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  1. I did some self training with Designer and this is what did come out.. I realize that i have very hard to find what i would wanna do, basically i would say that i have lack of imagination. What is basically funny because i do lots of photography and there i have no problems but when i have to draw something... i have no clue what i wanna do. I start like 500 drawings and end perhaps 1. So, i know i should try to look lots of drawings, pictures, vector art etc to get inspired but it feels too much copying other peoples art. Just wondering stuff same time as i draw things and those are toughs what i got when i was drawing this head...
  2. Well making logos is hard because you see those billions at week and everything what we see effects things we create, one way or another. I have to ask our brand marketing team have they noticed that. But i like it too
  3. Just wondering why there is that able with pad, i have to keep clicking but wishing that it would someday soon come also able to do with pc and mac.
  4. Because some layers won't work right if those are groups. Basically everything should rotate at same time... Maybe video tell's better how hard it seem to be Affinity vs. Photoshop. Or my skills with affinity... Affinity Photo 14.12.2018 20.28.13.mp4 Composite_Shot_1.mp4 Affinity_Photo_14_12.2018_20_28_13.mp4
  5. Indeed that work with only few problems. If i example create dodge and burn layer it won't rotate back with picture, and i do have many layers to rotate. If i wanna keep D&B right place i kind of have to merge visible first and then rotate but problem is that everything what is out of canvas area will be cut off. I can keep D&G at their spot if i make it grouped with photo but that is annoying because between main pic and D&B layer might be 10 - 15 other adjustment and clone etc layers what i would have to put same group also and then bring those back top of picture same order what those were before.
  6. Okey. I found shortcuts for about 15 degrees rotation bit that is sometime hard to press press press... Would be awesome to get it work with mouse somehow and any degrees...
  7. Hey Everyone. I am bit confused, i would like to rotate my picture at Affinity Photo like R tool does that old fashion poor Photoshop did, so masking and editing would be easier. Is there any other way than than jump 90 degrees left or right? I know it works Pad so it should perhaps work C too but how?
  8. Basically we have same colors, only text is difference. So why we choose this color, human eye and brains are weird mechanism, but actually when you notice yellow and black your eye will follow it. Why, because we are always bit alert mode and that case those colors tell danger or warning something and human mind and eye will follow that. We had nice slide color first but we think that simple color are easier handle and print correctly.
  9. Hey GarryP. Yes that is kind of hard because here in Finland we have to learn english way those are at books, not way they are speaking. So there might be words what we think fit there well but real peoples cant see any use etc. Thanks for tip anyhow, we have to next time try that. This time we just really start too late making this flyer. Thanks, product is pretty useful and hoping that it will hit big markets.
  10. Hey, i was creating basic dodge and burn macro for myself but started thinking that is there way to set shortcut key for macros? Would be awesome.
  11. Merge visible preview thumb looks odd and kind of makes think is it really ok.
  12. Here is my very first work with Affinity designer. This is flyer to my and my friends company what had showcase at Slush last week here in Finland.
  13. My very first project and photo editing with Affinity Photo. I took yesterday 3 pictures at my customer work place. I have to use bracketing because there was loads of highlights and shadows then i combine those 1 HDR picture what i tweak with Affinity Photo. Then i save it 32-bit tiff file and move it to my customer folder, after that i did some tweaking with colors and stuff at Capture One, then i move it back toedit table at affinity. I had to straighten picture and clone some stuff areas where had nothing cause of straighten. Then i removed some disturbing items like clock at wall and some wires and stuff like that. Then i saved and refresh picture at Capture One and did some vertical and horizontal tweaking. And then i had first rdy picture...
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