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  1. In the interim you can either use DPP to create TIF images for use in Affinity or Adobe DNG Converter to create DNG files to use in Affinity.
  2. Hi, Any progress with Canon CR3 support in Affinity Photo on Windows as it has now been 18 months since the format appeared as I believe there are now 6 cameras using this RAW format? don.
  3. This is the sensor details ... I'm wondering how 8736x5856 is reached. 8736 is less than the sensor width of 8896 & 5856 is less that the sensor height of 5920? No issue, just looking for an explanation ...
  4. Yes I have noticed that with EOS 5DsR images it seems to get confused.
  5. Just check my previous post, that will allow you to use just Studio ... from what I can see those 6 are Studio versions so those will open with the presets showing.
  6. The solution to that is to select the plugins you want, in this case for Studio only, the plugin file tltopazstudiops_x64.8bf from C:\Program Files\Topaz Labs\Topaz Studio\PS_Plugins_x64, copy that to the Affinity Plugins folder at C:\ProgramData\Affinity\Photo\1.0\Plugins and remove the Topaz folders from your list in preferences. You can do the same for the Adjust AI (update from Adjust 5) plugin. Please note though that every time the Topaz apps are updated you will have to recopy the plugin files.
  7. Even though they are inthe (X86) folder they are 64bit, just the way older plugins were arranged.
  8. Doesn't happen with the directions I gave above. Please post a screenshot of your preferences. Topaz Studio should appear like this with direct links to open the plugins such as Clarity, Detail, Glow, Simplify and Impression which are actually part of Studio.
  9. Just set it up like you see in my screenshot, you just need to use the top folder in each directory and the plugin files will be picked up, don't point to the folder that photoshop plugins are installed in as some products use links and not the actual plugin files. In this case all NIK, older Topaz and new Topaz show including things like Clarity in Studio:
  10. AiDon

    NIK plug in

    It seems to work for me when using the top level folder for the NIK Collection rather than adding each folder individually: And the Filters appear in the list:
  11. AiDon

    Raw Photo is very dark

    Try turning on the tone curve in the develop assistant a it is a Linear RAW conversion.
  12. This happened after the install and the thing is that Affinity recognises CR3s as a image file and lets you select them to open. But of course the message displayed is that it is unsupported. I suspect that the install is selecting all unallocated image files during the install. Regards Don
  13. Hi, It seems as though Affinity Photo (or Designer whichever gets to it first) installs itself as the default app to open unallocated image types. In this case CR3 images which it cannot even open. Is there a way to remedy this without going through the list and allocating another application?
  14. Activate the tone curve in the develop assistant. BTW I would remove my email address from your post as this is a public forum and anyone has access.