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  1. I'm in desperate need of shape builder tool
  2. mateuspollonio

    just a simple option

    Alfred understood what I was saying... It's very annoying, you are doing something, then you stop, look at it, then realize you have to move something, then you press V, and it goes back to the previous tool, like zoom for example, then instead of move what you want, you zoom in or out, then you have to zoom in or out again to adjust your view, press V another time, then move
  3. Please, add just a simple option to stop toggling between tools I just used when I press the same hotkey twice, please! Its just too much annoying!
  4. Hello, is it possible to show guides outside the canvas area? because when I drag them outside, they vanish
  5. mateuspollonio

    CTRL+D (designer)

    thank you! it helped me a lot
  6. Hello, is it possible in af designer to copy the last object and copy its distance that i moved? like in illustrator, for example, i draw a circle, move to the side and press ctrl+d then the object and the movement is copied thank you
  7. mateuspollonio

    Canvas area

    I already tried the smooth curve, but it didn't solve my problem, i'm in need of something like the smooth tool, but thank you for the answer
  8. mateuspollonio

    Canvas area

    Got it, thank you MEB. If you can answer this too, just to avoid create another topic, or if you prefer, i can create another topic... Is there something like the smooth tool (illustrator) in af designer? to smooth the shapes created with the pen tool? thank you
  9. mateuspollonio

    Canvas area

    thank you, it worked, but with a .ai file didn't work with all the elements, just the texture i was using
  10. Hi Is it possible to draw outside the canvas area of af designer? is there a option to do this? like we can do on illustrator
  11. mateuspollonio


    hello, i wish an option to stop cycling between actual and last tool i used when i press the same shorcut twice or more... for example, if i press V, then A, then press A again, it goes back to the V tool, this is very annoying for me... if this already exist i couldn't find. thank you for the attention
  12. (sorry for the english) Hi, one of the tools I use most on photoshop is the Pattern overlay, to do this kind of work (attached). Would be great to have this on af Photo. I tried to use the one that already have on the software, but I couldn't achieve the same result as the pattern overlay in photoshop