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  1. @DM1The fanboyism on this forum is mind-blowing! I haven't come here to argue with people and I don't understand why comment at all if there's no value in your comment. There's already such a feature request several years old, but again, Serif knows what's better for the user just like when they removed the delete button from the v2 app and were forced to bring back by the pressure of the users. @Paul Mudditt I'm using AD to work on UI so the export dialog is useless to me when I have hundreds of artboards which some need to be exported in several dimensions. Maybe most iPad users would use the export persona more often if it would be on par with the desktop version. I don't think I'm requesting something impossible here.
  2. My friend… I appreciate you reply but have you actual read my post? I know where the bloody Export persona is. The problem is that the bloody Export persona on the iPad is a piss in the ocean compared to the desktop app and I don’t understand why since the iPad is more than capable of handling this. And when I do have the custom export settings from the desktop app, I get this notice in the Export persona on the iPad “*This slice has additional custom export options est on it, editing will remove these custom options”. So yeah, am I missing something here?
  3. I’m trying to jump from my desktop AD v2 to the iPad version and while most of the functionality is there, I’m missing a crucial part which is the advanced export settings in the Export Persona. Is there a way to activate those on the iPad as well? Also, why are they missing in the first place? I was hoping this would not be a problem in v2 but I was wrong. Does anyone know anything about this matter? Thanks! UPDATE The problem is that the bloody Export persona on the iPad is a piss in the ocean compared to the desktop app and I don’t understand why since the iPad is more than capable of handling this. You can’t even set a custom size for the image you’re exporting which is nuts! And when I do have the custom export settings from the desktop app, I get this notice in the Export persona on the iPad “*This slice has additional custom export options est on it, editing will remove these custom options”. So yeah, am I missing something here?
  4. +3 this! Come one Serif, this has been asked for such a long time.
  5. Tell me about it! It drives me nuts! And no, it works the same way in version 2. At least they could give us an option in the settings to disable this stupid thing. Not sure why the developers are so hardheaded!?
  6. I can confirm this and is driving me nuts! A temporary fix is to switch the color palette to a different one and then switch back to the one you're using. Hope it gets fixed in the next update!
  7. It works the same in Windows but you didn't seem to understand the issue here or the requested feature. Please read again the first post and my comments above.
  8. Any new on this issue? It's 2022, February and we still have the same problem in the latest AD and it's really annoying!
  9. Hey guys, here's my latest Affinity Designer masterpiece! Took me a few month to get all the icons done, but in the end, the result was worth it. What's this all about, you may ask? It is a minimalist icon pack designed in a retro style that works perfectly on your Windows taskbar or Dock. As you can see from the preview, the main idea is to use generic icons for various app categories without using specific app logos or icons (with some exceptions like the Browsers, Adobe Suite, Affinity Apps and Microsoft Office). Instead, the icons illustrate the actual purpose of the app using familiar design elements. For example, if you're a content creator, you will find different creative icons for your video or music editing apps. The same goes for gaming, where you have a bunch of icons for your gaming platforms to choose from. The icon pack currently includes the following app categories: Internet Browsers, File Managers, Audio Players, Video Players, DJ-ing Apps, Email Apps, Adobe Suite, Affinity Suite, Microsoft Office, Painting Apps, Vector Apps, 3D Apps, Video Editors, Music Production Apps, Code Editors, IM Apps, Gaming Platforms, Torrent Apps, Image Viewers, Calendar Apps, FTP Clients, Archiving Apps, Notes-ToDo Apps, Book Readers, Trading Apps, and Windows System Apps (Task Manager, Terminal, Calculator, Notepad, Settings). You can download a demo of the icon pack on deviantArt or get the full version on gumroad. Enjoy
  10. Same here... panning with the spacebar is also a must for a keyboard work flow. And I know what you mean about the iPad version... it took them a long time to even add some basic keyboard shortcuts.
  11. Could someone explain why this is still missing from the shortcuts options? Is it complicated to bind the Delete key on the keyboard to the delete an object function? Any explanation would be great, otherwise this is just absurd! The iPad OS becomes more and more powerful with each update and I like using my iPad at home with a keyboard and I can’t understand why some app developers are so stubborn to ignore this fact and why they keep pushing towards only to the touch controls.
  12. This one is driving me crazy! Here we are, like 3 month later and this shit still can't be disabled by default! How many people do their spelling check in the editing app?? Let me answer that for you: ZERO! Another thing that drives me nuts: being able to set the rounded corners radius of a rounded rectangle numerically. This is very important in UI design where there are no guessing games and everything has to be pixel perfect. I would like to continue my UI design work at home on my iPad but it is a really terrible workflow. It might me great for illustrators but not for UI designers. It would be great if the iPad could support a proper arrow mouse cursor and have an option to toggle between the desktop or the mobile UI in Affinity Designer. And since you already have the desktop app working on the M1 Macs, this might be possible.
  13. +1000 This would be a huge help in my work flow as a UI designer and I'm sure I'm not the only one using multiple files open at the same time on a big display.
  14. Yes, yes and yes... Adobe has raised the bar with the Illustrator for the iPad. I'm really curios to see how Serif will respond. The iPad version of Designer has been pretty stale in the last year or so.
  15. I couldn't have said it better myself! I keep trying to only use AD as my main vector tool but there are still a lot of basic things like proper stroke width tool and others than makes me keep jumping to Illustrator again and again. It's like they keep adding these useless features and ignore basic functions of a productive vector tool. How can professionals do the switch when their workflow suffers and time is wasted using all kinds of workarounds to get things done?
  16. Thanks for the info, Walt! Hopefully they will read and take into consideration some of our requests.
  17. Any feedback from the serif team would be awesome! I use this feature all the time in Illustrator and Photoshop so it would be very useful to get it in AD as well.
  18. Hey guys... any updates on this? I use AD for UI design and it's insane to log each time I select and deselect a layer. An option for this could be really helpful!
  19. +100000 An upgrade to the Swatches Panel would be awesome!
  20. I've already tried that with either the Bucket Tool in the Pixel Persona or the Fill Tool in the Designer persona and yes, it fills the pixel layer but it's not borderless like the Fill Layer. It's a layer the size of all the further away artboards, technically the size of the canvas, which is pretty weird now that I mentioned it. It should be the size of the artboard where the pixel layer exists.
  21. Thank you for the explanation, Walt! But it's still weird to have a type of layer like Fill imported from Photoshop but at the same time without the possibility to create one yourself in Affinity Designer. Since Designer is mainly a vector creation tool, my suggestion would be to convert the Photoshop Fill layer to a vector rectangle the size of the canvas/artboard because it would make the most sense in my view.
  22. The funny thing is that when you import a PSD file with a fill layer it will get imported as a fill layer in Affinity Designer as well which is a borderless layer just like in Photoshop. So something's fishy around here! Any explanations for this weird phenomenon?
  23. Hi @stokerg thanks for the quick reply! It would be great if you add support for the Delete key and the ability to enter numeric values in places like the transformation panel. I'm guessing this is not very difficult. I know there's no Delete key on the Apple keyboard but it's present on all the other 3rd party keyboards or you could just map the Backspace key to delete objects on the canvas. And oh yeah, panning with the Spacebar so I wouldn't have to touch the screen with the fingers that much. I really hate all those finger smudges on the screen
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