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  1. I've remapped ü and ä which are dedicated keys on a Swiss keyboard as shortcuts for brush size and this works with my tablet. But it sill feels like a suboptimal workaround to a problem that only exists in Affinity Photo 2 but not in V1.
  2. Mapping two different keys for the size decrease/ increase command works but that's only a suboptimal workaround and not a solution. I would have to change the mapping for every single tool that makes use of the size decrease/ increase command. The question remains: I have not changed the default settings of the wacom driver and this setup works flawlessly in Affinity Photo 1. Why wouldn't it work in Affinity Photo 2?
  3. But the brush size function comes with [ ] by default. And I cannot manually program a keystroke with [ ] as my keyboard (Swiss layout) lacks dedicated [ ] buttons. I would upload a screenshot to proof it If I could but unfortunately I keep getting an error message (Error 200). And if it was my configuration why would it work in Affinity Photo 1 but not in version 2? It's the same keystroke.
  4. In this case the "bug" is the fact that the default grid cannot be changed by the user. For example I need a grid to determine if certain lines in my photos are straight. I have no use for a tiny pixel grid that can only be seen at ridiculous zoom levels 😉 Serif should really reconsider and at least give us the option to set the default grid size to something more useful.
  5. Yeah but that's a completely different behavior than in Affinity Photo 1 where the default grid is actually usable. I still think it's rather a bug than a feature.
  6. This default behavior is very annoying. The default grid should be something more reasonable like in Affinity Photo 1. There switching on the grid immediately brings up a usable grid size.
  7. The title says it all. Why is ctrl + y not the standard keyboard shortcut for the redo command? This is contrary to almost any (Windows) software out there where ctrl + z undoes the last command while ctrl + y redoes a command that has previously been undone. I know I can change the keyboard shortcuts but I would like to know the reason behind this deviation from the de facto Windows standard.
  8. I use the aforementioned tablet to edit my photos. It comes with a control wheel that has 4 functions: auto scroll/zoom, cycle layers, brush size and rotate. Auto scroll/zoom, cycle layers and rotate work as expected but brush size does not. Instead it also cycles layers. I've tried all three input methods (low precision, high precision and Windows Ink) but the problem remains. With Affinity Photo 1 the brush size function works as expected.
  9. Thanks for the answer. Too bad there is no upgrade offer for Photo Only. I'm not willing to spend over 100 bucks for software I don't need. Guess I'll have to wait for some kind of promotion to happen in order to purchase a V2 license.
  10. I'm not sure if I'm missing something but I cannot find an V2 upgrade offer for Affinity Photo only (I don't need Designer and Publisher). Is there really no such upgrade offer? P.S. I want to purchase the upgrade from the web store, not the app store.
  11. Normally clicking on a selection which was saved as a spare channel shows a grayscale representation of the selection. This functionality does not work anymore in the latest beta.
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