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  1. Hello, in the help on the page https://affinity.help/photo/de.lproj/pages/Selections/selections_transform.html (Verschieben und Transformieren der Auswahl ohne Inhalt Möchten Sie nur die Auswahl selbst neu positionieren, ohne die darin enthaltenen Pixel zu verändern, verwenden Sie die Auswahlrahmen-Werkzeuge. Möchten Sie die Auswahl transformieren, ohne die darin enthaltenen Pixel zu verändern, müssen Sie in den Modus QuickMaske wechseln. Im Modus QuickMaske können Sie eine Auswahl mit dem Werkzeug Verschieben oder dem Panel Transformieren skalieren, verschieben, drehen oder neigen.) is descriptet, that I can move, transform, rotate a pixelselection after making a QuickMask of it and then using the move-tool to do that. Yes I can grap the handles on the margin and for example expand the selection up, right, left or down. But when I click on the middle and want to move it, AP crashes without warnig. In hte forum there's no item shown when I search for apropriate key words. So I think this behavior appears only on my System? Can anyone help me? What am I doing wrong? Best regards Rainer Photo crashes.mp4
  2. Thank you. After chanching the fillmode it work. What's the difference beetween fillmode "winding" and "alternate"? What are this two fillimodes needed for?
  3. Hello, please can you have a look on the attached file. I want to cut out the 2 and the 4 from the blue object that the grey rectangle is shining through the blue object. But it doesn't work. When I select the blue object and one of the digits ant then press subtract the digit changes to blue and the border from the digit is shown when I clic on the blue object. When I draw a new rectangle on top of the blue object I can cutout this from the blue object by selecting both of them and clicking on subtract. When I move one of the digits on top of the grey rectangle and select both then I can subtract the digit from the grey rectangle. I tryed it with the digits before and after chanching them into curves. What am I doing wrong? Thenk you for your help. Rainer Problem.afdesign
  4. The post started in june 2019 - nearly one year ago - and today the problem still exists. No comment from serif in the hole chat. And that at a problem that occures several times a day in a publisher's job. I have solved the problem by converting the PDF into EPS by exporting it with Adobe Acrobat Pro DC (don'T know if Adobe Reader can do it so too). Seems Affinity has switched on the indicator light but by leaving the slipstream there is not enough power to pull ahead. Mostly I'm excited of the Affinity trio but sometimes I'm badly disappointed of it.
  5. Hello, please can anybody tell me if it's possible to adjust the artboards dimentions to the drawing dimensions. When I drag the artbords horizontal and vertical borders they won't snap on to the highes/ lowest / rightest / leftest point of the drawing. Thank you for your help. Rainer Video.wmv Video.wmv
  6. Wow. There's a lot of left I've to learn. Thank you.
  7. That means I have to copy the Object give the copy another gradient and then work with blend modes?
  8. Hello, please can anybody show me how to crate a gradient like in the Instagram logo? I couldn not figure out how to solve this problem. There is no gradient with different colours in three directions: red ........... blue . yellow Thank you for your help. Rainer
  9. Thank you for the answer. Yes, the green Background could be replaced from a rectangle with a radial gradient in AD but the most of the other objects have a gradient mesh too an so it would be a quantity of work to draw them all new. I hope AD soon has the gradient mesh function. By the way: The jungle design only was available in EPS.
  10. Hello, is there a Designer equivalent to Illustrator's Gradient Mesh Tool? I've searched the Help, studied the ttorials on the Affinity site and searched the web but I haven't found one. Thank you for your help. Rainer
  11. Hello, I've bought a EPS design to create an advertisemant poster for our windband's carnival ball - motto "in the jungle". I've createt the Poster with Illustrator - bo problem at opening the EPS-design. Today I opened the EPS-design in Designer 1.8 and at the places, where in Illustrator one Object with a colour gradient is placed, in Designer there are millions of little objects in different colours to show the colour gradient. So in the design are so many objects, that working on it is extremely slow and not really possible. In the attchment you can find the design (please note that there's copyright on it - don't use it for free!) and two screenshots - Illustrator and Designer. Is there any way to open the EPS-file with objects with gradients instead of millions of separate objects? The EPS-file has a file size of 4 and a quarter MB. The Designer file nearly 21 MB! Please note that the handling in Designer Beta 1.8.647 Thank you for your Ideas. Rainer The files where too big to uplode them into the Post. Please click on the following link todownload them: https://c.1und1.de/@519518101679640332/mqjyjo61Qz-JYPdWU9yFSw
  12. @PixelPest Yes exactly like so! That was the mistake: I took the move tool, and you are using the knot-tool. Please would you be so kind to try it a second time with my example ("Wrench Designer.afdesign") in my firts post. After placing the orange part in right position, please subtract it from the green one. What's your result? Thank you in advance.
  13. In the attachement in my first post I added red arrows and circles to descript what I mean a corner point is. My english isn't as gog as it should be to descript every thing and i use the german version of Affinity software so I maybe don't use the right names of the tools in AD. Here is a clipping of my design. Could you see with this picture, what I mean with "corner points"? I've no other idea how to explain it if not.
  14. OK, my skills to solve exatly this problem with the wrench where to low. I think I've to work a lot to reach better knowledge of the funktions. I'm looking through Illustrator glases an some fuctions are different in AD but the AD's functions also are productive.
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