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  1. it is a 7E error, there is a fix for this issue here ... https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/2528614/operating-system-intermittently-crashes-with-a-0x0000007e-stop-error-m
  2. Have great results from ReMask, as with any other product it comes down to learning to use the products. But AP has great masking tools.
  3. AiDon

    [Bug]-Thai font doesn't display properly.

    I believe they have always had a problem with east asian fonts, especially Thai & Lao where Tonal indicators and other Diacritics are used. None of the Thai fonts can be used in Designer Prod or Beta. I haven't checked other fonts such as Japanese either. Publisher or Photo do not support Thai fonts either. Also I'm not sure about Indo type languages either.
  4. Looks like xRite is branching out away from only Adobe and building software for creating ICC Profiles. Would be nice if they would produce LUTs as well as ICC Profiles ... https://xritephoto.com/CameraICC
  5. Make sure that the exported image is in the correct ICC profile which should be sRGB.
  6. For Remask to work there is a a necessity to recover the Alpha Channel from the Background Alpha and you will also need to Rasterize a portrait orientation layer before you pass it to ensure it remains in portrait. Read this thread on the Topaz Labs forum: http://discuss.topazlabs.com/t/topaz-products-affinity-photo-working-together/3674
  7. Hi Bill, The Reduce Noise Adjustment is not DeNoise, the DeNoise plugin is still a valid product but Topaz has also made a statement that all plugins will eventually be updated to Studio as it is easier to update a single platform and deliver updates as Adjustments ... but they still honor their free upgrade process so when, and if, DeNoise is updated as a Adjustment you will also receive a copy. Note that DeNoise is also available from Studio.
  8. Hi Bill, Attached is a screenshot of the Photoshop Plugins in the Preferences, note that this is only Windows, just add the 2 upper level directories for the Topaz Programs and the plugins will be picked out. Note that you must select "Allow Unknown Plugins to be used". It is also advised that you "rasterize" the layer before you pass it to a Topaz Plugin as there seems to be an issue with Portrait orientation (EXIF) (NOTE: This is if you have all plugins, just choose the upper level directory for your implementation)
  9. You should provide the link to the SDK ... And, I have no idea why you keep mentioning DNG, it was simply a mention of the software already created by x-rite.
  10. No I didn't, if you read what was posted I said that they created the software for LR and PS, and it is neither here nor their that it is DNG profiles, and from my original post I said: "The software is produced by X-Rite, have you asked them to produce non DNG dependant software for applications other than LR. their website is at:" So, clearly, I didn't say support for DNG export. And I am not sure what you mean by that anyway. I suggested that it may be worthwhile to contact X-Rite and ask them.
  11. Why would you want them to support colorcharts from other manufacturers? AP, as Lightroom and Photoshop do, has a plugin interface.
  12. No, what I am suggesting that those who want it implemented also suggest it to X-Rite as they can more easily write the software as it is their product. They wrote the software for DNG profiles.
  13. No it isn't supported in Affinity as they are DNG Profiles only for Photoshop & Lightroom but you should be able to create a LUT from Photoshop or Resolve which means you can use the LUT in other applications like Affinity Photo. Resolve uses it for Cinema grading.
  14. X-Rite has the following Camera Calibration software written for Lightroom and Photoshop and the ColorChecker target is also supported by a variety of third-party software solutions such as Black Magic DaVinci Resolve and Hasselblad Phocus. https://www.xrite.com/service-support/downloads/c/colorchecker_camera_calibration_v1_1_1
  15. The software is produced by X-Rite, have you asked them to produce non DNG dependant software for applications other than LR. their website is at: https://www.xrite.com/