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  1. Hello Here are a copy from and copy to screenshot. In this case the change was minute, it shows the values have changed and the sliders have moved for both radius and soften. I understand that this is something I need to be aware of going forward. Thank you for the replies. Have a great day, Rick.
  2. Hello and thank you for your replies. If it helps, I also noticed that as I cycled through the objects in the layers palette, I noticed that while the numerical values (which I manually changed to all be the same) remained the same, the slider bubbles moved left or right slightly, a pixel or two. The FX panel was open on my second monitor. Have a great day, Rick.
  3. Hello, I right-click on an object in the layers menu and choose copy. I then click on another object in the layers menu to make it active. I go to Edit > Paste FX to apply the FX. In this case, the copied FX was a Bevel/Emboss - Radius 0.5 px, Soften 1 px. What was pasted was Pillow - 0.6 px, Soften 1.2 px. The other settings seem to remain the same, however, they were the default. I would have hoped that the FX paste would retain all the settings contained from the original copy and would be pasted but this seems not to be the case. I am learning to use this software and maybe I am just missing the proper sequence of steps. Macbook Pro mid-2014, 10.14.6, Designer 1.8.3. Thank you.
  4. Hello, This is happening to me. Thank you for the space bar solution. Designer v1.8.3, I have a Wacom tablet attached to my workstation but I was not using it when the described behaviour occurs. MacBook Pro mid 2016 OS 10.14.6. Have a great day.
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