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  1. I opened this file up in Affinity Publisher and was able to set up the bleeds (.25). I'm thinking there's a 'glitch' in Affinity Designer. Also a couple of the photos and the bottom 'white' rectangle didn't extend out past the bleed, so I pulled it out. Will this work for you? Tourism_Panel_with_bleed.pdf
  2. I'm just downloading the file to have a look. When I opened your document there were no bleeds set in the document setup.
  3. Thank you so much for the information! I had no idea fx adjustments affected the file like that. I'll give the pen tool a go!
  4. Good morning! I found this thread in my search for help converting my AP file to vector. I am a 'newbie' with this sort of thing and for fun, made my son's basketball team a logo for use on their team software app. Now the team is having shirts and pants made with the logo and I need to provide a vector file. I changed some of the items to curves and exported the file as an .eps but the printing company is saying it's not a Vector file. Is anyone able to help? I am uploading the file in the hopes someone is able to assist - I'm sorry the layers are MESSY! I have AP/AD and APub if that helps. STEEL_KINGS.afphoto
  5. Thank you for your quick reply. It appears that I didn't save my custom brushes in their own 'category' so they are all sitting as individual brushes in the main menu and I will have to export each one separately. I am a Mac user and I'm sure there's an easier way for me to combine them using the file system but I wouldn't know where to look. I might just have to pick and choose my favorites and go from there. Thank you very much!
  6. I have an extensive selection of custom and imported brushes stored in Affinity Photo. I recently installed publisher (which I LOVE) but when I switch to photo within the Publisher application it no longer has my brush library there. Is there a way I can migrate my brush sets back in without having to re-download individually? I have close to 100 that I frequently use.
  7. I tried to grab all of my layers and resize but they won't extend past the artboard, they resize the artboard. SO FRUSTRATING!
  8. Ooops. I sent you a link to my dropbox in a private message. Thank you!
  9. I exported it again making sure the bleeds and crop marks were included. I also deselected "downsample images" because it wasn't on the window you posted. Some of the pages are cropped properly but some of them crop the right side but not the left (area circled in red). I'm reattaching the entire pdf file as well. LITH_brochure_Version_Final_01.31.pdf
  10. Yes. My document is 16 pages. Some have the proper bleeds and crop marks and some do not.
  11. Yes, I have tried that as well but it only worked properly on a few of the pages after export. Would the fact that some of the backgrounds are images or shapes? I'm inserting the pdf. here. LITH brochure Final Copy.pdf
  12. Hello! I am having issues with Affinity Designer not exporting the crop marks properly on a booklet I'm trying to send to print. The bleeds are not working properly. Each finished page is 7" x 10" and I am trying to export bleeds and crop marks at .125" around each edge. I tried transforming each page to 7.25 x 10.25 thinking maybe I had to take account of the bleeds in the page size, but that didn't seem to work either. I made sure to 'include bleeds' when exporting. I am on a tight timeline to send to print and I am unable to fix this myself. Is anyone able to help?
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