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  1. ***** ISSUE SOLVED - WAS AN ISSUE WITH THE USE OF THE "FILLER TEXT". IF YOU TYPE IN OR COPY/PASTE TEXT FROM ANOTHER SOURCE, THEN YOU DO NOT GET THE FORMATTING ISSUE DESCRIBED BELOW. JUST SOMETHING TO BE AWARE OF IF YOU ARE TESTING THINGS OUT ****** ---------------------------------------- Has anyone come across this issue (see image attached): I have a page with two long text boxes side by side (not one textbox split into two columns. I place a Picture Frame in each and then add an image to the frame. (I've also done it with just adding an image without a "Picture Frame" and get the same result) Text wrap for both large columns is exactly the same, "Square" -- although the same happens if "Jump" or "Tight" is selected. If I move the right picture frame down just slightly (you can see the guideline with red arrow indicators), I lose all the text below the picture except for a single line of text.. I can move the picture further down and only a single line of text below the picture shows. But if I move the picture up, equal with the picture on the left, all the text fills in below the picture. Moving either picture up works fine. Just moving it down below a certain point results in problems. What is going on???? - Running Windows 10 and latest build of Publisher.
  2. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was an issue when using filler text!!!!! ************DOES NOT HAPPEN WITH YOU USE OTHER TEXT******************* I just copied some text from a website/news story, pasted into notepad (to remove any formatting) and then copied and pasted into a new text frame, added picture and it works just fine!!!! Problem solved!
  3. LOL.....that is exactly what I was thinking and was working on right as I got you notification! Still working on it and will let you know.
  4. Noticed there was a new build out this morning so downloaded and installed. Still having the same issue. So I have included the actual Affinity file. It is a 2 page file with each page having a single textbox with filler text (I did not copy from one page to the other...I set up each page separately). I then added a picture to each page and set the text wrap to "Jump". Depending on where in the page I locate the picture I either get a good wrap (page 1) or I end up with just a single line of text below the picture (page 2). I haven't added a "Character" or "Paragraph" style to the text but I tested it last night - on the .376 build - and it didn't matter whether I there was a style or not. Still the same issue. Rabbit _Text Wrap Jump.afpub
  5. Ok, I tried something else. A full page text box with a picture added. When I move the picture around with text wrap as "Square" or "Tight" it works fine (picture smaller than text box width). But when I choose "Jump" and move the picture down below a certain point, I lose all text except for a single line. As with the picture in my first post above, when I use "Jump", there is a point when the full page has text and if I move it down slightly, I lose the text (see guidelines). The location of where I lose the text is dependent on the "Distance From Text" setting in the "Text Wrap" dialog box. If I input a 'bottom' distance of 10 mm for example, I lose the text below earlier as I move the image from top to bottom. In the image shown below, the 'bottom' distance is set to 0 mm. See images below:
  6. Dean Reardon

    Landscape Panorama 2

    Here is a pano from atop the Rocky Mountains in Colorado at about 14,000 feet above sea level. It consists of 10 raw images all stitched together in AP and then edited. It is probably greater than 180 degree view so there is a bit of image warp that I didn't do much with. But it does give you a really beautiful view of the Rocky Mountains and what you would see as you look around.
  7. Dean Reardon

    Landscape Panorama 2

    I agree, it is dark compared to the right side. If you click the image to enlarge it, you do see more detail. I was thinking about adding some overlays to lighten that region up but chose not to. To be honest, I think the field of view is a bit too large (greater than 180 degrees) for it to be a good panorama. But because of the distance of the mountains you don't see a huge amount of visible image warp. I remember taking these images over two years ago and thinking the view was just amazing. These mountains are about 2000 miles west from where I live. For two summers I took a month off each year and traveled out west and spent the time camping throughout the region...from arid deserts to mountain vistas. I have tons of amazing photographs. I actually hosteled throughout England and Scotland back in the late 1980s traveling from London all the way to Orkney islands off of John O'Groats. There is some fantastic diverse landscape on that trip as well.
  8. Dean Reardon

    Landscape Panorama 2

    Here is another image (single Raw image from atop the Rocky Mountains) edited in AP
  9. Dean Reardon

    Landscape Panorama

    Here is a landscape panorama photo of Yellowstone National Park. This was made from 7 RAW images (hand held) all stitched together in Affinity Photo. I must say that AP did a fantastic job of stitching these together! I then made a number of adjustments in the Affinity Developer. I need to get my monitor color calibrated because I can't really tell when I develop them, if they actually look good. Nonetheless, below is the panorama.
  10. Dean Reardon

    Landscape Panorama

    Thanks! I appreciate the feedback. Because it is a landscape and everything is in the distance (rather than close up like buildings and so forth), the vertical and horizontal skew caused by panoramas doesn't really show in this photograph. I didn't make any adjustment for the vertical and horizontal offset. The camera was a Canon 6D full frame with 24-105 mm lens set at 50mm, f10
  11. While node based editing offers a lot of customization, I am not sure it will really catch on with the standard consumer. Heck, even a lot of motion graphics/video editors prefer AE over something like Davinci. Nonetheless, it's nice to see other options out there. I would like to see Serif work with another English/England based video company like HitFilm and enable use of native Affinity files with layering straight into HitFilm. I think that would benefit both companies. Users of Hitfilm have probably opted for HitFilm over paying for the Adobe subscription and thus don't have or use Illustrator or Photoshop...but they may be more apt to use something like Affinity.
  12. I'm not a coder so don't know what is involved in building a lightroom alternative with DAM. But it seems to me that Affinity Photo has most of the photo developer options in it already....plus a lot of other stuff not found in lightroom but found in a program like photoshop. I consider AP closer to something like Photoshop. So, strip out all the extra photoshop things and add in a mysql database set for cataloging and allowing large scale groups of pictures to be edit all at once.....and you are good to go! Yeah, I did say I wasn't a coder The one thing I really do like about lightroom is that you can take a whole group of similar type pictures, edit one picture and then just copy all those style/edits to an entire group of pictures all in just one single click...and then make microedits to individual pics if desired. Then just save the edit information in a database catalog for those pictures in another single click. If more extensive or special type edits (sky replacement, extensive object removal, special masking, etc) are needed they can then be opened in photoshop. Perhaps Serif is worried that a lightroom alternative would pull sales from Affinity Photo. But I see them as complementary programs/apps for each other. But, right now I do have an old Adobe 6 version of Lightroom I can use and then still pull into AP if I want to add in photoshop like edits and effects to my pictures. Plus I can using AP for other types of drawing/painting/picture development since I don't have/use photoshop. Nonetheless, having an Affinity LightRoom alternative would be a better option as all my products would be under one house so to speak.
  13. If you are just one individual, asset sharing is probably not too important. However, if you are a graphics shop with several/multiple employees then I would think that asset sharing of some sort is extremely important. Yes, you can save your assets and then give them to someone else via sending a file but that can be a mess with multiple people all updating and distributing individual files. Having the option to share assets through a server or cloud based alternative, I think would be important. Not sure how or if that could work through something like google or dropbox, or onedrive by opening the file in the background and pulling it in when you run AP/AD.....or if it would have to be a dedicated sharing server like Adobe Cloud.
  14. Dean Reardon

    Affinity Photo Workbook

    What is the shipping costs for the US? Is it shipped from Europe or is there a US distributor? I live on the east coast, mid-atlantic region. Can anyone give me a cost estimate for shipping? Thanks, Dean
  15. Dean Reardon

    Spring is in the air

    I used a mirrored symbol to design some of this. Branches were strokes (with pencil tool), then I "expanded stroke". I was unable to combine all the branches together into a single large curve/object using the "add" tool without having issues. So each branch is a separate object. Nonetheless, I think it came out well. I could have done more but this was just supposed to be a relatively quick design. I hope you enjoy!
  16. Dean Reardon

    Good dog, bad dog!

    Decided to spend some time learning some techniques, perspective and shadow art in AD. I built a perspective ruler to help me (couldn't figure out how to use the grid system for this) and actually built a simple model in Blender to help me get the shadows right....or near right. I learned a lot doing this piece and I think it turned out well. I could have spent more time working on the guy but felt I needed to stop. I used an illustrated jpg model to help build/design the vector dog but added a few things to him that were not in the illustration. I also developed several image paint brushes. I hope you enjoy!
  17. Dean Reardon

    Affinity Assets

    I agree with this suggestion. By having assets in the cloud (if wanted) would easily allow cross collaboration with other team members....or even be able to save them on a local file server for collaboration. I looked through the program files and did not even see an "Asset" folder although I did find an asset file
  18. Dean Reardon

    Happy Holidays to all!

    Happy Holidays to all!
  19. While it is not a vector along a path and you can't interact with it, you can create a raster brush image and then have the image brush run along the path. Not great if you want to resize a vector design as the brush is a raster image. But if you initially make your image (say a round ball) to the size you expect to use it, save the object as an image and use that as a brush, you can then have it follow a path, you can then manipulate the path, etc. It is a work around. Albeit not a perfect one.
  20. I'm sort of a newbie so perhaps this already exists: It would be nice to be able to keep the donut width (the fill area) constant as the entire shape is scaled larger or smaller. I was using the donut shape tool today and wanted to make concentric rings where I can have a start/finish angle (not a full donut....like a 3/4 donut). However, when I scale the shape, the size/ width of the donut area (the fill area) also increases (since it - hole size - is set by percentage rather than pixels). So as the overall size of the donut gets larger, so too does the donut area width (fill area) . Alternatively, if the hole size could be set to pixels, points, mm, etc then I could simply duplicate and scale the entire object and then reset the "hole diameter/radius to maintain the identical sized donut area width. It is very difficult to do this when the hole section of the donut is set by percentage. This can be done with a circle shape with a stroke where you don't check the box on stroke to scale stroke with object (so that if you set the stroke at "2", it always remains at "2" regardless of the size you scale circle). So you can easily make concentric rings (stroke) by 1: setting fill color to none, 2: duplicate several times, 3: enlarge each individual circle in a consecutive manner (all the strokes will stay the same width). This works fine if all I want are concentric rings.......but if I want let's say a 3/4 ring and a 2/3 ring and a 1/3 ring where each one increases in overall size, I have to make the full rings and then cut each individual ring/stroke to the correct size -> 3/4, 2/3, and 1/3 of a ring. Anyway, just a suggestion that I thought might be beneficial
  21. Try Hitfilm Express. It is both a nonlinear video editor as well as a visual effects program
  22. Dean Reardon

    Fun Landscape

    Just a fun alien landscape I've been working on.
  23. Dean Reardon

    Logitech Speaker

    Sort of a newbie at Affinity Designer and have spent about two weeks (1 week trial then another week bought). I've used Illustrator a bit but probably more Affinity Designer in the last two weeks then all of my Illustrator use. I'm not an artist by any stretch and my real difficult is perspective. But just having fun. Anyway, they say to get better at a program, one should practice. I've copied some Youtube videos and designs as well as some design images from the web. So I thought I would try something different. I have two monitors on my desk and have to lay my little Logitech speakers down on their sides to use them effectively. And I thought, why not! So I present to you a Logitech speaker laying on it's side! Let me know what you think and thanks!
  24. Dean Reardon

    Logitech Speaker

    Thanks. I appreciate everyone's critique of my work. As I mentioned in the beginning, "perspective" is one of the things with which I have the most difficulty. I'll certainly keep practicing! I'm enjoying this
  25. Dean Reardon

    Tea cup illustration

    Wow! that is fantastic! At first I thought you took a picture of the tea cup and were then showing us the line drawing/sketch.....then I realized you did the realistic rendering in AD! Looks real and/or looks like something rendered in Blender software. I enjoy realism art. Great job!