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  1. Does anyone know if we can avoid this issue in Affinity?
  2. Básicamente por lo que cuentas lo que ocurre es que la tableta asocia la rueda a la pulsación de unas teclas concretas. Así que cambiando los atajos de teclado asociados al cambio de pinceles y cambiándolo por el de esas teclas asociadas a la rueda debería funcionar. Yo es que directamente utilizo el atajo de teclado para cambiar de tamaño, me resulta mil veces más cómodo que estar trabajando con la rueda en la tableta.
  3. Nekodificador

    Drag and move bug with selections

    Ooh now I see. Wow this is so powerful. I tried to apply filters and it works on quick mask mode. So we can transform perspective of a selection before we apply it, for example. Awesome.
  4. Hi, I'm Nekodificador, visual artist and content creator from Spain. I have a Youtube channel where I show my workflows, secrets and teach retouching and compositing throught tutorials. I fell in love with Affinity Photo but when I wanted to change from Photoshop it took me a while to learn it, so I did a video where I show how to do a few things in Photoshop and how to "translate" them into Affinity Photo. It is in spanish, but I hope it will be useful for everyone. Btw, it seem like we have new brothers in our community after this video. Oops hahah
  5. Nekodificador

    Drag and move bug with selections

    This is basically what I want to do. (Sorry for my spanish accent haha) Grabación de pantalla 2019-07-05 a las 17.30.20.mov
  6. Nekodificador

    Drag and move bug with selections

    Oooooh ok! Now I understand. So ⌘ + Drag let me move the content inside the selection without switching to move tool. That's right? So, my question now is... there is a way to move the selection while i'm creating it?
  7. Nekodificador

    White background / bounding box arround text

    Nope, I restarted and the bug fixed itself. So weird o_O
  8. Hi guys, I'm trying to move a selection while i'm dragging it but it's not working. The "help line" says: Drag + ⌘ to move layer with selection. I do it but nothing is happening. Neather if I try to use the "photoshop method" with the space bar, which works with the pen tool in Affinity
  9. Nekodificador

    White background / bounding box arround text

    If you mean this one, yes. Is set to "none". I restarted the program and the bug is fixed, but don't understand why this happened at all
  10. Hi, i'm working in Affinity Photo and, for the first time, the Text Tool add a white bounding box arround the characters. I've check the background text but changing it doesn't solve the problem. How can I remove this white background?
  11. I am looking for the same. For me is very important to have that "special" behaviour of the fill slider. Did you find something?
  12. OMG I was trying just this, with the same math and the same process, but I was picking the wrong blend mode. It has all the sense to let it in Normal and do all the maths. Thank you. THANK YOU.