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  1. I am using the paint brush tool and yes I am referring too 'Touch for gestures only'. thanks
  2. Ok maybe we can do this another way. Is there a finger action or something that I could be doing by accident that brings the color picker function up? For example if I tap with 3 fingers on my left hand and slide the pen across - could it momentarily change the function? i have it set so that I can’t draw it’s my fingers as I am using the pen. But I can still use my left hand to zoom in out and move the screen around. In this case I am also drawing with all of the tabs on the screen hidden as per clicking on the top right square 2 times.
  3. Yeah I am starting to loose my patience with this software. As soon as Adobe get something competitive and complete on IPad I am probably moving back. After a while of trying to use Affinity in a professional context you realize how sophisticated Adobe products are. affinity are wasting a golden opportunity here by not using the system they have set up to listen to users and improve their product. I guess they are just building it up to sell off to a larger competitor or something. Reading these forums is just quite depressing seeing the lead times that existing issues still have after they were initially raised.
  4. @Dan C - As I said I have no idea how this happens. It just happens occasionally and sporadically. Short of continual recording my drawing for the random moment when it occurs I can’t record my screen and provide this too you as I cannot deliberately recreate it.
  5. Hi Affinity, I would like to add that this is not a small interface issue - it is a big one and a very valid one which has been raised since 2020. Please could you respond to this thread this is a real over site on Ipad as it is the natural interface of being able to use this software in conjunction with the Ipad and apple pen to try to get very close to digital version of a natural sketching technique. Issues like this really hinder the experience to the extent that I would start to change my drawing style to suit a better interface like procreate. Aswell please interact with these forums that you have set up. I see so many ignored posts its quite disheartening.
  6. @OK Dan, Sorry for the delayed reply. But here we go. OK so the issue I have I can’t replicate because I have no idea how it is happening. But basically I will be sketching and then all of a sudden the pen has momentarily switched to the color picker and simultaneously pics and changes the color automatically. The result would mean I am sketching on a white back ground with a black pen and then all of a sudden my pen changes to white effectively feeling like I have run out of ink mid sketch. Brings out the rage some which doesn’t help while trying to be creative. What iPad model are you using? A2014 IPad Pro 13” Model number MTJR2LL/A What version of iOS is installed? 15.5 What version of Affinity Photo/Designer is in use? 1.10.21 What are you using as the input device? (ie Apple Pencil, finger, other stylus) Apple Pencil. Thanks Ben
  7. Guys what is the point of having these bug forums if you just ignore your users?
  8. @Sean P Maybe I have missed something but has this issue been fixed? I have just tried to use the shortcut for this and nothing happened. (Still works by manually tapping the”x”) I’m guess this must have been fixed by now as the last message on this forum was more than a year ago, I’m probably missing something.
  9. OK just been chasing this for ever……. When you are using the color picker make sure “Auto apply” is selected. Then the color automatically applies when you return to the brush. workflow solution for me…….
  10. OK I posted a link to this conversation in the Bug Report place. Hopefully these issues can be dealt with quite quickly.
  11. Hi @Dan C Thanks for the reply. I am a little confused by the response though. As far as I can tell the 2 issues I have mentioned in my original post still persist. I am not so concerned about engaging with Affinity staff on the forums. More these threads were started years ago and the issues raised are still present in the current software and as a result this creates a feeling of being ignored. If you can direct me to a solution to solve these issues that would be great.
  12. Sorry if this has a ready been brought up here, but I thought this now deserved its own dedicated thread. I am seeing a lot of issues that appear to have simple fix’s and finding threads that are years old with still no fixes. Two recent examples are below and you can see the threads below with the dates that the threads were started. If you have more Ignored topics please post them as a reply here. Why is affinity just ignoring these issues - there is really no point in starting these forums at all if your not going to listen to the issues that people post here. Affinity admin > why do you keep ignoring these issues?
  13. Another basic oversight that has not been dealt with since 3 years ago. Affinity devs - I am seeing a growing issue here that you just keep ignoring everyone on this forum you have set up. Why do you keep ignoring these issues rather than implementing updates???????
  14. Hi Affinity admin. 7th June 2022, over 4 years since the original post here. Will this be fixed?? (Ipad Pro - IOS 15.5 - up to date). Please tell me if this is fixed? All we need is a simple feature to turn this off.
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