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  1. Hello everyone, First, I have to say that I am in love with Affinity Designer and now I am trying Affinity Photo out. I come form a lot of using PS Cs6 and usually I use it for digital painting. Now I am trying out digital painting in AP and it feels a little bit weird. Most because of the behaviour of the colour picker tool. I am okay with it that I cannot bind it to the alt key (which is standard in pretty much any software I use alóngside PS) but when I am in the flow of painting and I want to pick a colour I am used to hold the key for the duration of picking the colour but when I let go it snaps back to the tool I used before which is the brush tool. AP does not do this (Or I haven't find the option). When I activate the colour picker and pick a colour and let go of it, it stays on the cp. So my request would be a feature that allows user to enable temporary tools that are active as long as the key is pressed but switch back to the tool when the key is released. Thanks in advance, Gomorrah