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  1. No issues found with the Windows or iOS version of Affinity Photo.
  2. No problems with MSIX install on Windows 11 here.
  3. I can also confirm that using the Apple Sheep keyboard… although, as it’s a dual language keyboard, if I switch to the Thai keyboard it will type + and _ .
  4. Thanks Paul, no I don’t use iCloud Photos but sometimes import from OneDrive and that doesn’t seem to have any issues as a location.
  5. I wonder if it could be connected to the OS version? I don’t seem to have this issue with either production or the Beta versions of AP or shooting in RAW + JPG on iOS 16.6 but then again I don’t have phone camera RAWs only CR3 and ARW. (I should also mention that I only have the images in the iPad and don’t use Cloud locations.)
  6. Sorry Walt ... meant to say it had been released 2 years ago, and that that was a Windows 11 release driver.
  7. As 2 years old that driver is too old for newer hardware, do a full uninstall/install
  8. The latest WHQL driver for this model is v536.40 (Game Ready released 2023.6.29) which can be downloaded from the NVIDIA website ... 472.12 is a long way off and yet to be released. Where did you get your driver version from?
  9. Hi Walt, Yes that is so but click on the link whilst the iPad is open gives me a message that the developer has removed me from the Test Program? I am not sure but I may also have deleted the last Beta from test flight or the iPad ... which may also do that. Note that only the iPad version is affected.
  10. Hi Ash, could you send me a link to the iPad OS apps as test flight is telling me I have been removed.
  11. Hi, Doesn't seem to be available as a download from the account as of yet. UPDATE: The Beta download doesn't state the Version in the list of downloads, but downloading the EXE and looking at the properties displays the correct version.
  12. A couple of things you can try. First make sure your GPU drivers are up to date from the manufacturers website... not Windows update or the PC manufacturers website. If that is so, or it didn't help, turn Hardware Acceleration off in the preferences to see if that helps.
  13. you need to post in the Beta section as this is for production.
  14. Have you updated your GPU drivers from the GPU manufacturers website? If you have the latest drivers as listed yet turning Hardware Acceleration off.
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