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  1. altae

    Auto save

    The file recovery is absolutely unreliable. In my experience the option to recover a document is only offered for 1 out of 10 crashes (or even worse). Don't count on it! The only thing that actually keeps you safe is ctrl + s. By the way, why is it so hard to press such a simple combination every few minutes? Nevertheless I'd also welcome a real autosave feature.
  2. Thanks for your input. I know that there are ways to workaround the issue. But most of them involve almost as many clicks as simply setting the curves (my curves are not too complicated). I just wish there was a way to save my curves so I could use them whenever appropriate.
  3. This does not help me as I use blend ranges for adjustment layers and live filters.
  4. Please add customizable presets to blend ranges. I use them a lot, e.g. to protect highlights while sharpening the image or in order to restrict noise reduction to dark areas of the image. This means I have to set the same "curve" for blend ranges over and over again with no way to save my settings for further use with other layers and in other images.
  5. Yes, please. Use layers and masks where appropriate (e.g. focus stacking) and where it's not possible to use layers give us other means of returning to the previous step in order to fix errors and improve the result (e.g. HDR and the panorama tool).
  6. altae

    Product Key

    And why don't you simply enter the e-mail address you used to purchase the software and the product key you received after your purchase? As others have already mentioned this should fix the issue.
  7. I'm not talking about the live filter (haven't tested that one). And the behavior you describe is definitely not normal. In RGB mode even a strength of 50 % has a very strong effect.
  8. Apparently the denoise filter does nothing in LAB mode. A working denoise filter is important for the LAB denoise technique. There is no preview and if I'm not mistaken the effect is also not applied to the image after clicking "apply".
  9. I can confirm that the filter works again in the latest Beta. Now it's possible to darken or brighten the shadows/ highlights.
  10. Thanks for the clarification. Looking forward to it's correct implementation as it's one of the tools I heavily rely on.
  11. I've noticed that the shadows/ highlights filter (live and destructive) behaves differently than before. The old version used to offer much more control over the result. But what's even more important: In 1.6 the highlights filter used to reduce (darken) highlights, now it increases (brightens) them. Is this really the idea behind it? The shadows/ highlights filter used to be a superb tool to fix areas that were either too dark or too bright. Now it simply feels like one more redundant tool. Could anyone from Serif comment on this and clarify whether this is the intended behavior or if it's a bug?
  12. I just tested the "destructive" version of the shadows/ highlights filter, it's the exact same behavior. Set the highlights range slider to something like 80 % or above to see a difference. The highlights strength slider brightens the highlights instead of darkening them as before. Below 80 % range the effect is hardly noticeable.
  13. Are you sure? On my system it has an effect but not the one it used to. In 1.6 the highlights part darkened the image, now it brightens the highlights (at least the live version). I have not yet tested the "destructive" version.
  14. For the levels live filter the clipping warning while holding alt does not work anymore. It only shows either a black or white background.