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  1. Isn't there any way to add the Number of pages in a document? I've figured aut, how to add the current pagenumber (Text...insert...fields...page number) and I've found the function to automatically print the Pagenumber from the page before or after (f. e. to add a text like "This is page 4, the page after page 3 and before page 5" ... maybe someone needs this function) but I haven't found how to add "page 3 of 24" within autonatically change "of page 24" when I add pages to the document. I counldn't believe that such a basic function of Textediting- and DTP-Software isn't included in Affinity Publisher, so i think I only couldn't find it. Please can somebody tell me, how to find it?
  2. Wenn I type Text and format it f. e. with "Body" an then change the Charakter Style maybe into bold nowhere ist shown, that the Format on this word in no longer "Body" now it's "Body" + a additional manual format (bold). In InDesign there occures a + (plus sign) at the Paragraph to see that somethin at the original Style "Body" has been changed.
  3. My Wacom Bamboo Pen and Touch doesn't work with Photo. When I've choosen a tool I can use it to work with it but if I tip on another tool the click isn't accepted. So I've to use the mouse to choose another tool and then I can take the Pen again to work with it. Not very useful. I've installed the latest driver for the Tablet but i doesn't work well.