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  1. Ah, I see now. Just not used to it I guess. One thing though, the text isn't instantly selected. So with the second click, it takes almost like a second to activate. Thx for the help!
  2. Single-click doesn't work for me. When single-clicking the layer, the layer name isn't editable. I have to double click the layer name to edit it. I'm on a Mac, maybe that's the difference. As fas as I know, this works the same in other applications that uses layers.
  3. I have the same issue. It's really frustrating. I'm on a Mac, dont' know if Windows has the same issue. What happens is: 1. I want to rename a layer. 2. Double click the layer name, so I can edit the text. 3. When I start typing, the layer loose it's focus. So, I'm not editing the text anymore. I have to double click it again to continue renaming. It won't happen when I enter text very very slowly.
  4. When I quit Designer with UI toggled (UI is not visible using the Tab key) the next time I'm not able to make the UI visible. So in steps: 1. Working on a document, toggle UI with tab key. UI is not visible (toolbar, tools etc. are not visible). 2. I close the document and quit Designer. 3. The next day I open Designer. The UI is still toggled, so no UI is visible. When pressing the tab key I expect all UI will be visible again. But that doesn't happen. I have to manually switch on the toolbar and tools.
  5. Thanks both of you. This setting only effects the background when starting a new document. Once I add an artboard in the document, the background turns to black. I can't change that color with the preference settings. But it's not really a big deal. BTW, I'm working on a Mac. Maybe that's a thing....
  6. When starting a new document the main background of Designer is gray. But once you add one or more artboards the background changes to black, see screenshots. Don't know if this is intentional, but it is confusing. Why does the background colour change? Just a small detail, but for me they are important :).
  7. I can select the image, but if I want to transform it (e.g. rotate), the clipping path transforms also. Is it possible to transform the image only whilst it is clipped?
  8. Yes, that's my way to go now. But hope there's a quicker way doing it.
  9. So I've clipped an image with a shape. (Don't know for sure if it's called 'clipping'). I'm not able to select the image anymore. For example, I like to enlarge and rotate the image. How can I do this? See screenshot attached. Currently, when I select the image, the image AND clipping shape are selected.
  10. Is it possible to search on an item for Affinity Designer only? As far as I can see, there's just one big 'Affinity on Desktop Questions (Mac and Windows). For example, I'm looking for questions/answers about clipping paths/masks in Designer, but the search results displays a lot of Photo topics. Thanks!
  11. I have the same issue. Is there a way to upvote a bug like this? So instead with a comment like above. Just like the developers know more ppl have this issue.
  12. Thanks everyone. Aligning of a single object works, that's great. For snapping, center align works for me when enabling Snap to object bounding boxes > include bounding box mid points. And sorry for the late reply. Had the assumption that I'll get an email notification when there's a reply on my question. Just only today checked the forum for the first time.
  13. Is there an easy way to center an image to the center of an artboard? I like to center it vertical and horizontal. I expected some aligning/snapping settings to apply. But that doesn't seem to do that. I've setup a document, type web. The image is inserted using File > Place.
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