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  1. I would also like to see this as an option! I need to keep my artboards named for ease and reference, so the workaround of naming the artboards with a space doesn't work. I design large displays with multiple boards, and in my master document (which I link other documents to) I can see how the whole thing looks holistically, and I like to take a screen-grab of this for an easy reference point for my colleagues. However, when I am zoomed out to see everything (literally 2%), the artboard names are very intrusive.
  2. If you know how many lines of text you want around the circle, you could just create the text, change the point of rotation to the centre of the circle, then rotate it however much (maybe this will be mathematical) and Ctrl+J to power duplicate, meaning you'd end up with them evenly spaced around the entire thing.
  3. Isabel Aracama is the absolute best teacher I have seen on the Pen Tool, she has videos on YouTube, Skillshare and Udemy, and she's on these forums!
  4. I read this as you wanting to put an image inside a specific object on your image, to give it 'texture' If so, you'd want to use (and I hope I use the correct terminology here) a clipping mask.
  5. You can convert text to curves in Affinity Designer. Select the text with the move tool and in the context tool bar there is a button that says 'Convert to Curves'.
  6. I've had to do this before many times - the only way I have found is to export one by one! Will the print shop accept one PDF with single pages in - that's easy to do
  7. Is it possible to create a curved text box, so that text along many lines (for example 5) all follow the same curved path? I am able to create a path for text along a curve just fine, but at the end it doubles back on itself, where I need several lines to follow that same shape. Creating a text frame from a shape just keeps the text straight but fits it to within the shape, which isn't what I'm after either. Any help would be appreciated! Thank you!
  8. @thomaso This seems to be a case of me not checking thoroughly enough! Thank you for pointing that out!
  9. Thanks @Murfee! I will do some testing and see if this would be a good workaround 😄
  10. Thanks @h_d! I'm on Windows but I really appreciate your willingness to help!
  11. Because I'm a horrible person using a non-local independent printer! 😂 Work stipulates I have to use Mixam for the books we produce and they have an upload system which wants single-page PDFs, and also when I send the print files to other companies they prefer having the single pages too. It's a boring job, but at least I get to design every day!
  12. I'm not a part of the 'Adobe Family' in any way haha! I think I will have to talk to my printer (company) about files going forward as exporting single pages is taking ages! Thank you 😄
  13. Hello! 😄 Is it possible to export multiple single-page PDFs (different pages) from Publisher at the same time? At the minute I am exporting one by one as my printer requires single page PDFs, as opposed to one PDF with all the pages in. Ami 😁
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