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  1. Hi Mark, I noticed that if you set Limit Initial Zoom to 100% to on you need to restart the application. Is this correct?
  2. It may help if you specify your PC environment. Have you tried turning off hardware acceleration? Have you tried changing the renderer to WARP?
  3. As I mentioned it was only to let you know that AP cannot stitch it but other Apps can. No issue for me because other apps can stitch it 😊 just heads up.
  4. There is no change in location, also if you read the thread Hugin and CS6 don’t have a problem in processing the series. In fact this is part of a series of 8 images and only the first doesn’t fit because of the small overlap between 1 & 2.
  5. OK, you can download the ZIP from here, it is just for your info as it is a small overlap although CS6 will stitch it: DropBox: https://www.dropbox.com/s/acdgjgwmlzm708p/A7302366-A7302367.zip?dl=0 Sorry I don't have the iPad version ... I'm waiting to get it. 😉 Don.
  6. Let me upload them because recreating would be difficult. Give me 5.
  7. Hi, AP isn't able to stitch a panorama from these two images and it may be because of the small overlap; I can stitch it in Hugin and get this result: I can upload the images if you can use them to improve the recognition algorithm. Regards, Don
  8. I shall try renaming the folder but I have never had Windows Explorer Integration turned on.
  9. Hi Mark, Just updated to v461.72 of the NVIDIA drivers and the crashes started to happen again. Reverted the renderer to the Intel HD630 and it is fine again. Note that I have Capture One installed (v14.0.2.36), and this happened after Capture One rebuilt its Hardware Acceleration libraries. Note also that uninstalling C1, then reinstalling seemed to correct the problem. But this may be a 'red herring' because I can still get it to crash, in the one specific sequence listed below if I switch the Renderer back to the GeForce GTX 1050, by creating a Panorama & Crop to Opaque and pr
  10. For some reason I am no longer experiencing crashes since the v1.9 update and the latest NVIDIA driver.
  11. I had uninstalled C1 with the upgrade to C1 21 but AP was still crashing even with no C1 installed. I have also tried disabling the Intel HD630 and using only the GTX1050 but that didn't make a difference either and I mentioned earlier that the v452.06 drivers also crash now. In the meantime I still have the HD630 I can use as the renderer.
  12. Nope it didn't make a difference and there are many variables involved. For example you don't have a choice of selecting a single GPU for the Hardware Acceleration if you have multiple GPUs on your PC (one integrated and one NVIDIA/PCi) but at least I can used the Intel HD630 as the Renderer which works albeit not so smoothly. And it is also complicated by the fact that the notebook display is driven by the iGPU and the external display by the NVIDIA and they have different versions of OpenCL although it has been said that AP supposedly uses uses OpenCL v1.2 rather than v3.0 of the Intel
  13. These issues have been mentioned many times, my driver is the latest Studio 46.89, where opening multiple images or creating panoramas, HDR's etc. causes crashing if using NVIDIA as the renderer. At one point was attributed to Capture One being the cause. Mark is aware of the issue ... just looking for an update as it still occurs. I will try updating to the latest Game Ready driver and see if that makes a difference.
  14. Hi Mark, is there any progress on the NVIDIA GPU / Renderer problems that we have been experiencing. I also note that reverting to v452.06 of the NVIDIA drivers no longer works either?
  15. Hi, One of the things that has been hanging around for a long time is that the crop tool defaults to Unconstrained each and every time. For example, if I crop an image (Develop or Photo) and set the crop to Original it looks like this before I apply the crop: Then if I re-enter the Crop tool to adjust the crop it defaults to Unconstrained: Could we please have the option to set the default for the Crop tool and that the Crop tool remember the current crop Mode used in the image. This has been something that many have asked for since the beginning.
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