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  1. Have you tried reporting the issue to DxO Labs to see if they have a solution? The other thing you can try is to move the plugins to the Affinity 2 plug-in folder.
  2. Sorry my bad but you still need to search for the proxy to add to an application to call externally. Applications such as Capture One automatically pick up this proxy from the OS as the plugin just uses AffinityPhoto2. From what I can see most of the apps that have issues with zero byte exe's are developed using the cross platform development tool QT.
  3. That doesn’t seem to happen for me. Could you post the settings on the Export dialog, it looks like this:
  4. Have you tried using the proxies such as in “%localappdata%\Microsoft\WindowsApps\AffinityPhoto2.exe as that seems to work, at least for me and many others. But Affinity are planning to release a MSI installer to help people that have non-windows compliant applications such as xnview, dxo or on1 Photo raw calling the Affinity apps. So it isn’t over complicated just some other apps are non-compliant.
  5. Does it open the individual image when you click on it?
  6. Please note all that the Photo AI installer installs the plugins into the default plug-in location for Affinity. So you need to make sure that you have exited AP when doing the install, if not just go to the Photo AI install location and copy the plug-in file over to the AP default plug-in location. Again, make sure that you exit AP before doing this.
  7. If the proxy exe, which is a zero byte exe, doesn’t work when calling from the application you are using please notify that applications technical support as it is a part of the windows system. For example, ON1 products don’t work with this system but they are looking at updating ON1 Photo RAW to support zero byte exe’s. At this point in time Capture One does work and picks up the proxy in its plug-in list. Obviously older applications that don’t work with proxies you will need to use alternate ways of calling. So my suggestion is that you use the alternate ways described on this forum and ask your application provider, e.g. like DxO or RAW Therapee or image viewer apps like XnView, to update their apps to support Windows features.
  8. Strange, check the folder permissions on your external drive as I use up to three mapped external drives at a time and no issues. Also check that your mapped drive always attaches to the same designated drive letter each and every time.
  9. My goodness... a battle between Adobe and Serif fanboys. As a long time Adobe user before Affinity v1 came along all I can say is that the functionality of Affinity apps, especially the basics such as blend ranges etc., suits my work. I would never revert to Adobe apps again.
  10. I think you are quite wrong there, because the Affinity apps use MSIX, and therefore an alias for integration, poorly written or free apps tend to not recognize the alias. For example xnview or DxO are 2 culprits but in my case Capture One picks it up but I haven't checked ON1 Photo RAW because I use another method. Unfortunately most of the apps written for windows are dependant on previous versions of Windows and are NOT updated for the new OS versions as they emerge. E.G. there is going to be problems with older apps that rely on .NET v3 soon.
  11. Are you currently running Win 10 Pro v19041 or later, if not check using WinVer and if not update to the latest version?
  12. Thanks Walt I have, but after once only the opacity is able to adjusted using the pen. Seems to be a glitch there, although it can wait until things have settled a little.
  13. It seems as though this is an issue with the Pencil, I guess the workaround is to deactivate the pen and you will get this panel …
  14. Upgrade your Win 10 Pro to v19041, download from the Windows site if it doesn’t show in updates available.
  15. You only need to add the top level in the Program Files I.e. select the Topaz LAbs LLC folder and that will add all the Topaz Labs products. Also remember to click the Allow “Unknown” plugins to be used. Plugins only accept rasterised layers.
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