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  1. No, does this mean it is user error?
  2. At least my nVidia 1080 Ti got 11 GB Vram, so it can't be that
  3. I agree, but I also think "the Apple Approach" which some people use is the wrong way to do it, blaming the users or hardware before considering bugs or optimization. I've lost count how many times people suggested this to me - including on this forum under current or my old user. I got no problem sharing logs and config with Affinity to give them more to work with, but I'm told "you're doing it wrong" or "your pc is configured wrong" quite often, even on fresh installs I saw one guy on this forum getting told he got a bad or slow "PSU" (Power supply unit) and thats why it laggs.. Go figure. Yay, Winblows. Wuuu ----- Time to get out hiking and shooting some, later Aleksander
  4. Thank you for linking, but I'm afraid I need a G-Sync or FreeSync monitor to fix that issue. I "only" got a "normal" AdobeRGB monitor. No place to disable Gsync or Aleksander
  5. CaptureOne is the fastest app I got except for Photo Mechanic. I can have 10 layers with luminosity masking, curves, sharpening, etc, and still no slow-dows. ""Now I do wonder if maybe there is a setting in your video card drivers that is causing the issues by not having 2D acceleration turned on."" Then I would have problems in the 10+ other editing apps I own, wouldnt I? But no, only in the 3 apps of Affinity. ""Can you assign app refresh rates? Part of the issue looks like refresh is not high enough, like playing a game on a bad screen or maybe worse."" Yes, 60hz on my BenQ SW2700PT QHD 99.6% AdobeRGB monitor. I don't believe for a second that this have anything with a setting or misconfiguration. All nVidia settings are default and Affinity is just as slow before and after reinstall of Operating system. The PC is built by professionals. I can edit 4k and 6k videos no problem while watching Netflix and run a game, and only then I'll notice CPU have to work. It's no logic that Affinity Photo or Designer should be like this when it's the only open Window I got, and the picture is only 400px. We are talking about I can do everything else in the world on the PC flawlessly, except have a great experience with the Affinity Apps, so for me it is quite obvious that its not a setting, its not bad this or bad that, it is simply not support for real hardware acceleration. My reasoning: CPU; never above 30% and GPU never above 15%. Aleksander
  6. I wouldn't be this harsh then, but I'm not sure if it is worthy the comparison of what they show in the Keynote. The keynote demo was too amazing for me to go back and open this Windows app, kinda frustrating when you regularly work with very big images or many layers. I'll give them a clap for making RAW edit and HDR editor better, a lot more fluid, but not nearly fluid compared to anything else. Okay then, I'll stop sobbing about Winblows PCs and their issues with MAC Native apps. Good luck and we cheer for you DEVs. I'm out. Peace. Aleksander
  7. Sure, but there are still valid options on the table.. On the other hand, what are Affinity suggesting we users do then? Drop our $2-4000 Windows PCs and buy a $5000 MAC because there are no other rendering engine that Affinity want to use? I'd like that, but I ain't got any $5000 for a MAC.. It's kinda cheaper to just use another program then, yet I stick with this syrup to save some bucks from subscriptions. I don't think OpenCL is going anywhere soon. Too many applications depending on it, and I think even Skylum use OpenCL in their new apps as-well, but thats my 5 cents. I hope you manage to find a solution because it is not a good experience so far. I really mean it when I say rendering a 4k video and playing Battlefield 4 is a more fluid experience than having only Affinity Photo open and a 400px image.. Best Regards Aleksander
  8. Then I find it strange that PhaseOne still improves upon the OpenCL engine. After v12 we notice quite a big speed improvement, same OpenCL as before, but different coding of course.
  9. Hello mr DEV. Just a question. Why not OpenCL? I don't think you use this right now. At least it doesn't look like it. Win10 PRO. Threadripper 1920x 4.1 GHz, 32GB RAM, 1080 Ti, NVMe SSD, SSD Raid. 400px image. Laggs like this in all your apps. It get far worse on 12 Mpixel images. Aleksander
  10. Why do you think they cripple mac if enhancing windows? It's not even the same code AFAIK. You cant make a MAC version then just rename extention to .exe to make it Windows compatible. They could utilize OpenCL for Windows just like CaptureOne does.
  11. 12 Core AMD Threadripper 1920x with 4.1 GHz in every core. 32 GB RAM 3200 MHz. nVidia 1080 Ti with 11 GB Vram. System disk: 1 TB NVMe Working disk: 512 GB SSD in raid Affinity with one Window open is more choppy than trying to game while rendering 4k video in DaVinci Resolve, go figure. I also have very little GPU and CPU usage by Affinity, like it almost not using the available resources I forgot to mention, yes, this is on Windows 10 Professional, clean install 1 week ago. Slow before, slow after. Affinity Designer: Moving a 400x400px image around is choppy, yet 10% CPU utilization and 25% GPU and no disk read/write. Notice the bad utilization. This happens in all Affinity programs. Not in Adobe programs, not in CaptureOne, not Luminar, On1, etc.
  12. One more "small" thing" I made an RGB selection of the whole composite, then I thought "Hmm, I need to add more contrast in to the mask to make gray almost black"... Then I tried adding a curve to the mask just like I've been doing for 15 years in PS CC, to adjust the mask, but I don't think it is possible in Affinity Photo? Am I right? In thats the case, I request this function too In Photoshop I was using CTRL+M or CMD+M on layer masks to edit the mask itself, it was extremely useful to make better selections and controlled adjustments. Best regards, Aleksander
  13. Hello DEVs First off, thanks again for great software, I've been sending ~250 portraits through it since I bought it, and I love how the application just simply replaced Photoshop Over to my "needs".. I really need some features from PS days, and I hope you guys see why. "Apply Image" in Affinity Photo is not alike PS CC's version of it. I used to use this often to grab an RGB, R, G or B. CMYK or C, M, Y, K or even LAB L, A or B from a layer, a document or a file on the disk, then "apply" it as a mask - inverted or not - on to the selected mask, usually in normal or luminosity mode. I even use it for blending K channel from a dublicate CMYK document in to actual documents RGB composite to enhance faint details which is almost lost. I also use it to mix one of the RGB channels from same document in to the worst channel to enhance the details and remove noise (usually B channel), its called luminosity blending, check out Lee Varis and Dan Margulis photoshop videos. I don't see this is possible in Affinity Photo with the current "apply image", and I wish I had the same blending options in it like default layers so it will be easy to fix a "bad" channel in a image Check video below in this post. I also wish I could set one of the info readouts to a default readout, LAB for example, because I use this more often than RGB or anything else. Left side could be document format. I can change to LAB right now, but it doesnt stick to next image. I love to be able to save my own defaults than white and gra. Every single time I use this I have to go and manually set left one to black and right to white anyway because I rarly use this on other things than masks. It is really annoying After pushing through those 250 portraits since I bought Affinity, I'm really getting tired to recheck "current and below", I never retouch on background or main pixel layers and wouldn't suggest anyone to do it either. Make a new layer then use the healing brush with "current and below" is the safest way to use it anyway, so could it be possible to have persistent settings on these as-well? Check next 5 minutes to see what I mean of luminosity blending: Thats all for now Best regards, Aleksander
  14. atefoto

    Feedback on Beta

    Thanks for your data, I'll set aside 1 hour on Friday to make same measurements - as long as no clients "need" more images. Best regards, Aleksander