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  1. Try changing the RAW output format to RGB (8 bit) in the Develop Assistant and see if that gives a better output or try AdobeRGB (1998).
  2. Hi, try this. Make sure that the RAW output format is set to RGB (16 bit) in the Develop Assistant. From the Second pic above, where you have applied the Tone Curve, and just before clicking on Develop change the Profiles on the Basic Tab to ProPhotoRGB then press Develop.
  3. Make sure you have "Apply tone curve" selected on the Develop Assistant:
  4. Just a request to include corrections for the Sony FE 200-600 mm F5.6-6.3 G OSS (SEL200600G) to the lens corrections database.
  5. Make sure they are copied to the Default Plugin Folder or the NIK program install folder is included in the Search Folders in the Plugin settings and choose Allow "unknown" plugins to be used ...
  6. For me Windows doesn't display it but this is what the EXIF has written, as displayed in EXIFTool after saving from AP .. Or for the TIFF created from AP (previous was JPEG) ... .I chose TIFF RGB 8-BIT and didn't change the extension to TIF.
  7. I Don't have any issues with a TIF or JPG exported from AP either from a TIF or JPG converted ans saved from DPP in sRGB v1.31 embedded ICC profile. Just make sure that when you export from AP that you choose Use document profile & Embed ICC Profile from the More panel before exporting: Windows will show as uncalibrated because it just doesn't know about it.
  8. Thank you for your comment Ron P., even I stated it was the Windows Explorer interface dialog and not a Affinity browser.
  9. Sorry Walt, that really defeats the purpose ... If I had PS (I don't want it) it will provide a thumbnail of the image. It is just something that will improve the product as if you are able to open the image you should really be able to see a thumbnail preview, as ACDSee does for .aphoto images
  10. Sorry, can this be moved to the Photo Beta testing forum please ...
  11. Doesn't help if other viewers show them as they cannot be called as browsers from Affinity. Fastone also shows thumbnails.
  12. Hi, I know you don't have your own browser and are using the explorer to select the images but there are no thumbnails available for selecting CR3 images to open which does tend to make it a little difficult. Also I don't know how long it will take for CR3 to be supported by the Windows 10 OS, is there any option to be able to see the thumbnails before opening CR3 images?
  13. Firstly hold down the Ctrl Key while double clicking the Icon to open the application and keep holding it down until you get the Clear User Data Panel, accept the defaults and click Clear: if that doesn't help try switching the Render to WARP in the Performance section of Preferences, restart the application and see if you can open the RAW images then. If you can it means that your Video Driver is out of date, and in this case the latest version is 377.83, download it from the NVIDIA website and install it then switch the Renderer back to the Quadro and try it again. (I'm not sure why you are showing 382.05 as your version)
  14. Actually I think it is a issue with ICC Profiles as it didn't happen until the 1.7 update and happens if you use any profile other that the display compatible profile. For example: - if I use sRGB for the RGB color profile no problem except if I assign a different output color profile from Develop Persona - if I use any other profile than sRGB in the Develop Persona it also happens. So it is probably a delay in the conversion of profiles. Also I shouldn't be getting a message about a profile being converted for a RAW file ... another thread ... as RAW files don't have color profiles. I think it was in a thread about DNG color casts.
  15. Where the color cast appears it is ProPhotoRGB (Linear) where it doesn't appear it is sRGB61966-2.1 (Linear)
  16. @GabrielM you closed this thread saying it is a duplicate: Actually this isn't a duplicate as this happens when setting the output profile to ProPhotoRGB from the Develop Persona. If you use sRGB / SRGB Linear you don't get a flicker in the Develop Persona but it occurs in the Photo Persona when you set the output profile from the Develop Persona to ProPhotoRGB.
  17. As a adjunct to my previous post on the screen flicker (once) in develop studio when using ProPhotoRGB as a RGB/32bit RGB color profile if I use sRGB as the RGB/32bit RGB Color profile then when setting the output profile to ProPhotoRGB after editing a RAW image the screen flickers once when 'changing' the color profile from sRGB 32bit Linear to ProPhotoRGB. The other thread is:
  18. So, if I go back to the newer PC and change the working profile from ProPhotoRGB / ProphotoRGB (Linear) to sRGB61966-2.1 / sRGB61966-2.1 (Linear) there is no flicker ... I guess it is a problem with the display profile (system)/working profiles settings. And again Affinity shouldn't be reading the ICC Profile from a RAW file, opening it in that and then converting to the working profile. RAW files have no color profiles, only a profile for the camera to create JPEGs.
  19. Note that on my older Sony PC with the GTX540M (driver 391.35) I don't have a screen flicker once on opening the image ... just a problem with the app trying to "convert" the profile of all RAW images. So, I think the issue is that it is opening the images with the profile mentioned in the RAW file and then assigning the ProPhotoRGB and not converting. So maybe on the later PC I get the flicker because it is "converting" the profile?
  20. After I upgraded to v1.7.2.471 I get this message: Now, why would it be converting a profile as a RAW image has no profile so it shouldn't read the profile as part of the RAW conversion. Note that I can always change the working profile to sRGB but why should I not be able to use a larger profile for processing RAW images? Note that my working profile has always been set to ProPhotoRGB but when I change to sRGB a RAW file opens correctly???
  21. Just reinstalled the drivers, first the Game Ready 431.60 and then the Studio Driver 431.70 and the flicker remains.
  22. You can see at the end it flickers once and, as pointed out, it happens on the NVIDIA and Intel GPUs, and didn't happen on the previous version. There is no reinstall for Intel drivers as they are part of Windows update and I reinstalled the NVIDIA studio driver, no change. I wouldn't expect there to be any problem with WARP.
  23. It shouldn't be like that but I see the same effect as you see, changing the brush opacity seems to have no effect at all.
  24. Forgot to add these are the Develop Assistant settings, and have tried with Ton Curve off and no difference.
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