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  1. There seems to be a lot of speculation her by people who have no idea about what the available upgrade paths are, should simply be purchase the next product IMHO. Round tripping between C1 and APhoto is no different to round tripping between LR and PS except that you have access to newer technologies with APhoto where, for example, Blend Ranges are so powerful rather than legacy options in PS. All I can say is that the experience of using C1 & APhoto since 2016, after using Adobe for many years, is simply so expansive that I could never go back to Adobe products and their no Plan/no Product option. If I look at the cost of losing a development environment because I don't renew a plan compared to owning a perpetual license there is no comparison. My option is to wait and see what I am offered as a upgrade plan if when the next products come and make a decision based on that without speculation.
  2. Still, it shouldn’t crash but give an error message
  3. I import RAWs from Apple Photos on 15.6 and don’t have any issues.
  4. I wonder why this thread is continuing … if you look at the previous releases you will see the following: 1.10.4 x October 2021 1.10.5 x March 2022 I think 5 months in between releases is more that adequate, anything less than that and we would be continually having issues. I think Affinity is doing the right thing in their development process without rushing to release. I also think that we should use the correct product for the processes we undertake as I still see people using Photo for things better suited to Designer, etc.
  5. Check the thread Issues Caused By Third Party Software as it sounds like the issue with Capture One explorer integration.
  6. You may want to ask DxO as Color Efex Pro is their product so they would be able to interpret their logs.
  7. Try this one Chris, under Windows OpenCL also selects both GPUs for hardware acceleration. Sony ARW raw image.zip
  8. Hi Chris, In the latest version this blocking is there but only with OpenCL Acceleration turned on and ONLY with uncompressed RAW from Sony. Others such as CR2, CR3 and RAF seem to be OK now even with OpenCL Acceleration on. Note: Screen refresh still flickers noticeably with OpenCL off.
  9. Well you need to read the thread as I do not have an iPad Pro. And you will also note that it is not only the A73 in the original thread but all Canon, Fuji & Sony I have used.
  10. Hi Gabe, It is a iPad (8th generation) Wi-Fi 128GB Model A2270. It doesn't matter what RAW file I use I still get the problem. I have attached a uncompressed Sony RAW image from a A6400. Don A6X00665.ARW
  11. Yes Gabe I reported it in the original 1.10 release, along with others I noticed. Obviously it isnt a real problem as we can still use the Apple RAW engine. Here is the original thread referring to a image from a Sony A6400 (uncompressed) but subsequently I found it affects CR2, CR3 and RAF as well as all the Sony RAW.
  12. Hi, it seems as though the latest update still hasn’t updated the issue where the Serif Labs RAW processing engine doesn’t process the images.
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