow suffers and time is wasted using all kinds of workarounds to get things done?
  7. Thanks for the info, Walt! Hopefully they will read and take into consideration some of our requests.
  8. Any feedback from the serif team would be awesome! I use this feature all the time in Illustrator and Photoshop so it would be very useful to get it in AD as well.
  9. Hey guys... any updates on this? I use AD for UI design and it's insane to log each time I select and deselect a layer. An option for this could be really helpful!
  10. Still having the same problem in latest stable version This drives me insane!!! Is there something I should do after the 1.8.3 update? I see people saying this has been solved but I still experience the problem even after the latest update. Just holding Shift and drag in the same artboard works... but if I hold Ctrl+Shift+drag and want to add additional elements to the selection from a different artboard it doesn't work. Any help would be great. Thanks!
  11. +100000 An upgrade to the Swatches Panel would be awesome!
  12. This happens to me as well sometimes but only on my home laptop and never at work. Running the same Windows 10 version (the most recent one 1909) on both and basically the same software. I thought it was a problem only on my end but it seems it is no. I think the problem here is that you can't reproduce this issue at will.. it just happens with no apparent reason and the only way to solve it by closing Affinity Designer and open it again. Hopefully it gets solved at some point!
  13. I've already tried that with either the Bucket Tool in the Pixel Persona or the Fill Tool in the Designer persona and yes, it fills the pixel layer but it's not borderless like the Fill Layer. It's a layer the size of all the further away artboards, technically the size of the canvas, which is pretty weird now that I mentioned it. It should be the size of the artboard where the pixel layer exists.
  14. Thank you for the explanation, Walt! But it's still weird to have a type of layer like Fill imported from Photoshop but at the same time without the possibility to create one yourself in Affinity Designer. Since Designer is mainly a vector creation tool, my suggestion would be to convert the Photoshop Fill layer to a vector rectangle the size of the canvas/artboard because it would make the most sense in my view.
  15. The funny thing is that when you import a PSD file with a fill layer it will get imported as a fill layer in Affinity Designer as well which is a borderless layer just like in Photoshop. So something's fishy around here! Any explanations for this weird phenomenon?
  16. Hi @stokerg thanks for the quick reply! It would be great if you add support for the Delete key and the ability to enter numeric values in places like the transformation panel. I'm guessing this is not very difficult. I know there's no Delete key on the Apple keyboard but it's present on all the other 3rd party keyboards or you could just map the Backspace key to delete objects on the canvas. And oh yeah, panning with the Spacebar so I wouldn't have to touch the screen with the fingers that much. I really hate all those finger smudges on the screen
  17. Hey guys, I’ve been doing some client work on the iPad version of Designer to see if I can get a decent workflow and I’m using a wireless Logitech keyboard to boost my productivity, but unfortunately some important functions like Delete are not mapped on the external keyboard. Also when I try to enter number values into number fields like Width or Height I get (null) instead of the actual number typed in. Is this normal and if yes, why? Also are there any plans to bring customizable keyboard shortcuts to the iPad products? This would be a huge thing since more and more designers are
  18. I second, second that! We need an option to disable that annoying spellchecker globally otherwise we have to disable it on every session which makes no sense! I don’t know any designer ever using the spellchecker in a design app. Copy is always written separately and corrected before it gets to the designer so it’s definitely not our job to spellcheck and language proof the text.
  19. Exactly! I thought I was the only nut bothered by the accidental CTRL+drag duplications. I would suggest just to keep ALT for duplicating just as the same default in other software.
  20. Thanks for the tip Hick! I was using the Brush tool where there's no Use Fill option. And yeah, hope to see the auto-close path in the upcoming releases.
  21. +1000 This one is a must for any illustrator! Not sure why it's not working like that by default. And we should be able to draw with the pencil/brush tool using a fill and should work something like the paint roll tool in the Paper app:
  22. Hey guys, first I want to congratulate the Affinity for all the progress they've achieved all these years. You made such incredible progress with such a small team, regardless of your pricing model compared to the other A-team. So compliments aside, I was really blown away by the StudioLink feature and since I don't work in publishing, this could still be really handy for my workflow while working in Designer and instead switching to the Pixel Persona, just switch to the Affinity Photo module/persona (if it's installed of course), which is a lot more powerful than the old Pixel Persona.
  23. Works fine for me, both Ctrl and Alt + Drag. Windows 10 1809.
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