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  1. If you look under the Help menu or press F1 and do a search for "luminosity Mask" you will find the Ctrl+Alt+thumbnail command.
  2. LOL....photoshop and illustrator had a plethora of those hidden keystrokes. That's one reason why I gave up on it. I find affinity very easy to use in comparison. Not because it is a simpler program but it just seems more intuitive to me.
  3. Yes you can and it's a great way to work with mockups (live filter perspective mockups especially). Open your mockup template Add a standard rectangle to the approximate size needed for the mockup Use the rectangular dimensions and open a new document with those specific dimensions Add your picture to the new document and save it (ie: picInsert) Go back to mockup template and place "picInsert" Then just add the perspective live filter to the placed picInsert and set your perspective for your mockup You can then just double click the placed "picInsert"
  4. This likely can be implemented in Designer, Photo, and Publisher. I love the new Studio Preset availability in the latest upgrades for the three desktop affinity products. I think if a dropdown of available studio presets can be added as something users could implement in the toolbar it would be fantastic. It would just make it a bit quicker. Also, perhaps a tool button to hid/show studio in the toolbar would be great too.....as I can only hold so many quick keys in my head and forget Ctrl+Shft+H Anyway, just two ideas I thought I would suggest
  5. When I attempt to move an image from Unsplash to the document the program suddenly crashes. Does not occur with Pixelbay or Pexels. Occurs in both Designer and Photo - did not test but likely to occur in Publisher since all three programs share the same engine. Oh, upgraded the other day to latest....1.9.1xxx for all three programs. I get a checkbox request from both Pixelbay and Pexels the first time I used them about licensing.......I didn't get it for Unsplash. Running Windows 10 Just reporting the issue. BTW, if you double click on the image you want in unsplash, it does o
  6. OK, thanks....did not see this. My bad.
  7. Win 10, Affinity Photo 1.90 Small issue in interface - when I export to a jpg and the win directory comes up, the save file type is indicated at "Affinity file", not as "JPG". The file is still saved as a jpg but the "Affinity File" indicator makes it a bit confusing. Does not happen with I attempt to export as a png or gif (haven't checked others). Again, the image is still exported as a jpg so there is no problem with the export, just the save as indicator. Below is a screenshot -- File>EXPORT>jpg
  8. Thanks! Well, I guess it's not that hard. Like I said, a simple Google Form or MS Form would work. People can enter the info into the form which then automatically saves it to an online spreadsheet which can then be saved/downloaded as a CSV file. Nonetheless, I think the addition of Data Merge is a fantastic addition. It makes simple things like a fancy mailing list a breeze. But also allows almost complete automation of a product catalog if you have all that info in a database already. Plus, you can actually do collaboration documents like magazines, newpapers, newsletters, cookb
  9. I'm extremely happy that Affinity has implemented the Data Merge feature. I think it is still early days and they have to clean up a few things. I agree with others that having one panel for data merge and another panel for fields is kind of a strange way to do things......having them on the same panel under different tabs might be better. I also think it would be extremely useful if you could simply put some type of tag or identifying for the individual fields straight into a textbox for example rather than having to load the database, go to field panel, select the textbox in your document
  10. I've been looking around but unable to find the answer. Can 'Data Merge' in Publisher read a text document with field names (title of the field) set as a tag (like <tagged field name>) with the underlying text on the next line(s) being the actual field data? Such that different people/business department/etc can all send in the same information (in multiple field) as a text only document. Sort of like (a complete hypothetical example): <Persons name> John Smith <Previous year overview> Paragraph(s) with information <Current year goals as a list>
  11. I am having similar issue also....with mouse as well as with pen. With the mouse: I click Alt+right mouse button and I get a little double circle for hardness and width but I actually have to also click the left mouse button at the same time to get width or hardness to change With Pen: I click Alt+right mouse button and I get a little double circle for hardness and width. Moving left/right/up/down does nothing and if I touch the pen tip to the tablet my computer gives off a bell tone and my double circle disappears and changes to a single circle. I have a "New Huion 1060 Plus" from 2016
  12. Version: Win 1) Pexels is not working..."connection failure". It didn't work in 1.8, then upgraded and it did work, upgraded to newest version and not working again 2. Unsplash - If I have the stock panel on the left side of my screen in a panel container (not a floating panel) where it runs the full length of the screen , I don't have any scroll bars for the Unsplash stock panel (even though I know there are many more images available than what is shown). But if I do a search on Pixabay, I do have scrollbars. If I make the stock panel a floating panel or put it int
  13. Wow, the Canon M50 shooting in RAW CR3 format has been out about 2 years and still no support for the format! Please! I understand you are busy but the M50 is a very popular camera and thus the CR3 format is out there and used.
  14. I agree, it is dark compared to the right side. If you click the image to enlarge it, you do see more detail. I was thinking about adding some overlays to lighten that region up but chose not to. To be honest, I think the field of view is a bit too large (greater than 180 degrees) for it to be a good panorama. But because of the distance of the mountains you don't see a huge amount of visible image warp. I remember taking these images over two years ago and thinking the view was just amazing. These mountains are about 2000 miles west from where I live. For two summers I took a month off
  15. Here is another image (single Raw image from atop the Rocky Mountains) edited in AP
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