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  1. Here is an example how it it could look like. Its really needed to see what we are exporting and work with. Really needed for 2+ artboards works.
  2. Hi all, I wonder if it is possible to remove the names of the artboards? I've been looking for that option, but I can't find it. Thank you. 🙂 Marlies
  3. Goodmorning! Is it possible to hide the artboard names? I'm working on some small icons and like to evaluate them zoomed out. But the artboard names appears over the icons, so I can't evaluate them properly. Is there a way to hide the artboard names (temporarily)? Thanks! Wouter
  4. When I drag & drop files outside of the canvas/artboard, it opens a new document tab for each file instead of placing the files on the document. This happens only on Mac and it's inconvenient.
  5. Hello Affinity Designer users. I'm starting to introduce AD and AP in the company I'm working for. One of my jobs is drawing some illustration of various parameters for our UI of our grinding-machines. Currently I like to find out how seamless the transition for AI to AD would be. So I opened a couple of source illustrations, which contain between 20 and 160 artboards / drawing area (I'm not familar with the English term). So far all graphics are visible. But: in AI I named the drawing area for the IDC (Item Description Code) they are used for to illustrate what's going on. The AI file in Designer just shows "page 1, page 2...". I really don't want to rename all artboards from scratch. Am I doing something wrong? Is there a setting in either app I need to change? Also, the guides from Illustrator do not appear after importing the file in AD. Same for the symbols / icons - neither name nor the full symbol is shown. I also had to use two different drawing areas for each illustration as the purpose is not only "exporting into UI database" but also "exporting into asset management database for documentation". But the 2 drawing areas on top of each other now appear as two different artboards, neither aligned nor connected. It looks like a lot of manual work, so maybe I need to draw back my recommendation of AD as replacement for AI.
  6. Hello, I've got an artboard with gradient fill and want to copy that exact fill into another artboard. Is there a way to do that or I have to create that fill manually again?
  7. Hi, is there a way to select all object only on selected canvas? It selects all the objects of all artboards (quite useless). I know i can select only the artboard passing the mouse around the artboard, but the select all should be more precise, (if selected only the artboard objects). A
  8. Everytime i create more than one artboard the guide lines starting point begins from the first artboard, and as i edit the location i have to compensate the pixel distance even if i type the numbers.. and sometimes it gets back to zero, i know i must be doing somenthing worng.. Or it supposed to work this way? FullSizeRender.MOV
  9. I have a file with many artboards in Affinity Designer. I am gradually creating the content of each artboard. After changing the artboard, I export one artboard. The filename of the exported artboard is set to the file name. I need the file name to match the artboard name. For example, I have the filename 'icons.afdesign'. I have the artboard 'mn-hobby' in it. When I select File > Export..., I select the PNG tab so the file name is set to 'icons.png'. I need the name to be 'mn-hobby.png'.
  10. Hi all! I have a suggestion born in an issue: I would like to have a tool that can automatically rename multiple dartboards following a previously defined pattern. Think about in the middle of an creativity attack and without planing you did several artboards, hundreds or who know, thousands and you have all with default name or even worst, you did them copying or duplicating the first... At the end of the day you expect to use export persona to generate definitive files and realize you'll spend lot more time renaming the artboards than the time used to create art... frustrating, no matters if is user failure or not. That is!, I'm sure will be very useful, even more considering I still have 7 thousand artboards to rename between multiple files
  11. Hi all, is it possible to show guides on all artboards at once. Not only on the selected artboard? And it it possible to place one horizontal guide over several artboards, like you can do in Illustrator. See attachment for further explanation. Thanks for helping nar
  12. How can I duplicate an artboard with content on overlying global layers? If I duplicate Artboard 1 the content on the global layer is not shown on Artboard 2. Sure I can copy the global content on each artboard and then move it to the global layer, but this will make me crazy in a complex documents with a lot of elements... Is there a elegant way to solve this problem? Thanks!!!
  13. When ever I tried to create a artboard within the document the toolbar drop down selection is limited to apple devices and few other mobile devices. why can't I choose different sizes for example A4, A5 or sizes that are useful for websites? affinity products are not used by designers only to design stuff for apple or just for mobile. Is there any way to add custom artboard size to the dropdown list in dartboard toolbar.
  14. Hi there, It would be great to have an option to hide the artboard names (temporarily). Currently I'm in the process of designing some icons. To evaluate the design properly, I need to see them at 100%. But if I do, the artboard names clutter the view, see screenshot. I've also posted this in the forum. One of the staff suggested to post it as a feature request also. Thanks!
  15. I'm making a set of icons in SVG format, and have them all on their own artboard in 1 document. Exporting an artboard to SVG (with no border or fill) includes a <rect> tag named like the artboard. I'd expect the artboard to just set the width/height & viewbox properties of the export, not to have its own rect path. Maybe this could be just a checkbox in the export options?
  16. In the same way that you can add comments in pages for macOS or in other 3D design apps like solidworks, I think it would be interesting to add a comment for each artboard. For now what I do is to add a text outside the artboard, but it's uncomfortable and ugly. I show how it might look on the interface when you click on the icon:
  17. Would be great to be able to add margins to multiple artboards at the same time. Same with guides and have the guides move with the artboard. Thanks!
  18. Hello! I am having issues with Affinity Designer not exporting the crop marks properly on a booklet I'm trying to send to print. The bleeds are not working properly. Each finished page is 7" x 10" and I am trying to export bleeds and crop marks at .125" around each edge. I tried transforming each page to 7.25 x 10.25 thinking maybe I had to take account of the bleeds in the page size, but that didn't seem to work either. I made sure to 'include bleeds' when exporting. I am on a tight timeline to send to print and I am unable to fix this myself. Is anyone able to help?
  19. Hi, I prepared some Illustrations in Designer. One designer file with several artboards on it. I place the file linked in my Publisher doc, referencing several artboards all over the doc. Whenever I change something in the designer file und update it in Publisher, all placed artboards are resized to a very small size. What's the problem here? I tried to copy all in a new Publisher file, but this problem stays. That's not what I was expecting... I wanted to reuse the Deisgner file in some Publisher docs (translations) and need to change or add illustrations. The resize is a problem. What can I do? Thanks Jochen
  20. Can you designate an exclusive panel for what has to do with the administration of the "artboards"?, something like what illustrator has. Just so you don't accumulate a bunch of "Artboards", each with its own layers (be it a few or a lot) in the layers panel. Some way to show, in the layers panel, only the layers corresponding to the "Artboard" in which we are working, for greater order.
  21. It's a pity that the artboard management system on AD is really not up to the mark. I hope the devs work on this to make it more efficient to use.
  22. Please tell me. I save the file in any format. When I open the file, its parameters change. The artboard resolution is 1 pixel instead of 9pixels. The illustration resolution is also reduced as in the artboard. How to fix it?
  23. I have never used artboards, all my documents consist of shapes that are drawn on layers in the main document area. When I create an artboard with the artboard tool, I can draw it over my document, or I can draw it outside of the existing document and shapes. After drawing it, it appears as a separate 'artboard' layer in the layers panel. I decided I didn't want to use the artboard, so I right clicked it in the layers panel and choose 'delete'. After deleting the empty artboard, my entire document disappears from view and the window area goes grey, except for a white rectangle where the deleted artboard use to be and the contents that overlapped with it. My layers are still there in the layers panel, as I only deleted the empty 'artboard' layer, and I can select them with the arrow tool, but this only shows their outline. The only way to get out of this situation is to close my document without saving changes. This problem occurs both when my Renderer is set to WARP, or my GPU (RTX 2080Ti) garden design.afdesign
  24. I have 2 suggestions for working with artboards: 1. Auto arrange artboards (or Layout/Re-arrange artboards into grid): - It should be cool if we could setup layout grid for the artboards (E.g: input number for Row and Column; Row = 3, Column = 4, Start Artboard: "Artboard name or number" then we have a perfect grid view for our artboards. - And yes, if we could add this setting on "New Document", this would be awesome! 2. Auto change name when duplicate artboard(s): - AD copies the name of the original artboard(s) whenever I duplicate an artboard or multiple artboards. I truly hope AD could auto change the name of the duplicated artboards to "OriginalName_Copy01", "OriginalName_Copy02" or something like that.
  25. I am using artboard because this allows me to drag object outside on the artboard unlike with the default one. Problem is I am having trouble selecting objects just by clicking it? I have to hold left click drag select every pixel so that I can select it? Is there a workaround? Thank you :))
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