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  1. I don't think it's a good idea to call it 1.6 or legacy as it isn't actually outdated. I'd vote for something like simple (new version) and complex (old version). Or standard vs. advanced, or...
  2. I might be overkill to open a topic just for this but I sincerely want to thank you guys for bringing back the old Shadows/ Highlights (Live) Filter in Photo Persona with the latest beta ( In my opinion the old version (1.6) is so much better than the new implementation introduced with 1.7.
  3. altae

    Phoто Customer Beta - RC2

    Now that's dedication
  4. Dirty? Why? You don't lose anything. It's inconvenient, yes I already wrote that. But it works perfectly and the color space stays consistent throughout the whole processing chain. And to be honest it also does not take up too much extra time because starting the plugin from within Affinity, making the desired adjustments and handing the result back to Affinity also takes up some time. But I agree, Serif should definitely fix this issue, in fact they claim their software is compatible to Photoshop plugins when in reality this compatibility is somewhat crippled as we can see in this thread.
  5. I agree that it's very disappointing that these issues still have not been fixed. But there is a workaround: Export the image as 16 bit Tif in the desired color space, use the standalone version of the plugin (the Nik tools have them and most Topaz plugins too), process the image as desired and export again to 16 bit Tif. After this you can continue in Affinity Photo. Certainly not very convenient but it works.
  6. altae

    Beta update?

    A new beta has just been released. I hardly use the stable version anymore since betas are usually stable enough to work with. So a new beta now and then really is enough progress for me.
  7. Well apparently someone at Serif does not like it (or thinks it's of low priority). But instead of ignoring all the people that have posted in this thread so far someone from Serif could post a statement explaining why this feature has not been implemented yet.
  8. I'm well aware of the fact that only 100 % view is accurate. Nonetheless it should not happen that merging a live filter to a new layer makes the preview of the effect disappear completely. This is also not the case with other live filters, e.g.the high pass filter or the highlights & shadows filter. Such a behavior is highly confusing in my opinion.
  9. Like mentioned in the title: Clicking on a mask layer (which is assigned as a child to a pixel layer) while holding down "alt" does not bring up the mask edit mode (which shows the mask in grey scale) anymore. Is this change by design or is it a bug?
  10. Sorry for the long time without reply, I was very busy during the last weeks. But I finally found time to investigate the issue further and provide more precise information. First and foremost: I was wrong because it is in fact a display issue. The exported results are correct, they contain noise even if the image is merged to a new layer before the export. Sorry for that Like I mentioned it's a display issue. What you need to do in order to reproduce the issue is the following. Take any image available and set Affinity Photo to a zoom level below 100 %. Add a "Add Noise" live filter and add some noise. Next merge everything to a new layer using the command "Merge Visible" (right click on the "Add Noise" live filter). Now the noise in the preview disappears. As soon as you deactivate the newly created layer the noise reappears. Now activate the layer above the live filter again and gradually zoom into the image. With every step you can see the noise reappearing gradually until you reach 100 % where there is no more difference between the merged layer on top and the live filter underneath. I've also attached a few screen shots which should help to further clarify the situation. P.S. I updated to the latest beta as you can see in the screen shots, the behavior is still the same.
  11. It cannot be a preview issue as the noise is also not present in the exported file like I wrote in my post from an hour ago. I will provide a screen shot later.
  12. Hm, are you sure you used the Live Filter and not the conventional filter for your tests? Because I am solely talking about the Live Filter version of "Add Noise". And attaching a file would be pretty useless in my opinion as it happens with all files, no matter if I use a Affinity Photo file, a tiff or a jpg file. I could of course add a screen shot if my description is not self explanatory but only later as I am currently not at home. And just to make sure: I am talking about merging everything down to a new layer without losing the layers beneath. I am not talking about merging everything to a single layer (and thus losing the layers beneath). I am quite surprised that there seems to be a problem to reproduce this as like I said on my machine (Windows 10 Pro, 64 bit) it happens every time I use the "Add Noise" Live Filter and try to merge the result down to a new layer. What's more it cannot be a preview issue as the noise is also missing from the exported file after having merged everything to a new layer.
  13. Just a quick bug report: The noise added by the Live Filter "Add Noise" disappears again if merged down to a new layer. Can be reproduced with any image.