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  1. Okay, so nothing. I'm going to put AP aside and keep using photoshop. I'll keep an eye out for future program updates to see if it improves performance. Thank you all for answering!
  2. Wow! I don't have it in my settings. I checked to see if I was missing any updates but none were missing. This confuses me >.< Does anyone in windows do perfectly well AP without problems? Does it have the same performance as in photoshop or is it just me?
  3. First of all: Thank you all for answering! I thank you all very much As for the problem... In my pc windows if I deactivate it I don't notice any difference. It's still just as bad
  4. Yes, I have the drivers to the latest version. And I don't have G-sync, my graphics card doesn't have this technology. The cat layer doesn't give many problems once I deactivate all the filters that it has on top but still it doesn't go completely fluid. In photoshop I also have some loss of fluidity and performance but I can work without problems. I attach the document to see if it can help, thanks. Tea_time.afphoto
  5. Thanks for answering! I will try to give you all the information you need. I love AP and would love to be able to use it in my day to day life. I don't have many problems to tell because at the minimum I see that the performance I have can be better in photoshop, change of program. Whether it's viewing changes to a layer of settings, changing color and seeing it update by squares, when I can't move a layer smoothly or things like that. Maybe it's because I have bad settings and it gives problems with some settings, I don't know. I understand that the performance in mac is splendid and I don't know if the problem I have is in general windows or specifically just my PC. I have attached a video of how I'm doing and a picture of how I have my settings in the performance tab. Putting a layer under the color grading is when the performance is affected. The layer itself moves smoothly. Once again, thanks! Affinity_performance.mov
  6. Hello, everybody. I have a lot of performance issues in affinity photo. I have : - Windows 10 - i5-4690k - 16gb RAM - GTX 960 4GB I've been searching through the forums and I've seen that maybe there are some options turned on that make the software perform badly. I don't know if there is any combination of settings that will improve performance, it is very frustrating to work on affinity photo. I ALWAYS end up closing it because I can't even move a curve line smoothly. Thank you all in advance!
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