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  1. Thank You for your answer Paul. It was realy easy with the PDF conversion. But as I said in my first post, im a complete beginner with the whole photo editing software martial arts, so dont get too pissed whe something is too obvious for You guys. As for the PNG, i didnt quite understand what you wanted to say there, sory. The only program i have is Affinity Photo. I bought the full licence after the trial and i quite like it for the job i am doing and capable of doing I made a few event posters and am curently suffering my way trough making a line based lionhead design which is going to be filled with the picture of our home town, if that makes any sense
  2. Thank You for yur reply, Dan. So here re the two badboys that are causing me problems. As i already said, i should convert those in to vector data so that we can zoom in and out without any destortion. We are making some new jesrsys for our youngsters team and the sponsors would be quite pissed it they werent on them Reichert_Logo (1).pdf
  3. Greetings! Im a new bird to the whole picture editing black magic, so don't destroy me if something is too obvious. I'm a part of a small rugby team here in germany and because I'm curently unactive because of my injury i decided to help my team out by doing some PR and Comercial stuff. Now i got a task of converting an PNG and PDF image in to a vector based data so we can make our youngsters some new jerseys ,and i got stuck. Who would have thought the images are not of great quality. I already tryed it by marking the letters and, not with very much sucsess, croping them out but i always seem to get lost in the comands. Me and my team would be very gratefull if some of You could help us climb this stormy mountain.
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