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  1. @MEB Thank you, I will do that! It's the only thing I've ever found using Affinity that has completely baffled me, absolutely love the suite of apps and the amazing community here. 😊
  2. I'm really digging the vertical keyboard!
  3. Hate to be a pain and 'bump' my own post, but I don't understand why copying the layers from one file to another caused the issue in the video? If all else fails I will use the sample file to export to PDF when I go to print, but I would love to understand if I have incorrectly set up my original document so I can rectify it in the future.
  4. I'm really sorry that I'm not getting this! I'm actually wondering if there is a discrepancy between my working document and the example file I set up as following all of the instructions has fixed it in my example file, but then copying across the entire thing (via the layers) into my working document (which I have also changed to pixels), the border line appears again. I've attached a video showing this happening. Affinity_Publisher_2020-08-03_13-28-15.mp4
  5. Apologies, I may be completely missing something here. I have changed the X position of the image on the left to -178.09mm (and can see this now having changed number of decimal points in Preferences - thank you @Joachim_L). I am still seeing the border line between the two images. I can see in the transform panel that the right side of the left image is sitting at 124.91mm, and the left side of the right image is sitting at 124.9mm, as shown above by @Palatino - the border can still be seen when both of these values are set at 124.91mm. There is no border applied to either of the images - I have made the borders for each transparent, set the stroke to none and the stroke width to 0pt, so there definitely is no longer a border on either that could be affecting it.
  6. When I change the X position in transform to -178.09 it just changes it automatically to -178.1.
  7. Hello again 😀 I have a vector image that should line up seamlessly when placed next to itself - I've attached it below for reference. However, even when mathematically the vector is placed next to itself exactly, there is a break line between the two, picture attached. The two images are places in a picture frame together, the first is placed at -178.1mm and the second is placed at 124.9mm, and the images themselves are 303mm, so I'm unsure why I can still see the break line. I've also got a file with just the images in if you wanted to see for yourself. Many thanks in advance for any help. Break_Line_Example.afpub
  8. This was it! Thank you so much to everyone for your help!
  9. Just tried with Open Sans and Arial, same happened.
  10. Just tried again and a size is showing in the box, but still it's transparent.
  11. Hmmm... How would I go about changing the scaling? When I go to input artistic text, it appears like this as I am dragging: I would have thought from the preview it's something I've done making it transparent. I've never had a problem with creating text too big before.
  12. When I add artistic text to my document, it is appearing completely transparent. The colours are set and opacity is at 100%. I can copy and paste other pieces of artistic text as they appear fine, so I must be doing something wrong! I've attached a picture of my workspace below, it's probably pretty obvious and I'm just missing something... Thank you for any help in advance!
  13. Thank you so much for all of the help - this makes a lot more sense now! I can see a lot more clearly how they're working and where I was going wrong. Very many thanks!
  14. Thanks very much for the help! The text kept jumping below the curve when I chose edge rather than simply staying above it - is there a way I can prevent this?
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