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  1. Ok, no problem. In the meantime I deactivated hardware acceleration to circumvent the bug.
  2. I will try these workarounds in the future...
  3. The screenshot I tried to upload is 117 KB in size and the resolution is 1918 x 1156 pixel. How can this be too large?
  4. But it's in their best interest to fix it (or get it fixed).
  5. Ah, now I've got it. Silly me 😉 Thanks for clarifying. The thread can be closed. P.S. Please fix the forum, not being able to upload screenshots is less than ideal if one is trying to document issues in a beta version.
  6. Today I tried to import a few macros into the stable version which I created with the above mentioned beta version. When I opened the dialogue to import the macros none of them where showing up even though I was in the correct folder to which the macros were exported. I took a closer look and realized that both versions (beta and stable) export macros with the file extension .afmacro while for importing macros they expect files with the extension .afmacros (with "s" at the end). Is this behavior on purpose? Or is it a bug/ an oversight? It gets even worse: Renaming the files to .afmacros does not fix the issue. It does let you select the files (contrary to files with the extension .afmacro which do not even show up in the dialogue) but trying to import them leads to an error message "Unexpected Macros Format". So it's currently impossible to import macros into Affinity Photo that were previously exported. P.S. I'd love to attach a screenshot but the forum still gives me an error message "-200" when I try to ☚ī¸
  7. Makes sense since I've got a Nvidia 2080 Ti in my system. Thanks for looking into it, I use that filter quite often.
  8. I uploaded 3 files: Two screenshots to document the issue and one afphoto file. To reproduce the error simply open the file with the latest beta, add a legacy 1.6 shadows & highlights filter and play with the sliders. Make sure that OpenCL hardware acceleration is active.
  9. The current beta (in fact the last one suffered from the same issue) shows artifacts when using the Shadows & Highlights filter (legacy 1.6, live filter as well as normal filter) while OpenCL hardware acceleration is active. Deactivating hardware acceleration fixes the issue. Btw: It's only the legacy version of the filter that shows these artifacts, the standard version seems to be fine. P.S. I'd love to upload a screenshot but unfortunately I cannot upload my .jpg files (an error message saying "-200" appears). I'd love to document this error message with another screenshot but: "-200" 😉
  10. Here are the results for my Laptop (MSI Creator 15M): Intel Core i7-10750H Nvidia Gforce RTX 2060 (6 GB Vram) 32 GB Ram
  11. Looks like it has something to do with OpenCL hardware acceleration. As soon as I disable it the distortions are gone (when merging layers as well as when exporting). And it seems I'm not the only one who has been experiencing such issues with OpenCL: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/129141-random-squares-at-export/ Btw I changed the title as the issue is still present in the latest beta.
  12. I wanted to use the High Pass Live Filter to apply High Pass Sharpening to a photograph. Unfortunately there seems to be something wrong with this Live Filter as it introduces distortions when merged to a new layer or when exported. The attached screenshots as well as an exported image should clarify what I mean. There are no distortions introduced with the standard High Pass Filter.
  13. Because this means I have to use two different tools and as a result I get something that is way less convenient and intuitive than a simple overlay function for layer masks.
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