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  1. I think I've already reported this issue very long time ago. If I'm not wrong the problem was the missing circles (pads) are ellipses actually with overlaping focal points...
  2. Hi! I'm trying to import SVG generated by Kicad but without a luck. Am I doing something wrong or is it a bug? (Latest AD, latest Mac OS X). Thanks Regards Jaroslav Example_STM32F031K6-F_Cu.svg
  3. I see. I really haven't noticed there're pixel channels in the pane. Thanks a lot.
  4. I generated attached pdf from kicad. I noticed circular pads are implemented as a line with zero length. When such a pdf file is opened by AD the pads is not visible at all or partially (see zoom_v1.png and zoom_v2.png). Once I modify length of the line via node tool the rendering in AD is visible and stable. pcb.pdf
  5. Hello, I have pixel layer in AP with semi-transparent pixels. How can I remove transparency of those pixel without changing color of those pixels? I basically want to reset alpha of those pixels. But whenever I make editable only alpha channel (in Channels pane) and use flood fill or paint brush with while color I don't get completely "white" alpha channel. I have to paint the pixels several time to get to make them completely opaque. Is there a better way? Thx
  6. It would be nice to have an option to disable artboard background during exports. Yeah workaround is to create a layer with background and uncheck it during an export. But I always tend to keep number of layers as low as possible... (moreover Sketch has such an option :)) Thx
  7. +1 for a 1) trim transparent pixels 2) trim pixels with top left color (or selected color) both in photo and designer
  8. Hi, I've noticed a color shift of blending of translucent clipping mask: 1. I've created a rectangle mask with transparent to black color gradient. 2. I've applied the mask to orange rectangle expecting transparent to orange result. 3. When the resulted layer is blended with neutral background you can see a color shift of the orange semi-transparent part. I attached the result, source file and an expected result. It works without a clipping mask of course... color shift.afdesign
  9. Hello, I've found a problem in bounding box calculation for alignment. Version: Affinity Designer 1.1.2 I created two horizontal lines (holding SHIFT key) using "pen tool". Then I created text object. I made a group from one horizontal line and text object. Finally I selected the group and second horizontal line and tried to do horizontal alignment (left, right, space with 0px...). You'll see the horizontal line in the group is ignored for bounding box calculation and group is aligned to text only (see the attachment H_align_left_1.png). Once the horizontal line in the group is rotated or one endpoint is moved vertically so height of the line object is not 0px the alignment starts working correctly (see the attachment H_align_left_2.png) Br Jaroslav
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