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    Rick G reacted to walt.farrell in No PDF bookmarks   
    If you have "Include Hyperlinks" selected in the More dialog when you export your PDF, the index entries will be linked to the pages where the terms appear. (Note that you may need to scroll down to see that option; I don't know its default setting.)
    TOC entries will also be hyperlinked by default, I believe, and the page numbers in the TOC will function properly.
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    Rick G got a reaction from walt.farrell in Bug opening the Studio with a shortcut   
    That is the right panel. The way it is worded and in the training videos is the studio is the panel that pops up under View /Studio. You may be right and if that is the case then then need to clarify that somehow
    And yes you are logical as the items on the right are part of the studio list. If I am wrong it won't be the first time ... not even the first time today 
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    Rick G reacted to walt.farrell in Put Studio on the menu   
    Yes, that would work on Windows. And as the OP uses Windows (based on prior posts) that may provide the solution they need.
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    Rick G got a reaction from Michail in Put Studio on the menu   
    Well he asked to pop the list and we have showed him how
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    Rick G got a reaction from Chris B in Focus does not go to the active tab.   
    How did I miss that? {DOH!} It works on any file as long as it has been saved
    Thank you
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    Rick G reacted to Alfred in Rolling back to previous version of Publisher?   
    Try clearing your user data: hold down the Ctrl key while you launch the app, keep it held down until the ‘Clear User Data’ dialog appears, and then release it and press ‘Clear’ (leaving the dialog’s first three checkboxes checked).
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    Rick G reacted to Läppä in Outer shadow max radius   
    …If you could please go ahead and make the shadow max radiuses bigger… I use them often to make the foreground objects pop out just subtly, and to do that the shadow needs to feather out wide and soft. And as the canvases are sometimes quite big, as in rollups and banners, the radiuses need to be quite big too, to do just that.
    Over and out.
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    Rick G reacted to Chris B in Focus does not go to the active tab.   
    I'm seeing a tooltip that includes the file location and its name. I guess this only works if you're opening existing files.
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    Rick G reacted to Chris B in Feedback on bugs from developers   
    Hey lmphotoz,
    All our bugs, improvements and feedback get logged in a proprietary issue tracking software that is only available internally. 
    We try our best to update forum threads once we've confirmed an issue has been resolved or marked as a duplicate or even something we cannot fix. It would be wonderful if everyone involved in the bug reporting process could track the progress of their reported bugs but it just isn't possible at this time.
    Anyone is welcome at any point to ask us about the status of a reported issue and this often gives us an opportunity to bump an issue.
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    Rick G reacted to fde101 in Text flowing   
    Publisher still has some growing to do in this area, but this is at least possible without *too* much extra work:
    Create two master pages: one for the chapter title and one for the rest of the chapter.
    Start with the chapter title page and add the text there.  Add one page after the chapter title and make sure it has the master set for the rest of the chapter.
    From the first page of the chapter, select the overflowing text box and click once on the red arrow along the lower-right of the text box.  With the pointer still indicating that flowing is being set up, switch to the second page and click once on the text box intended to contain the next page of text.  This will link the chapter title page text into the next page.
    Assuming that page is also overflowing, shift-click on the red arrow on the second page to create the remaining pages.
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    Rick G reacted to MEB in Creating APublisher package files   
    Hi sdrum,
    There's no package functionality at this point but this is something that's planned for later.
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    Rick G reacted to Chris B in Focus does not go to the active tab.   
    Hey Max N,
    This is a great find. I've just checked to see what happens on macOS and it pulls the document you click from the list to the left of the open document tabs.  I think this is how it should work on Windows.
    Interestingly, the macOS version only shows the documents in the list view that are not visible across the top open tabs. Windows show all of them regardless. Should Windows only show the non-visible documents in the list? I'll have to check!
    There's also a difference in how they are organised in the list view. Windows arranges them numerically and then alphabetically whereas macOS will arrange them in the order they opened. I'd prefer them to be ordered by the order they were opened—what do you think?
    There is definitely a few improvements to swing by the developers regarding this. Thanks  
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    Rick G reacted to Alfred in How much will a licence to use Affinity Publisher cost please?   
    It has previously been indicated that a licence for Affinity Publisher will be the same price as a licence for either of the other Affinity desktop apps; i.e. $49.99 / £48.99 / 54,99 €. There is likely to be a substantial discount for the first week or two after the retail launch of the product.
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    Rick G reacted to Pauls in Spell checking quirks.   
    There does seem to be an issue when the language switches. I'll get that reported
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    Rick G got a reaction from Mithferion in Beta .243 to .350 - Glitches opening and .AFPHOTO file   
    That gives the same results as you have
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    Rick G reacted to walt.farrell in Affinity Designer Embded İmage Problem   
    It would help to have the .afdesign file that you used to create your .eps file.
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    Rick G got a reaction from Max N in Focus does not go to the active tab.   
    I have noticed that too
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    Rick G reacted to Max N in Focus does not go to the active tab.   
    When working with a large number of documents, the focus does not shift to active document management. There is no possibility to close the document by clicking on the cross.
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    Rick G reacted to MEB in CTL+ALT   
    Hi RedSnapper,
    Welcome to Affinity Forums
    Press and hold ALT and click and hold both the left and right mouse buttons - drag a little and you should see the double-circle on canvas to adjust the width and hardness (not the opacity) of the brush (you can release the right mouse button at this point if you want, but not the left one). Drag horizontally to set the width and vertically to set the hardness.
    To adjust the opacity of the brush use the number keys on your keyboard (from 1 up to 0): 1 set the opacity to 10%, 0 (zero) sets it to 100%. If you press two numbers consecutively - for example 2 and 3 - the opacity will be set to 23%.
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    Rick G reacted to fde101 in Continuation information when flowing across multiple frames   
    This has been discussed in other threads; a more proper implementation of this functionality is expected to be added in some unknown future version.
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    Rick G reacted to jc4d in Loving New and Improved HSL Adjustment in, But I Have Suggestions   
    Yeah, I have been wondering the same, the software should be smart enough to "know" what color range the user is picking.
    If I may add one more bit here is that the picker should work with a modifier key, for example Alt will enable the picker so the user relieve from extra redundant clicks. Just remember one thing... the less clicks the better.
    The current workflow is first creating the Adjustment layer, then selecting the color in the color bubble?, then enabling Picker and finally clicking on the image, there are total of 4 clicks. Now the new proposal is, first creating the Adjustment layer then holding Alt and click on the image, the total clicks have been reduced to two only, by doing this we reduce by 50% the amount of clicks and the program will become more ergonomic.
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    Rick G reacted to Gunny in Back to Basic Product Needs   
    I guess Serif just did not care about Wikipedia at all so the article is still free to edit. That means you can fix the misleading article yourself. =)
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    Rick G reacted to walt.farrell in Previous problems on Photo Beta build and on the new Beta 243   
    It might help if you would attach a TIFF file that exhibits this problem, so Serif or other users could examine it.
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    Rick G got a reaction from dmstraker in Develop making image 'whiter'   
    There is a bug and the conversation is here (Also a work around)
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    Rick G reacted to myclay in Back to Basic Product Needs   
    I agree with the macros being limited thus far.

    while technically true, It appears that its sometimes quoted and linked to outside reviews on Twitter, Facebook and other official Affinity accounts.
    an example how it looks like on Facebook;