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  1. I just tested the "destructive" version of the shadows/ highlights filter, it's the exact same behavior. Set the highlights range slider to something like 80 % or above to see a difference. The highlights strength slider brightens the highlights instead of darkening them as before. Below 80 % range the effect is hardly noticeable.
  2. Are you sure? On my system it has an effect but not the one it used to. In 1.6 the highlights part darkened the image, now it brightens the highlights (at least the live version). I have not yet tested the "destructive" version.
  3. For the levels live filter the clipping warning while holding alt does not work anymore. It only shows either a black or white background.
  4. I have to admit I kind of dislike the new shadows/ highlights live filter. The old version used to offer much more control over the result. But what's even more important: In 1.6 the highlights filter used to reduce (darken) highlights, now it increases (brightens) them. Is this really the idea behind it? The shadows/ highlights live filter used to be a superb tool to fix areas that were either too dark or too bright. Now it simply feels like one more redundant tool.
  5. It's a shame that this simple feature still does not exist in Affinty Photo. Please Serif, implement this as it is indeed a very handy feature. Not only for drawing straight lines, it's also useful for (manual) selections and/ or masks. Without such a feature it's a pain in the a... to draw along a straight line/ edge.
  6. If you plan to improve the HSL Adjustment please also consider adding the missing (secondary) colours orange and purple. Especially orange is very useful to correct the colours of artificial lighting like street lights.
  7. No problems with the beta so far on my end
  8. According to MEB's post the new version of the Nik Collection currently does not work with Affinity Photo on Mac. So I highly doubt anybody can help at this time.
  9. Thanks, I found it out myself, the standalone version shows a correct preview.
  10. A first test appears to be positive with the exception of the viveza plugin that only shows a black & white preview. Or is it meant to be this way? Edit: If I run the plugin in the standalone version the preview is displayed in colours.
  11. I don't do much video but when I do I use Cyberlink Power Director 16. Sure it's not a professional video editor but for hobbyists, consumers and pro-sumers it's a fairly powerful suite. It offers far more features than I'll ever need. I'd say video editing is a very mature market, there are products for every budget and skills level. I don't see where a Serif product would possibly fit in.
  12. It looks like DxO has finally updated the NIK Collection they acquired from google. https://nikcollection.dxo.com/ What are the plans for this important plugin suite at Serif? Since the plugins are now commercial software again (but at least much cheaper than what they were sold for once) it would be nice to know whether keeping Affinity Photo compatible is a priority at Serif or not. I would not want to spend money for those plugins only to end up in a compatibility mess.
  13. Another thing I noticed: Every now and then the histogram won't update anymore. I need to save the document to get it to respond again.