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  1. For me Windows doesn't display it but this is what the EXIF has written, as displayed in EXIFTool after saving from AP .. Or for the TIFF created from AP (previous was JPEG) ... .I chose TIFF RGB 8-BIT and didn't change the extension to TIF.
  2. I Don't have any issues with a TIF or JPG exported from AP either from a TIF or JPG converted ans saved from DPP in sRGB v1.31 embedded ICC profile. Just make sure that when you export from AP that you choose Use document profile & Embed ICC Profile from the More panel before exporting: Windows will show as uncalibrated because it just doesn't know about it.
  3. OK Chris, uploaded file CR3 AWB-White Priority Magenta Tint.zip which has 2 for starters. Can find more if you like. Regards, Don
  4. Hi Chris, If you want some test images just let me know. I can upload them to Dropbox for you. Don.
  5. Well the issue here is that AP isn't interpreting the RAW data correctly, and I am sure that they will perfect it. In fact all RAW processors interpret RAW data and mostly different to each other but not with an obvious tint or color cast. Note that the WB set to Auto: White Priority on other cameras such as the EOS 5DsR are interpreted correctly.
  6. Hi, It seems that the Magenta Tint setting for images shot with WB set to Auto: White Priority in camera is excessive during processing as you can see here: In this image the Tint doesn't seem to disappear until approx 3% (down from 16%) and the colors get better at 0%, but OK at -3% ...
  7. Thank you for your comment Ron P., even I stated it was the Windows Explorer interface dialog and not a Affinity browser.
  8. Attached Chris ...EOS M50195493.CR3 Note just switch between 100% and Fit ... sometimes only shows in Fit if there are lots of powerlines in the image. I Guess it could also be related to CR3 processing. EOS_M50195493.CR3
  9. Hi Chris, No I am using Bilinear (Best Quality) as per normal. Don.
  10. Definitely caused by the Straighten function, if the image isn't straightened the lines are correct when viewing the Unsharp Mask.
  11. Hi, I have attached a screenshot where unsharp mask breaks up the straight lines in an image. The screenshot shows where the powerlines are offset in the Unsharp Mask filter prior to pressing Apply. Note that the image has also been straightened and cropped before Unsharp Mask was applied. Image is a CR3 developed in the application. Unsharp MASK APPLIED
  12. Sorry I raised this on the wrong forum:
  13. Sorry Walt, that really defeats the purpose ... If I had PS (I don't want it) it will provide a thumbnail of the image. It is just something that will improve the product as if you are able to open the image you should really be able to see a thumbnail preview, as ACDSee does for .aphoto images
  14. Sorry, can this be moved to the Photo Beta testing forum please ...
  15. Doesn't help if other viewers show them as they cannot be called as browsers from Affinity. Fastone also shows thumbnails.

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