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  1. I support your request for the ability to be able to dodge and burn on a mask layer. It is definately a professionals level feature that Affinity Photo should have.
  2. Do dodge and burn tools work on layer masks? At the moment I can't get them to work, so is there something that I need to do in order to get them to work?
  3. Thanks Murfee, your advice works. I have one more question regarding how to use Dodge and Burn tools on a mask layer which I will ask as a separate post. Thanks again Stoosh
  4. I am using version 1.7 of Affinity Photo. When I make a selection on the background layer and then click onthe mask icon a mask layer is create. The issue that I am having is that when I then try to add an adjustment layer to the mask layer the adjustment layer does not work on the mask layer. So, for example, in my work flow I will use levels of curves on a mask layer, but I can't. I thought it was a case of simply dragging the adjustment layer to the right side of the mask layer icon, which would then create a child layer of the mask layer? The adjustments work on the background (main) layer but apparently not on the mask layer? How would you apply levels or curves to a mask layer? Thanks Stoosh
  5. Thanks for your help. I've had a license for Affinity Photo since it was released but have only been able to use it as of this week because it wasn't working on my old computer. So I'm only now starting to explore it. Photoshop... fine, Affinity Photo... getting acquainted.
  6. Hi When I try to edit a layer mask using the brush tool I get some unexpected results. If I try and create a cross the second stoke is under the first. The second and subsequent strokes are under previous strokes. Also when making a stroke over the first stroke the second stroke is contained by the boundary of the first stroke. See images What is the problem please and can it be fixed?
  7. I have made the changes that you suggested without success See images below showing new document and color manager devices...
  8. Hi Mark I have attached the screenshots for you here...
  9. Hi All Unfortunately, none of the solutions suggested above have worked.
  10. Thanks for your responses... Color management is set up as above. Photoshop is installed along with Lightroom plus some other applications, none of which show the yellow cast. Throughout the years I have never experience anything like this, even with the most basic of image viewing or editing applications that I have played with. I'd just like to understand so that I can correct the issue.
  11. Hi I purchased a license in December of 2016, but have never been able to use Affinity Photo. I have what I would call an old Dell 545 Inspiron computers, on which I installed Affinity photo, but Affinity Photo has never worked on it. It was always crashing. Recently I downloaded the v1.6.2 which has not crashed yet but the images still appear with a yellow cast which make the software un-usable. Just to let you know that all other image editing software I have ever installed has worked. I don't know why this software is different. Can anyone tell me what the issue is, do I need to buy a new computer? See image attached.
  12. Thanks for the reply. I changed my settings to those shown in the images below, but not difference. Images open with yellow cast and if I try to do anything, it still crashes.
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