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    sbp got a reaction from Peter Heinrichs in "Apply image", and misc "defaults"   
    I was surprised that this feature is missing too. 
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    sbp reacted to stoosh in Dodge/burn mask, please   
    I support your request for the ability to be able to dodge and burn on a mask layer. It is definately a professionals level feature that Affinity Photo should have.
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    sbp reacted to Callum in Macros   
    Hi Greg,
    We don't have a rough ETA for when we will add more functionality to the Macro recorder but it is something we would like to do
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    sbp reacted to Murfee in Dodge/burn mask, please   
    Hi fde101,
    Brushing on masks with brushes is fine until you get to the extremes between black & white, you then need to use a small brush and have a steady hand...it takes a long time to work like this. The ability to use dodge & burn directly on the mask would make defining the edges a lot easier.
    When I need an intricate highly precise mask I usually start with a greyscale layer that has been adjusted as much as possible using curves etc as child layers to give the best definition, this works OK but when you need to further adjust that layer you need to drag it back out from being a mask, you can not currently adjust nested layers if the parent is also nested. (if there is a way to do this I would love to know it ). Using a pixel layer as a mask works for some cases but there are times when you really need the alpha capabilities of a mask.
    Some adjustment layers such as curves & levels can be used in a mask, you need to switch from master to alpha ...they are very useful for dealing with the dark or sometimes light fringing that you get when selecting & masking. These fringes are not as a result from Affinity's masking & selection tools or any sharpening artifacts, Photoshop also has the same issue. They are a result of digital cameras and the way they write to the file in high contrast situations. The most common scenario for seeing these fringes is when doing a complex sky replacement, they easily show up around tree branches etc. If the sky you are trying to replace is light in tone and you need a darker sky then you will see these fringes in the darker area of the replacement sky. They can be minimised by nesting a curves adjustment layer into the mask, then if needed you can paint out the effect in areas that do not need this adjustment, or you can invert the curves layer and paint in where needed. This works well but the mask needs dragging out to make further adjustments. 
    I am hoping that when the team make the masking improvements they add the ability to use Dodge & Burn tools and also allow further adjustments on double nested layers without the need to keep dragging the mask in and out.
    I have attached some screenshots showing the fringes, and the areas near the edge of the mask, also showing the effect that can be created using gaussian blur on a mask.

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    sbp reacted to BennyD in Feature Request Upvote   
    Wouldn't it be great if all feature requests for the Affinity range would be collected into a list with an upvote system to see which features are the most desired? 
    If you think so, too please put  » +1 « in the comments or hit like!
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    sbp reacted to zorglup in Synchronize brushes, macro, fx between computers   
    i have a laptop and a desktop, it will be very cool to log in at startup in affinity photo and synchronizing your environment between your computers and (ipad why not)
    you could have all your brushes, macro, Gui, fx exactly the same, and, at the same place
    best regards
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    sbp reacted to altae in Presets for blend ranges   
    Please add customizable presets to blend ranges. I use them a lot, e.g. to protect highlights while sharpening the image or in order to restrict noise reduction to dark areas of the image. This means I have to set the same "curve" for blend ranges over and over again with no way to save my settings for further use with other layers and in other images.
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    sbp reacted to Brad Brighton in Use open tab(s) as source for panorama?   
    If this is really not a current feature, please consider adding it to the list.
    If I'm mistaken and it is a feature, please feel free to enlighten me... often, I'm working with the components of a pano prior to stitching but it seems I must go to the finder/file-open to grab the images to be stitched. I'd like to be able to add one or more actively open assets in addition to grabbing any other elements from the filesystem.
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    sbp reacted to opiecat in Use mouse scroll wheel to change slider values   
    it's great to be able to dbl click on the slider to reset the value to default.
    how about using the mouse scroll wheel to change the value of the slider?
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    sbp reacted to Viktor Yurov in Drag to Rotate   
    The Affinity Photo has such hotkeys as Space + Mouse for moving canvas, Space + Ctrl + Mouse for changing zoom. But I don't understand why there is not such hotkey for canvas rotating. It would be perfect if I could press Space + Shift + Mouse and to rotate it very easy and fast.
    I can do it on iPad, but it is not possible on Desktop. I know that there is some keys, which allows to rotate it +/-15 degrees, but it is absolutely useless. Look how it works in Photoshop. There you need to hold R and you can rotate it as you want.
    It would be very useful for digital drawing, because of our anatomy sometimes we need to change angle of our view to be able to draw a line with correct form. In the same time another angle of view allow to find some mistakes in a picture we draw. I think it is useful and simplest for developing feature that can be implemented.
    Watch this and see how often it can be used: 
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    sbp reacted to StickMeInTheEye in Macros   
    i was creating basic dodge and burn macro for myself but started thinking that is there way to set shortcut key for macros?
    Would be awesome.
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    sbp reacted to v_kyr in Macros   
    No chance actually.
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    sbp reacted to Mark Ingram in About the Hardware Acceleration for windows version   
    It won't be CUDA, as that is NVIDIA only.
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    sbp reacted to km.au in Photo 'Current Layer & Below'   
    Thanks, and I hope to add that it would be great for all tools to remember settings between sessions of Affinity Photo.
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    sbp reacted to Polygonius in Ctrl/Cmd Click to Reset all Values   
    Me too.  i long time ago suggested such things, like right-click for last value, or shift-doubleclick for reset ALL parameter in a box, or mouse on aslider and the left/right will step fore/back and the up-down do the same but in smaller division.... or rightclick for tools, like brushes, that opens a menu where you can select 5 favorite brushes and switch back to the last...current 5, or next in the category without the long way to brush-panel, or your 5 favorite attributes like flow / color-dynamic... rotation by 90°... 
    i really hope 1.8 will focus of workflow / efficiency, there are lot of things which needs too much clicks/longways...
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    sbp got a reaction from atefoto in "Apply image", and misc "defaults"   
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    sbp reacted to atefoto in "Apply image", and misc "defaults"   
    Hello DEVs
    First off, thanks again for great software, I've been sending ~250 portraits through it since I bought it, and I love how the application just simply replaced Photoshop

    Over to my "needs".. I really need some features from PS days, and I hope you guys see why.
    "Apply Image" in Affinity Photo is not alike PS CC's version of it. I used to use this often to grab an RGB, R, G or B. CMYK or C, M, Y, K or even LAB L, A or B from a layer, a document or a file on the disk, then "apply" it as a mask - inverted or not - on to the selected mask, usually in normal or luminosity mode. I even use it for blending K channel from a dublicate CMYK document in to actual documents RGB composite to enhance faint details which is almost lost. I also use it to mix one of the RGB channels from same document in to the worst channel to enhance the details and remove noise (usually B channel), its called luminosity blending, check out Lee Varis and Dan Margulis photoshop videos. I don't see this is possible in Affinity Photo with the current "apply image", and I wish I had the same blending options in it like default layers so it will be easy to fix a "bad" channel in a image Check video below in this post.
    I also wish I could set one of the info readouts to a default readout, LAB for example, because I use this more often than RGB or anything else. Left side could be document format. I can change to LAB right now, but it doesnt stick to next image.

    I love to be able to save my own defaults than white and gra. Every single time I use this I have to go and manually set left one to black and right to white anyway because I rarly use this on other things than masks. It is really annoying

    After pushing through those 250 portraits since I bought Affinity, I'm really getting tired to recheck "current and below", I never retouch on background or main pixel layers and wouldn't suggest anyone to do it either. Make a new layer then use the healing brush with "current and below" is the safest way to use it anyway, so could it be possible to have persistent settings on these as-well?


    Check next 5 minutes to see what I mean of luminosity blending:

    Thats all for now
    Best regards,
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    sbp reacted to Polygonius in Blend if/ Blend options   
    Blend options is really a powerful tool. Thanks.
    And yeah, the AP version is much more powerful than the PS version. Its a juwel! BUT there are lot of tools, filters... which has no presets.
    And its pitty for tools/panels... with more than 2 sliders... for each of them, without presests.
    BUT here, THIS is a tool, with millions of possibilities and long-time-created-curves... IT ABSOLUTELY really, really needs presets, SAME for equations, or affine filter... 
    I can "preset"each ONE-slider adjustment... but really complex tools, with dozens of minutes to create a "setting"...
    here it is impossible to save that setting???? Thats absolutely not to understand. A single sldier i have in 0.2 secondes on its position id do not need presets. But very complexe tools... like belnd-options or each "equation" needs long time to create... so THIS tools... should be the first which offers "presets".
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    sbp reacted to Gabe in Adjust Blur with Scroll Wheel - Macro   
    Hi @sbp,

    Thank you for reporting this. I have logged it with our developers

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    sbp reacted to Loliz in Can't use inpaint brush   
    Thanks, stokerg.  I actually figured it out.  I was using the wrong brush!  Hey, I said I was new to this!  lol
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    sbp reacted to stokerg in Can't use inpaint brush   
    Hi Loliz,
    As @sbp has asked, could you post a screenshot of your Affinity Window, when you've got the inpainting brush selected, that will help work out why it's not working  
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    sbp reacted to AiDon in Capture One Pro v12 integration   
    You could argue about this forever, DNG is a public standard launched in 2004,
    AfPhoto is a proprietary standard for Affinity
    and PSD is a proprietary standard for Adobe.
    And why not add APhoto support to Lightroom, On1 RAW, Luminar, etc., etc
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    sbp reacted to myclay in [Multi] Custom studio panels - more UI customization   
    Hello Affinity team,
    to further customize Affinity Photo, it would be great if the users where able to create their own Studio panels and to populate it with functions from different Studio panels.
    for example; the user creates an empty custom studio panel where he
    add parts from the macro/library panel, one or two Styles and so on.

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    sbp reacted to Fotoloco in Layer icon - Blend Ranges   
    This would be really nice and simple to add.
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    sbp got a reaction from anon2 in Layer icon - Blend Ranges   
    Is there a way to add an icon to the layers so we can know that the blend options are modified for that layer or group.
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