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  1. Hi, One of the things that has been hanging around for a long time is that the crop tool defaults to Unconstrained each and every time. For example, if I crop an image (Develop or Photo) and set the crop to Original it looks like this before I apply the crop: Then if I re-enter the Crop tool to adjust the crop it defaults to Unconstrained: Could we please have the option to set the default for the Crop tool and that the Crop tool remember the current crop Mode used in the image. This has been something that many have asked for since the beginning.
  2. Personally I think that is a red herring, I have never had explorer integration enabled in Capture One Pro and on this particular PC, old I7 and GB RAM, I never have and problems running both side by side with the GTX540M and AP is the only app having problems with later GPUs except for Video Enhance AI from Topaz Labs (but I know the issue there):
  3. Hi, You are right that reverting to the older drivers works fine but Affinity are saying that they cannot reproduce the problem on any of their internal PCs and it is also affecting the production version. I also believe that Capture One is a "red herring" as they have always worked side-by-side until after 442/456 versions of the driver and there are other indicators that the application is affected either by NVIDIA drivers itself or is crashing the NVIDIA drivers: 1 - One such indicator is that using the GTX 1050 as the renderer and opening 4 RAW images results in AP reporting 2 documents being opened whereas, on the same PC and on the same display, using the Intel HD630 as the renderer AP reports 4 documents being opened. 2 - Turning off OpenCL compute acceleration reports 3 documents being opened. 3 - Then drag AP onto the internal display, which is driven by the HD630, results in only 1 document reported as being opened when 4 are selected. And this is the same for both production and beta, obviously I don't have a problem because I can use OpenCL Compute Acceleration and the HD630 as the renderer even though it reports 3 documents being opened. The only issue is screen flicker with that many documents opened but I can use all Personas, Panorama, HDR Stacking etc. albeit a little slower (NOTE: the driver for the internal display is the HD630 and the GTX1050 for the external display)
  4. @Mark Ingram Hi Mark, I know this is an ongoing issue where suggested causes are both NVIDIA and Capture One, but how is it I can open and process a single RAW image but not multiple RAW images at the same time whilst using these settings? On a single image I can use Develop, Liquify and Tone Map Personas but working with more than one image still causes a Stack overflow in nvwgf2umx.dll :
  5. At the moment, as this has persisted since v442.xx of the NVIDIA drivers, the only options we have are to use either a integrated GPU as the renderer ... or WARP if you don't have one.
  6. Hi Mark, I wonder if it is an issue with vRAM usage because I can now get it to work using Low Quality, or are you optimizing memory first? I have seen in other applications that using vRAM optimization can cause issues like this. Maybe we should be able to designate and allocate the amount of vRAM to use, say High, Medium or Low? A better description may be Fast Preview, Accurate Preview? Regards, Don
  7. Hi Mark, @Mark Ingram After further investigation I have found that adjusting the Retina Rendering to Low Quality allows me to Open multiple images (except for uncompressed ARW RAW), perform Panorama and HDR merge using Hardware Acceleration, setting the Windows Settings (Graphics Settings) to the High performance NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050, and the renderer to the same. Why should the Retina Rendering have any effect on Windows? (I thought it was Mac only) It seems there are 2 avenues to check, uncompressed Sony RAW processing and Retina Rendering.
  8. Hi Mark, I have done that and a clean install but this is an ongoing issue since v442.xx of the drivers
  9. Hi @Mark Ingram Just checked the latest beta (834) and no matter what image is opened (TIF, JPG, JPEG) the app crashes before the image is opened. Note I am on the latest NVIDIA driver (457.30) and the settings in my Performance sections is: The error is the standard ... Unhandled exception at 0x00007FFEFDA76CC8 (nvwgf2umx.dll): 0xC00000FD: Stack overflow (parameters: 0x0000000000000001, 0x0000003C16109000) Now, here is a description of the issues faced (Note: Hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling is set to Off): My PC has dual GPUs the symptoms are: * Setting the Windows Settings, Graphics Settings to "Let Windows decide" means an immediate crash each and every time the app is opened * Setting the Windows Settings, Graphics Settings to "High Performance, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050" means I can open single images only, crashes on multiple images, Panoramas and HDR * Setting the Windows Settings, Graphics Settings to "Power Saving Intel Graphics HD630" means I can open single images only, crashes on multiple images, Panoramas and HDR ** But changing the Renderer to Intel HD Graphics 630, but using setting the Windows Settings, Graphics Settings to "High Performance, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050" everything is OK. 1c8486e6-a097-4e77-a55f-10374539649a.dmp
  10. Hi Chris, Just FYI I have never had Windows Explorer Integration enabled in Capture One and I have had this problem since 442.xx drivers with AP. Regards, Don
  11. No problems, it is a Beta after all 😉
  12. Hi Mark, It also seems that downloading Store content then signing out and resetting removes the store content from the application even though it says that the content will remain available in the app, seems to be that Clearing the user Data means the App is no longer registered: Sign Out: Clear User Data: On Restart: On Restart after clearing the user data this is the message again asking to sign in even though Reset Brushes (don't know it it is significant) is not selected: Regards Don
  13. Hi Mark, Getting the following crash on Resizing the Canvas in an image this release: "Unhandled exception at 0x00007FFB1DFB4B40 (libpersona.dll) in 8de3e970-6cdf-4063-ab18-13e39c03051a.dmp: 0xC0000005: Access violation reading location 0x0000000000000010." Latest dump attached. Regards, Don 2b61708c-dea8-45b6-881e-02b0ed4e3666.dmp
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