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  1. .aphoto files are not backward compatible as they typically implement new features.
  2. The workaround is to choose Document-> Convert Format/ICC Profile, then convert the ICC Profile to sRGB IEC IEC61966-2.1, call Studio, do your work and then when you go back to Affinity convert back to your original ICC Profile using the same dialog.
  3. In the interim you could use DPP for iOS ... https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/canon-dpp-express/id1315877685?mt=8
  4. As Sharpen AI is a very new product in the interim you can open the image in A photo and then call Sharpen AI using the plugin interface.
  5. Why don't you look at Adobe Bridge that is free ... and there are quite a few free others out there such as Irfanview, XNview etc., etc. Personally my preference is Adobe Bridge and Irfanview.
  6. Note that all Topaz Plugins can be run from Affinity Photo and the products that have been migrated to Studio will appear in the Topaz Studio plugin list such as this screenshot:
  7. Remember it is a Beta product and there may be issues so therefore it should never be used for anything except testing, remember Sharpen AI works as a Plugin from AP both PRD and Beta.
  8. AiDon

    Nik Collection error

    I don't see it in ... only Rasterize...
  9. AiDon

    Nik Collection error

    I wonder if it would be possible to have that option in the right-click layer menu along with the Rasterize... option?
  10. AiDon

    Nik Collection error

    This should be moved to the Photo Beta thread as the Rasterize layer doesn't work the same as in Prd, the only way to get the crop to stick is to Flatten the Document.
  11. Yes, doesn't apply as much as is applied in the Develop Persona.
  12. In my case you have to click on the original Blend mode, in this case Color Burn was there when I moved off and remained there even when clicking elsewhere. If you click on the Layer or another it will revert.
  13. Sorry Alfred, my bad ... forgot to mention the dialog ... assuming.
  14. You can try clearing user settings by holding down the Ctrl Key when starting the application. E.G. hold down the CTRL key and double-click on the icon.
  15. Personally I just use dual-boot as, no matter what anyone says, native apps for Windows never have exactly 100% of the Windows functionality on UNIX/LINUX and we have done that for years. Of special complexity is the graphics abilities, external apps, plugins etc., etc.