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  1. Hello, I just got myself a MAC after last PC went to hell, but now I realize that I don't have the MAC apps available. Do I need to rebuy all of them again or can it be transferred to MAC software?
  2. It's not that WARP is slower, it's a lot slower, and Affinity crash almost always when selecting GPU just when using curves or other things, so I'm stuck in WARP as long as that works. This have to be a new bug, because this wasn't before 20H2 update of Windows AFAIK, so could it be GPU scheduling messing things up? Just a thought. I know Microsoft did something with GPU in the very latest upgrade. Could it be that GPU scheduling is locking that DLL to something? I know there are thousands of people running 1904/2004(?) update (not 20H2) and running Affinity quite fine side by side with Capture One. I run "Capture One Technical Forum" over at FaceBook with 4000+ members, and quite a few of them ditched Adobe to use Capture One + Affinity. I've heard of no such problem like this before 20H2 came out. I reinstalled Capture One and no bueno, crashing like nothing before. Stuck in WARP mode. Thanks, I hope for a fix.
  3. So far no WARP crashing, but oh god how slow it is even with Threadripper. At least I can blend my panos better again than LR ever could, but it is really damn slow. Got a 1080 Ti idling at 0% usage 😪
  4. Ehm, It could be that I forgot to restart application when I changed that, WARP seem to work now today when I'm making a screencast. Anyway, here are two dumps with some distance between. I hope it's safe to share here. b58da2f7-bd8b-427f-bc2b-1205e4d2b241.dmp 93bf9013-938d-405a-953a-228cd9f2c897.dmp
  5. Oh.. I have a workstation with 1080 Ti, no integrated GPU. WARP also crash in Affinity.
  6. Hello, thanks for adding your issue too. It seem like there are more and more having this issue the more I try to find fixes for it, but it's good to know too because there might be a fix sooner or later then. Well, that's what I'm hoping for anyway before I'm forced to keep Adobe for a whole year again. I can reproduce every time I try stacking, it just crash completely. What's more random is the crashing while using filters and other functions in the program. I can't reproduce that with accuracy. Yeah, this is already a major issue. I was going to edit a couple shoot's I've done and use the frequency separation and some pano landscapes, but it just crash so much that I had to resubscribe to Adobe again to get Photoshop back on track. For me the DxO isn't enough, I need either Affinity or PS. I need something that works so that people who pay me actually get their product by a reasonable time. I can't sit around waiting for a fix for weeks or months, people would use other photographers then, and it is hard enough right now as it is with this Corona plague. Good. I hope there will be some answers or help. So far no-one's asked me about logs or anything. If I had problems with any other application (Capture One for instance), the developers would be early asking for those logs to see what happens. Please keep me updated if you find any hotfix, I'm running out of time before I have to keep Adobe for a whole year. Cheers Aleksander
  7. But Capture One isn't running and isn't listed in "task manager", so I find that strange if this is happening. Hm
  8. I went so far as reinstalling Windows. Still same errors on a fresh install. I guess I'm off Affinity then - again. I wish it was usable and we could trust it, but it is simply not good for people with Windows workstations then. Cheers
  9. Trying again in case you didn't see it. I'm desperate to get it working. Yes, I have Capture One as my daily driver as main RAW converter because of workflow and out of office edits. Does that matter? Are there some files affected by having Capture One installed? I do notice crashes in other tools too, but it's mainly as you say - when stacking brackets.
  10. @Chris B Yes, I have Capture One as my daily driver as main RAW converter because of workflow and out of office edits. Does that matter? Are there some files affected by having Capture One installed? I do notice crashes in other tools too, but it's mainly as you say - when stacking brackets. @Ricky Taylor Me too, I hate the subscription model. Oh, I guess I have other issues then like @Chris B mentioned above, probably because of my Capture One or whatever. I hope so, I got all the errorlogs but no tool to read it, and lack of care and understanding to do so 😅 Cheers Aleksander
  11. Maybe there was a Windows update, I'm guessing you're on Windows right? I'm on latest Windows and using nVidia. Fairly new install of OS and system too. I have tried everything from Adobe, Luminar, On1, Exposure X6 and Capture One, but Affinity seem to be the only one having issues. It crash when I try to stack, doesn't matter RAW or JPEG. If I try to stack then it just exits to desktop. It also crash randomly using regular filters and tools too, and I don't get a lot of work done before it crash so it is getting useless to open this software. I'm a novice in Affinity but have years with Adobe. I had to reactivate my subscription just to get some images finished, and it's a bit sad when I hoped to not pay mothly at this time with this little work. If it's not fixed within 29(?) days then I can't abort the subscription again without paying rest the full year. 😕
  12. I have tried these two in standard version. And I have installed and tried BETA too since you mentioned BETA, same crashing there.
  13. Are you using nVidia card in your Mac? I'm trying to sort out if its OpenGL/CL or whatever else it can be... The problem increases with more GPU intensive operations - in only Affinity Photo. Rest of my apps are fine.
  14. Crap...3rd day in row since I installed it and still crashing. No solutions, tried it all. Guess I'm heading back to Photoshop 😕
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