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  1. Viktor Yurov

    Drag to Rotate

    Ok, maybe I really don't understand something, but why it looks disgusting when I rotate canvas, but it looks fine when I do the same with the layer?
  2. Viktor Yurov

    Drag to Rotate

    Hi @Ωmega, I didn’t know that the problem is bigger then it looks like. Is there any limits? Why the step is exactly 15 degrees? I think if the step was about 5 degrees and drag-to-rotate was possible, it could be enought for this feature. Even if the step is 15 degrees, the possibility to rotate it using mouse could be awesome.
  3. Now I sure it at 100%. I had try it multiple times on two computers. The next use-case: PuntoSwitcher is working -> Launch Affinity Photo -> Canvas is buggy -> Close PuntoSwitcher -> Canvas works fine -> Launch PuntoSwitcher againg -> Canvas is a little but buggy -> Close Affinity Photo and may try again, the result will be the same. So if to launch the Photo without PuntoSwitcher or close Punto during Photo is working, everything will be fine. But if to launch the Photo with working PuntoSwitcher or open PuntoSwitcher while Affinity Photo is working, then canvas will be crazy. Something like that...
  4. Oh, I just tried again. And I faced with a few such crazy moments in canvas movements while TeamViewer was closed. But generally it works much stable then before. And then I had open TeamViewer again, and it still works normal... Then I checked it on my second computer, where the bug is existed. And I noticed that there is no activated TeamViewer at all. I started to close other programs. When I have closed Punto Switcher, Affinity Photo was stared to work better. I am not sure that the problem in Punto Switcher and now I am not sure that the problem in TeamViewer. I just sure that the problem is little bit deeped then I thought. And yeah it is odd...
  5. Hi, The Affinity Photo has such hotkeys as Space + Mouse for moving canvas, Space + Ctrl + Mouse for changing zoom. But I don't understand why there is not such hotkey for canvas rotating. It would be perfect if I could press Space + Shift + Mouse and to rotate it very easy and fast. I can do it on iPad, but it is not possible on Desktop. I know that there is some keys, which allows to rotate it +/-15 degrees, but it is absolutely useless. Look how it works in Photoshop. There you need to hold R and you can rotate it as you want. It would be very useful for digital drawing, because of our anatomy sometimes we need to change angle of our view to be able to draw a line with correct form. In the same time another angle of view allow to find some mistakes in a picture we draw. I think it is useful and simplest for developing feature that can be implemented. Watch this and see how often it can be used:
  6. No, I am using it only on Windows locally. I need the remote desktop software for another task, which doesn't relate with Affinity soft at all. It just works in the background and creates such compatibility problem. As soon as I close it, Affinity Photo starts to work much better.
  7. Nope, Windows 10 Home with all updates installed.
  8. Yeah, now you can add TeamViewer in the list. I have closed it and now the problem is resolved, and more: the program works much faster and smooth.
  9. Hey, I have found a solution. I have closed the TeamViewer app from background. I don't know why it was happening, but now it works!
  10. Unfortunately nothing. The problem is still exist. I just had test it on my MacBook 12" (there is Windows installed too). And I faced the same bug.
  11. Hi @GabrielM, Thank you! It works well in Designer in both personas. As for Photo, the problem is existing for all possible personas which is available in the program. Here is my settings for Affinity Photo: And for Designer: I also played around with the settings, but unfortunately it didn't give me a result.
  12. Hello, This is pretty old problem. I had still waited for a fix, but it seems it is a kind of rare one. I use Affinity Photo v1.6.5.123 for Windows (bought in the Microsoft Store). So... when I use Hand too to move canvas, everything works as a charm, but when I press Space button to activateу it fast, the canvas makes to be crazy. It is worth noting, that I use Affinity Designer too, but there is not such problem. I have made a short video to demonstrate it. I hope it will be useful and will help to resolve the problem. https://youtu.be/B9GqQit6sDs