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  1. Seems to work OK with Windows 10, are you opening RAW images this way?
  2. You can see from my signature the PC specs I have and I don't suffer any of the symptoms you say you have. The maximum time for opening a RAF file is 15 secs for me. There aren't any applications out there that will recognize DR settings as these are propriety to Fuji. I wonder if your GPU drivers are up to date?
  3. Use the Export function in the file menu.
  4. No it doesn't appear as they don't have any 'default' OS associations specified. You will need to alter for individual file extensions in the CPL Control Panel\Programs\Default Programs\Set Associations and change program for the extensions you want to associate of disassociate.
  5. Note that the NIK filters are no longer supported but if you edit in 8bit mode and view at larger than fit you should see it normally.
  6. It may be that SilkyPix doesn't generate Previews until changes have been made as even in my case with RAW File Converter EX 2 they load almost instantaneously. The X100T doesn't have an option for lossless compressed RAW so the images are 32MB+
  7. You may want to check the performance of your PC as X100T RAW's load on my PC in 15 seconds with the latest Beta.
  8. For the Curves it isn't a color picker, the picker allows you to drag on the image to modify the adjustment. The initial click will place a point on the curve in relation to the pixel selected, to lighten the image drag up and drag down to darken it.
  9. Still need work on Shadow Recovery, Highlight Recovery is fine.
  10. Use Canon's DPP until AP is ready ...
  11. Unusual, today the JPEGs work but the RAWs still don't on both the production and Beta. The RAWs have been uploaded now ... my apologies I should have checked again.
  12. Hi, No problem I have uploaded the JPEGS but if you need the RAW files let me know. (JPEGS are only 50MB total) Don.
  13. You're right insofar as AP is surprisingly good and it is certainly my goto app, just threw me with this set
  14. In hindsight Lightroom cannot do it but PS, Hugin and another can do it. I did run it through a RAW processor and tried to stitch the JPEGS but it made no difference. The lens was a 24-70 f/4 at 24mm so i guess it was doing a spherical merge. It was a difficult merge because of the trees as you can see in the CS6 merge. It's no big deal as Hugin does a better job than all.