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  1. Check the thread Issues Caused By Third Party Software as it sounds like the issue with Capture One explorer integration.
  2. You may want to ask DxO as Color Efex Pro is their product so they would be able to interpret their logs.
  3. Try this one Chris, under Windows OpenCL also selects both GPUs for hardware acceleration. Sony ARW raw image.zip
  4. Hi Chris, In the latest version this blocking is there but only with OpenCL Acceleration turned on and ONLY with uncompressed RAW from Sony. Others such as CR2, CR3 and RAF seem to be OK now even with OpenCL Acceleration on. Note: Screen refresh still flickers noticeably with OpenCL off.
  5. Well you need to read the thread as I do not have an iPad Pro. And you will also note that it is not only the A73 in the original thread but all Canon, Fuji & Sony I have used.
  6. Hi Gabe, It is a iPad (8th generation) Wi-Fi 128GB Model A2270. It doesn't matter what RAW file I use I still get the problem. I have attached a uncompressed Sony RAW image from a A6400. Don A6X00665.ARW
  7. Yes Gabe I reported it in the original 1.10 release, along with others I noticed. Obviously it isnt a real problem as we can still use the Apple RAW engine. Here is the original thread referring to a image from a Sony A6400 (uncompressed) but subsequently I found it affects CR2, CR3 and RAF as well as all the Sony RAW.
  8. Hi, it seems as though the latest update still hasn’t updated the issue where the Serif Labs RAW processing engine doesn’t process the images.
  9. Thanks, it is already flagged in the Graphics settings and set to High performance (GTX1050). Disabling OpenCL certainly helps but then there is a flicker moving between Personas.
  10. Seems to be a regression in the Develop Persona as I am getting Blocks on the screen as in the screenshot below: Note this does not happen in the Beta with the GTX1050 as the renderer.
  11. Hi, After the update to v1.10 I cannot display opened RAW images when using the Serif RAW engine. But the image can be opened using the Apple RAW engine Don
  12. It seems marketing may have the pricing for the iPad apps the wrong way around on the latest email.
  13. Not to all GPUs as even though the version is the same the drivers are customized for each GPU in a product series. For example, in my case, I download drivers specific to my GPU which is the GeForce Product Series: GeForce 10 Series (Notebooks), Product: GeForce GTX 1050. But, in some cases, different products in a series can have the same installer.
  14. Note that your NVIDIA Studio driver is out of date as that driver was released on April 14, the current version is 471.11
  15. Just as an addendum to this I also tried opening a ARW, easy culprit to make AP or AD crash with the uncompressed files, and it crashed AD. So in the GeForce Experience I hit REVERT and then Optimize again ... no more crashes.
  16. Previously Capture One hardware acceleration optimization has seemed to make Affinity Photo crash using the NVIDIA GPUs as the primary renderer. Recently NVIDIA, via the GeForce Experience application, provides a list of games and apps that can be optimized to run properly with the NVIDIA GPU as the primary renderer. The settings in the GeForce Experience need to be optimized and will end up looking like this: After choosing to Optimize via the GeForce Experience application, note that you need to select the OPTIMIZE button and let it process, I am no longer experiencing crashes using these Performance settings. I am not sure what the NVIDIA Optimize does but maybe the devs could look at why it no longer crashes even with capture One installed. Obviously I only have a GTX1050 but it may be worthwhile for others to see if it corrects their problems with other GPUs also.
  17. Why don't you post in the Beta forum? This is the production forum.
  18. That is correct, the problem is caused by the files in the directory created during C1’s hardware acceleration process and doesn’t depend on C1 running.
  19. Hi Mark, I noticed that if you set Limit Initial Zoom to 100% to on you need to restart the application. Is this correct?
  20. It may help if you specify your PC environment. Have you tried turning off hardware acceleration? Have you tried changing the renderer to WARP?
  21. As I mentioned it was only to let you know that AP cannot stitch it but other Apps can. No issue for me because other apps can stitch it 😊 just heads up.
  22. There is no change in location, also if you read the thread Hugin and CS6 don’t have a problem in processing the series. In fact this is part of a series of 8 images and only the first doesn’t fit because of the small overlap between 1 & 2.
  23. OK, you can download the ZIP from here, it is just for your info as it is a small overlap although CS6 will stitch it: DropBox: https://www.dropbox.com/s/acdgjgwmlzm708p/A7302366-A7302367.zip?dl=0 Sorry I don't have the iPad version ... I'm waiting to get it. 😉 Don.
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